Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, 5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991) was a Zanzibari-born British singer of Indian descent, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the British rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave more.


FREDDIE MERCURY! The one and only Greatest voice on the planet! No competition, no comparison; FREDDIE IS THE BEST, now and forever! We don't need any poll to validate or confirm that! Here he's trailing MJ, which is a complete joke! As if that makes it true... He could have a billion more votes than Freddie, it would still be ludicrous b/c if you have any ears, a heart, a teeny bit of sense, Freddie would blow him and everyone else out of the water! Freddie is the epitome of greatness, talent, passion, genius, and magic! There are no superlatives to adequately describe the phenomenon that is the awesome FREDDIE MERCURY... BEST EVER... ANY TIME... ANY WHERE!

Every time I watch one of his songs on youtube (as the live concert from 1985) I always regret that I am not in the audience... He has an extraordinaire voice (the BEST voice), great songs, crazy concerts... As someone mentioned Michael Jackson is good too, yet if I whould have to chose between these two (big 1:0) for Freddie Mercury. This man beats them all!

"So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
Oh baby - can't do this to me baby
Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here"

FREDDIE MERCURY is the greatest singer... Ever! He's got the most beautiful voice on the planet! Nobody even comes close to his genius / talent / or magic.
It's heartbreaking to see someone like M.J. with his little girl's voice ahead of Freddie, the most powerful, most amazing, and most awesome voice ever! Let's get real and quit with the sympathy votes! Yes, he might've been entertaining, but, as a singer, Not a Chance!
FREDDIE MERCURY deserves this more than anyone! He had perfect pitch, perfect tone, and, at a 4 octave range, untouchable! Freddie is an absolute phenomenon, putting his heart and soul into every lyric, imbuing every word with such passion and vigor. He is dynamic, electric, mesmerizing, just the BEST ever!

FREDDIE = BEST SINGER EVER! Hands down, no competition! He's the best of the best!
With a 4 octave range, Freddie could sing anything perfectly, and like no one else. His voice is so amazingly gorgeous, but his delivery of Any song is absolutely so heartfelt, so passionate, so awesome; it's beyond words or imagination what Freddie could do with a song. He brought the music to life, he was so dynamic, mesmerizing, electrifying! No words do him justice; Freddie has to be experienced to understand what a phenomenal force he was.
Freddie was and will always be the greatest singer ever to grace the Earth... Ever!

Not only did he sing so powerfully and beautifully and have a 5 octave vocal range, but also wrote many of Queen's rich and popular songs. Unbelievable how only this one man was capable of writing 7 minute-long, debatable absolute best rock song of all time "Bohemian Rhapsody" with multiple movements covering and combining both rock and OPERA. It's crazy how he was able to write that independently as well as hit every note with ease. No doubt that he's the best male singer alive, such a shame we had to lose him so early. Thankfully we have his work with us forever, because it can never be replaced - neither can he.

Michael above Freddie? Come on! Michael did not have the range, still he's good. Freddie Is the most impressive vocalist I have ever heard. He crossed so many genres of music and sang in so many different styles that you're not sure who it is singing. Bo Rhap- Bites The Dust- Somebody too love- Seven seas of Rhye- Crazy litte thing- Under pressure- going slightly mad- who wants too live forever and then there's the operatic colaboration. Like him or not as far as Quality and diversity he's it. Michael at number one is more of a sympathy vote. I would put ELVIS as a Quality vocalist who shares similar genre diversity like Freddie. They sang deep from the soul. ELVIS ELVIS ELVIS ELVIS "The King" & Freddie Freddie Freddie The Queen" By the Way - who in the he double put Daid Archuleta on here? There are tons of Legends not listed! I agree with Steven Perry for sure and Adam Lambert is pretty dam good like it or not but we need more time. Nearly all of the others are great too.

Freddie Mercury is music. Totally unique talents that stretched the spectrum of imagination. Challenging himself to do things different and better was his motto. God did bless him with a broad vocal range which he used until just a few weeks before going back home. Listen to Mother Love his very very last recording in which Brian May had to finish because Freddie had lost his voice. Warning get yourself some tissues Mother Love will make you cry.

Freddie is a rock legend... Michael is a pop king. I m seeing people writing bad comments about Michael and calling his voice girlish and weak... that's really unfair! Michael too had 4.6 octave voice and very high pitch he can sing amazingly his voice was unique, sweet and melodious that's what made him greatest. I love both but if you love Freddie more doesn't mean you gonna disrespect Michael...even Freddie would not like that. Michael also had unique skills his voice was angelic and smooth so I believe both can be on top cause they both have different genre. Stop insulting each other and respect both. Everyone has different voices you can't except Michael to have voice like Freddie.

Freddie's voice had no par what so ever! his vocal range is not of this world, he's definitely a creation of God. when he sang the show must go on he couldn't even stand up he was that ill and he just went in there and nailed it in one and listen to how powerfull it is, it blows me away every time I hear it. FREDDIE SHOULD BE NUMBA 1. LONG LIVE FREDDIE MERCURY! - KillerQueen

Freddie Mercury was not only the greatest singer of all time, but he was also the greatest showman of all time, doing all of this for the greatest band of all time. After you listen to one of his songs, how could you not vote for Freddie? (not Freddy, by the way. FreddIE. ) With an amazing vocal range of F2 to E6 (four octaves) to counter Michael Jackson's, he is definitely the greatest singer of all time. - wllmfiore8

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! And that is, by far, Freddie Mercury! There simply is no one better! With his near 5 octave range and the ability to control his voice flawlessly he was nothing short of being a true gift from God, a once in a lifetime kind of gift, if you're lucky! His undescribable talent surpasses that of nearly every vocalist in history with the exception of a few! Not only was he insurpassable as a vocalist, his stage presence was undeniably energetic and entertaining and he was so passionate he just radiated happiness and love! Putting Freddie in the same paragraph as Elvis is insulting! Elvis couldn't hold a candle to Freddie Mercury on his BEST day and Freddies WORST day! " This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us" And he was ours! #1

Mercury wrote 10 of the 17 songs on Queen's Greatest Hits album: "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Seven Seas of Rhye", "Killer Queen", "Somebody to Love", "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy", "We Are the Champions", "Bicycle Race", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Play the Game". The Best.

Freddie mercury is the best thing that has happened to classic rock/ pop. His broad voice amazes me and many others, he didn't ever stop what he was doing because of his illness and his voice was never defeated. He has a fantastic voice which is better than Michael Jackson's by far, nothing against Michael Jackson. Freddie mercury can hit amazing notes high and low, Michael Jackson can hit a few high but not low. Freddie deserves number one.

Freddie has to be the greatest pianist, singer and above all performer, the world has ever had. There's simply no one like him, his voice is the most unique. Plus, he's a brilliant songwriter (if you haven't already, listen to "Somebody To Love" or "Bohemian Rhapsody"). I don't understand why Queen bothers with new lead singers; Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert will never compare. Freddie's legacy will always live on, no doubt about that.

MJ is unique all the way around. Freddie Mercury is #1 here easily and next Elvis presley for his range, quality and distinctive sound. Mercury could do it all (similar to ELVIS) Don't forget they both were rebels as far as pushing genres and mixing them. People need to listen to range of both of these guys and then vote. Listen to - If you're Looking for Trouble or aka "Trouble", "how great their are" (gospel) erc... etc...

As for Freddie Mercury listen to "under pressure" Bohemien Rhapsody, Too much love will kill you, Somebody to love" Another one bites the dust etc..

That being said there are many other male voices missing from this list and it's out of order.

Freddie Mercury is the best, he was good in every aspect, his songwriting, performance, piano playing and his voice comes second to none, he oozed talent and was full of charisma, he wrote the best songs ever written, he brought ballet, art and a theatricality into rock music, he changed music, he done different styles of music and sold over 300 million records world wide, he was a class act and will be sorely missed, we won't get another Freddie

Freddie mercury is the very reason I want to sing. he is the reason I sing like the man I am today. he is the reason for the good singers these days trust in themselves. the confidence in his voice is what drives singers to trust themselves. I don't know how Michael jackson got the top of the list, but that is just wrong! HELLO freddie mercury is dead to! Why isn't he getting billions of votes?

It's just so... I don't know.. Weird, sad or funny when you see many singers.. Whether amateurs or some really pioneers trying to imitate Freddie Mercury's voice.. In tribute concerts or in live T.V. talent shows or youtube auditions (except for Marc Martel).. I mean the guy was a legend and his persona was seriously some magical combination of both man and woman.. And that was also in his voice... An
D he can be really raged on or really vulnerable.. I don't know.. It just so A Kind of Magic in his voice... Bottom line.. FREDDIE MERCURY IS THE BEST VOICE EVER

Freddie Mercury is the best singer I've ever heard. He just had the gift not just to be able to perform Queens great Songs, but to give them his very own, unique power and style. I think, that somehow should be part of this voting: Whenever you hear his voice, you just know "Damned... Isn't that Freddie Mercury? " Great guy, his death was far too early. A tragedy.

In my opinion Freddie Mercury is the best. I think that these types of lists/classifications should be done by professionals not by fans. I think Michael Jackson is on top now because: 1) he died recently, 2) He and his music was/is more commercial, which does not mean it was/is more qualitative. In my opinion people with higher musical knowledge would always chose Freddie over Michael.

The man had over a four octave range, his voice is simply beautiful, it could be sorrowful and tear jerking, but then in an instant he can become so energetic and make you want to cry with joy,, he could sing rock, metal, pop, and even opera. How he is not number one I can not even imagine, he had a mastery over his voice that not even Michael jackson could compete with, he was spontaneous and flamboyant, and will always be a legend

Freddie Mercury deserves the number one spot on this list hands down! There has never been anyone like Freddie with his 4 octave range and unique sounding voice. His voice is God-like and made Queen who they R. In every last word he sings there is so much passion and power behind it all. There will never be anyone that can compare to Freddie Mercury. He goes above all other singers. He truly is the Best Singer of all time.. Anyone that has listened to any of his songs should know this. His beautiful voice has never met an equal, and anyone attempting to sound anything like Freddie simply cannot for the fact that Freddie's style and amazing sound can't be matched. It is Graceful, it is Powerful, so unique and when heard it leaves goosebumps throughout your body and a tingle down the spine. That is the magic that Freddie possessed. What a Legend, to never be forgotten and always to be remember as "Lover of Life, Singer of Songs." R.I. P Freddie.

Freddie is the pure epitome of a musical genius! His voice, although not classically trained, is unparalleled. For years, til I was in 8th grade, I thought Crazy Little Thing Called Love was actually sung by Elvis! Definitely gone before his time, and it makes me sad to think what other things he could've achieved if he didn't die. Even Michael Jackson called himself a Freddie Mercury fan. Freddie is First Class, deserves First Place & is singing with the Angels now.

What? What are you talking about, MJ better than Freddie? No way, there a lot of MJ impersonators who can dance and SING like him, while anyone who tries to sound like Freddie is just lame compared to him. And please is not about how many albums he sold, is about the voice, and clearly Mercury's was better because no one can get the clearance he had, plus he didn't take any singing lessons and he had vocal cords nodules.

Freddie is a talent that this world rarely is blessed to witness. He epitomized the musicianship perfectionist persona. From Opera, Blues, Rock, and all sort of style blends he nailed each and every vocal throughout his four+ octave range. His energy onstage not only entertained; it engaged everyone. His musicianship and vocals continue to be a top bar for vocalists to attempt to achieve. His music will continue to influence. The show will go on.