Best Male Singers On Glee

The Top Ten

1 Artie Abrams

For a guy with legs that don't work, he sure makes runs seems easy.

Artie is the best - majormanafemale

His voice is too whiney

Yeah artie has just such a smooth sounding and amazing voice. for sure the best male voice in glee especially in "lean onme"

2 Blaine Anderson

Darren Criss' voice is all raw emotion.. It can be soft and sweet or strong. It's so beautiful.

There's a reason he was voted the new rachel


There is weird Puck bias here no way is Puck #1. I think Blaine is good but Artie's a smidgen better to me they are both so good it comes down to fact Artie can hit a couple more notes. - majormanafemale

3 Noah Puckerman

Puck is by far the best singer on the show, his performances have real meaning behind them. Just look at his version of Keep Holding On. Noah Puckerman all the way!

4 Rory Flannagan

He's only in like five episodes

5 Will Schuester

He is always stealing the attention from the kids. That's a bad teacher right there. And his voice is meh. He really only sings to seduce Emma

Very versatile singer. He can cover broadway, pop, rock. jazz or country with equal ease.

6 Finn Hudson Finn Hudson

He can shout lyrics he's not good at singing he's barely better then Mike though he does understand song emotion though he still shouts the words - majormanafemale

For a guy with no vocal lessons he sure can bring it... Sorry, sing it

Finn is awesome and real glue of glee.
After he pass away glee can't stand without him. I missed his voice

7 Jesse St James

His voice is somewhat powerful but very bland. Overall average

Nails the classics. Fantastic.

8 Kurt Hummel Kurt Hummel

My gay bar superstar - imagleek

Amazing voice.

9 Sam Evans

His first duet with Quinn was so amazing! It made me immediately want him on the glee team

10 Joe Hart Joe Hart Charles Joseph John "Joe" Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

The Contenders

11 Mike Chang

He should stick to dancing around Tina

12 Wade "Unique" Adams

Guys, Unique is genderfluid. Technically, she can be a guy.
Honestly, Unique has just such an incredible voice. They don't showcase it enough. His "If I Were A Boy" was heartbreaking and beautiful.
Alex Newell is a powerhouse. Marley gets more singing time. Marley definitely has a great voice, but they overexaggerate it, because she's the "new Rachel."
Unique deserved more singing time, more storylines. Other than catfishing Ryder, not being able to play Rizzo and that whole bathroom thing, there was not a lot.
Unique deserved better and has a absolutely beautiful voice.

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