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Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.


Brilliant, multioctave singer who knows when to have quiet and gentle moments with a gorgeous controlled tenor and middle range. His tone, pitch, breath control ^^ power ^^ range, particularly for a male vocalist is unparalleled in music today. He is a chameleon both in presentation and in his voice and can sing anything from classical opera, to theatrical productions, to rock and roll and simple acoustic melodies. His voice captivates and has such presence. His emotive abilities while singing and performing are mesmerizing and very real. His voice is like medicine to the soul and comes from a beautiful soul with a true heart. Love Adam. Fan forever.

The top three on this list should be Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and Adam Lambert. No doubt. Freddie and MJ are musical legends and Adam is arguably the only current male music artist with an unquestionably iconic voice and recently fronted Queen at the 2011 EMAs.

Whatever genre of song he performs, Adam infuses each with the drama, intensity, and charisma that few singers can match the visceral connection with his audience. The powerful and magical quality of his voice, unparalleled technical vocal mastery, and mesmerizing stage presence have earned him worldwide acclaim and demand for his performances, more often than not as sold-out, highly praised, and begging-for-more personal appearances. There's a reason: A wall of sound surrounds and envelopes so thoroughly that the effect is so unbelievable people want not just to see and hear this magnificent performer, but to repeat "the Voice" experience not just once, but many times over to discover if Adam is for real, so incredibly unearthly his gift is. Despite all the highest and widest of acclaim from fans far and wide, Adam remains hardworking, grounded, and humble, endearing him to people of all ages and persuasions.

Adam Lambert captured my attention from the first day I saw and heard him during his audition for American Idol Season 8. His voice is incredible and his performances sensational and very entertaining! He is a beautiful person inside and out, very articulate and is well on his way to becoming SUPERSTAR! He already is my my eyes!

There aren't enough words to describe Adam Lambert, he is just the sexiest man on earth (in my opinion). His voice is perfect. He is the best and the most amazing person I've ever seen in my entire life! I could spend a day just listening to Adam's music.

Adam Lambert is the best singer of all time. Me and my grandma love him so much, now if he can have so many fans of all different ages than he must be more than the best male singer, he is the best singer of all time. Also with him being a LGBT supporter shows that he is not only a amazing singer but also a amazing person! If you have never herd him I think that you should look him up on youtube right now. His best song is fever. Every one should live Adam Lambert because of all those wonderful things! Also some thing I can't forget is that he is one of the most glamorous guys ever so if you like sparkly makeup, feathered jackets and tight (very tight) shiny zebra striped pants than you will love Adam Lambert. So it doesn't matter whether you like rock or pop, or whether you like boys or girls, or whether you are young or old or even if you don't live in America you can still be a Adam Lambert fan. Let me recap he is the best singer of all time, he is loved by all different people, he ...more

Obviously one of the best live singers that will ever exist.! His music sends a message to everyone of us saying that it's ok to be different..! He can do unbelievable things with his voice..! It's so powerful.! I love it.! He is my all time favourite singer and Idol.! He's like a father figure to me and millions of other people.!

Went to Adam Lambert's concert at Foxwoods and was blown away by the power and the sheer beauty of his voice live. Never in my life have I heard anyone sound so amazing, we were mesmerized from start to finish, he's an exceptional talent in the age of auto tune. I

Adam has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.. He has the vocal ability to reach inside of you when he is singing and communicate his feelings. Not many of today's performers have the special magic that Adam has.

Not only he is so gorgeous and good looking, he has an incredible amazing voice... His range is awesome and unbelievable.. Apart from this, he is so generous, he helped lots of people around the world via different charities.. I bet all of you had seen him at MTV EMA 2011 performing with queen.. Was not he amazing?!

How can Adam Lambert not be at the top of this list. As Roger Taylor and Brian May have said - " His voice is unparalleled - a 1 in a hundred million voice. There is no better.

EVERYONE should hear Adam Lambert sing live- It's a life-changing experience. His voice is electrifying and it envelopes one. Never heard anything like it!

Adam Lambert can sing any genre of music with amazing authenticity. Come To Me, Bend to Me from Brigadoon shows off his tender musical theatre side. His breath control and range out of the stratosphere will bring you to tears. His role of Joshua in the production The Ten Commandments gives you a taste of his stage presence and incredible power. Whole Lotta Love, done slowly with passion, a hard rock version as well as his Reggae version will blow you away! He is pitch perfect, professionally well trained and the most exciting, thrilling, all encompassing entertainer I've ever seen. Adam's voice is uplifting and glorious, making music thrilling and mesmerizing. He's the best of the best!

Without a doubt... Adam has this in the bag... Just listen to him and you will know why I chose him as the best male singer.

There is a lot of great singers on this list, but Adam voice just grabs me and after hearing him sing, no one else compares.

Why don't we have Adam Lambert up to number one yet? He deserves to be at the top. Nothing against Michael Jackson because Adam learned stage presence because of seeing Michael Jackson. Adam said so himself. But His voice exceeds over every one on this list. Sorry JB you shouldn't even be on this list. You songs have no meaning. Adam rights all of his songs to have a meaning and a connection with your soul. Adam is by far the best here! Vote him to number one! Please! (: - ILive4Music14

Adam Lambert has a voice that touches your soul. It has a quality that can bring you to tears with it's beautiful resonance. Plus, he's an exciting and charismatic performer like no one else!

Adam Lambert? Simply the best. He transcends expectations, breaks barriers, soothes souls, shatters records, inspires passion, leads millions, steals hearts, heals wounds, rebuilds faith, inspires confidence, builds morale. As beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside, Adam has the voice of angels, the power of armies, the brightness of the sun, the lightness of a child's kiss, the passion of fire, the presence of a god. He is a beacon, a ray of light and hope, a priceless gem in a world overrun with sludge. Adam is so needed.

There are no adequate words to describe Adam Lambert. At his best he is untouchable. He has that soul-saturated rock voice that crawls down your spine and resonates with every fiber of your being and you end up feeling nothing but THAT VOICE, you find yourself in some kind of parallel reality, everything else disappear... It's quite strange actually. His voice is like really, and I mean really really really, good sex...

He is amazing the first concert that I have even wanted to attend since the 1970's He is an Angel God sent with talent and the most amazing message for people of today. Warm Friendly I feel like I have known him for ever and we have never met... Yet... Saw him in concert and there are no words to describe how one human could bring so many different kinds of people together. Old, middle aged, young, gay, straight, and for 2 or more amazing hours we were all one family. One family that made sure everyone had glitter on. I feel as if he at one point looked in each persons eyes and connected in a way I can't describe in words. So yes I feel God sent him as a messenger. ONe-LOve

Definitely the best male singer today! Such a powerful and beautiful voice, amazing! New album 'Trespassing' coming out spring 2012, will be awesome!

Adam Lambert should be #1. He is by far the best singer in the world, nay the universe. He is not only the best singer, but is far better looking and sexier than all of these combined. Also he is a very caring person, for example his charity concerns(Donors. Org, The Trevor Project and Charity Water)Where at his request, for his birthday, his fans raised one million dollars in lieu of presents for him. To me that's an amazing person.

Adam is awesome his music he can sing anything he put everything into a song he knows how to work the music into the words of his songs he knows how to entertain you a lot of his songs have meaning his sex appeal helps so do his looks to he's on hell of a person so nice to everybody he meets and adam writes a lot of his own songs so that says a lot about him adam is the best thing to come in to the pop world today

Adam has it all range, power and emotion. He can sing anything. When he connects with a song and his audience magic happens. This man performing live... GO!

The world deserves to hear and see Adam Lambert's incredible artistry. No other performer can match Adam's extraordinary vocal abilities, combined with exciting showmanship, style, and photogenic looks. He is simply captivating. - TalentFTW

I saw Adam before he became famous in The Ten Commandments singing alongside Val Kilmer. Adam stole the show and blew away the audience. Val and the entire cast couldn't hold a candle to Adam. He mesmerized the entire audience and we all just sat there with our mouths agape. I leaned over and told my friend- "You just watch- this guy will be famous one day". A year later Adam won our hearts on American Idol and music history was changed. So I say again -"Just watch- Adam will go down in history as one of top singers of all time. "