Bruno Mars

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Peter Gene Hernandez, professionally known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer. more.


I love Bruno mars because he is prefect he has beautiful and amazing voice and also he is adorable and hot... I love all his songs I am one of his biggest fans... All his fans out there should vote for this amazing guy.. I'm telling you his really good I mean come on he won thousands of time in the grammy awards isn't it obvious that he is the best.. He wrote good songs and when he sings its like in paradise.. He do good and great performance definitely not boring I mean like his hold band his moving and dancing along in joy.. And Bruno mars also performed in the super bowl and he was really good.. you wouldn't regert if you chose Bruno mars to win.. He is a hard worker.. Girls are all crazy about him! I love you Bruno mars!

Now I'm not a fan of pop, but Bruno Mars has one of the best, most unique voices I've heard in a while. Very rarely these days can you find an artist who can sound decent outside of the studio. Well, Bruno Mars is definitively an exception. He sounds just as good, sometimes better live, which is why I think he should be in the top 5.

Bruno Mars should be at first top list.. Okay I guess not first but at least at the top. Bruno Mars has sold 45 million single worldwide and 13 grammys from now. Not only young childrend are fans but also teenages and adult loves to listen to his amazing songs and wonderful voice. I mean he can be the next pop/r&b/blues singer... He can dance, he can sing, he can write songs, he can play instrument... What else is it missing? He got what a true star can be. His glowing like a golden star.

Bruno mars the one of the most amazing male singer ever. Grenade, the lazy song, just the way you are, it will rain, runaway baby etc etc who can tell me those songs aren't awesome enough huh? Come on he should be at least in top ten! Vote for Bruno Mars, and you'll never regret. Trust me

Bruno Mars should be, at least, in the Top Ten, isn't it? His songs are amazing! Come on guys, vote for Bruno Mars! If you don't listen to Bruno Mars' songs, you probably just missed out one of the greatest male singer ever! Bruno Mars is BOKing amazing Lots of Love

He was the second artist that look amazing just like Michael jackson... I Think He Should Be No 2 On The Rank

I think he is the best singer ever! Have you ever heard the song "Talking to the moon"? I really like it don't you? If you like him you should vote for Bruno today! Please don't let Bruno be way down here at # 36 anymore he is just too God for that. If you vote for him today, tomorrow and every day he could be one of the top 5 or 10 singers of all time
Thank you,

He is awesome specially when he sang marry you. That song is in my head! Vote for him! He is naturally a good singer and deservers to be in the top ten!

He doesn't sing for the sake of singing. He put all his heart and soul in it. And please give me a good reason why is he so low in this list? Vote for our amazing Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is super talented and should be in the top ten and higher then Justin Bieber

Why is Justin Bieber higher than the greatest artist ever? Bruno Mars is the greatest singer I have ever heard! Marry You is my all-time favourite song!

Bruno Mars has an amazing voice! He should be at least in the top 20. He is one of the best male singers of our time! If you listen to own of the songs and just look at the lyrics you can tell how talented he is. Plus co-writes some of his own songs. I love this man.

He's Bruno Mars, he should always be #1! That's my opinion! He has a amazing voice and gives a damn good performance. So yea keep that in mind, or in your head or somewhere that remembers this! Maybe your blackberry... Ok no! Well peace...

He's one of the best singers ever. He can sing really well live, unlike most artists nowadays. I'm extremely shocked that Justin Bieber was ranked higher than him. Shocking.

He's new but some of the most unique voices I ever heard. Also he's a great composer, play lots of instruments, bring back old styles that are very rare to find these days. Rather than that he is a great dancer, I wish he had more dancing songs so he could show his real skills as a performer! We should call him the King of Hits

The notes this man can hit is beyond crazy. He has the best voice in the world right now and should be higher on the list and this is coming from a former bruno mars hater

Bruno should be on the top even before Michael jackson bruno is going to be the one to beat in the next few years just wait and see he's so unique

I think Bruno should totally be at the top of the list! He has the most beautiful voice! It's so heavenly like angels! He sings amazing live! HE SOUNDS BETTER THAN HE DOES ON THE ACTUAL SONGS!

Bruno mars is just so much better than most of the stuff in the charts, his albums have a song for everyone and he is one of the best live performers as well, he should be higher up!,

Bruno Mars is one of the best singer nowadays. He should be on the top 10. He can really sing, do songwriting, make great arrangement. Many of his songs also hard to cover. He is a real singer and musician.

Bruno mars is an amazing singer" I love all of his songs and his voice is so amazing! He is my favorite make singer! :) he should be farther up the list! Vote for Bruno mars!

Bruno's voice makes me melt whenever I hear it! He sounds like an angel with a voice of liquid gold. He has countless hit songs that will be remembered for decades to come, and he knows how to put on a show! His lyrics have so much deep meaning and his voice is beautiful. Definitely deserved his spot on the list.

He awesome, he can reach the high pitch note and sing it properly. He create his own music and sing it with an amazing ways. You can hear his song called gorilla its amazing how he can reach that note. He has an unique voice also suits his old style music

He looks too innocent and appeals to almost everybody. Bruno ever bother read your comments.

Where he will rank all time remains to be seen and how many more hits he puts out. The fact that he ranks as high as he does with only two albums out is a testament to his greatness, current and future. He is by far the best singer of his generation.