Jay Chou


Jay Chou, who might not be known to many in the Western world due to language barrier has made a very very big impact in the Eastern world. I can fairly say that he basically created the post-2000 Chinese pop. He plays over 12 instruments and he made all his musics. He has made over 200 songs for himself and also other artists. He writes musics ranging from every genre, I mean every single genre! He wrote meaningful lyrics that put emphasis on the meaning of life. He is very obedient to his mother and very good to his friend. He does magic. He dance. He does nunchuck. He host shows. He directs movie, drama and music videos. He basically does everything and his talents is way way underrated! (Haters gonna hate)

Jay Chou the most talented Pop King in Asia. He has many roles in Asian entertainment industries, such as singer, music and song composer, lyricist, actor, MV director, Movie Director, music album producer, T.V. host and many more. He has changed the conventional mando pop music style, and he leads across the Asia.

Jay is the best
he has a lot of talent
he is famous too
he is the most suitable super star attend the ceremony

I must admit that he got his own style that others do not have. I love his singing style so so much. He is a hardworking singer and also a very powerful actor for so many years. The most I like his songs is in his every album, inside must has a song that brings out meaningful thing to the society and critic about the bad thing but those are true also. He is amazing and inspiring a lots.

Jay was born in Taiwan, from a child that is a filial child, not only from the child began to learn the piano, he also drums, guitar and zither... And he can even improvise with the composer at the piano, not only so, Jay Chou's music is very diverse, he can put anything in life into his music, he can think of ordinary people will not know the presentation his music, in addition to music, Jay Chou is the big boss, he operated a KTV in China, the design of notebook computers and piano, he is a busy musician and businessman, he is a friend of their father, because Jay is very kindness, he often helped Entertainment circles friends in life

Jay Chou is the best singer of the Asian, he changed the style of the Asian music. He let the Asian music become more popular, he let more people know Chinese song, love and learn. Because of him many people go to learn Chinese and learn how to sing Chinese song. He is a great musician, he know many things, he composer all the song of his album. Also, he is a actor, director, designer and more ~

Jay Chou is always the best!
His music has been accompanying me since I was 5..
Thanks ton jay Chou for he has made many impeccable songs to us
I will always support him till the world end

Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, recorder company director, actor, director, designer, apparel label creative director, restaurant franchise owner. Icon in Asia at 33 years old.

He has always be a good singer. My English is poor, but I still like him. He is an international singer. Many people like him very much. He works very hard and busy.

Jay Chou is the greatest Chinese singer in the world!
He play many style of music such as R&B, RAP, Chinese style music, Blues, ragtime...

Jay chou is the best singer of Asia!
Jay Chou, 2000 years after the Asian pop music with the most revolutionary
Benchmark creation singer, record the Asian always sold more than 31 million
Copies, "Asian pop king" say, its music break through original Asian music
Theme, form, the fusion of music multiple material, created the Chinese pop
Music "Chinese wind" first for the Asian pop music turns over a new page.

Best singer in my heart forever, since I know him, since I listen his songs, even all of them, I can't stop, because its too nice

JAY CHOU is a versatile artist, he was singing its own characteristics, I have a lot of friends like him, he really do things others can not, he really is a natural beauty of the artist, no one should go beyond he, he really is amazing!

Jay Chou is the greatest Chinese singer! He play many style of music such as R&B, RAP, Chinese style music, Blues, ragtime...

Jay... The best singer in Taiwan, Asia, even in the world... He have his own style and many supporter in the world

Jay Chou is such a great singer! I am proud to be Asian
Love him so much :
I can't stop to listen to Jay Chou song, for every day

Such a talented people in this universe, it's totally a bright light of Asia, everyone of his fans are proud of him!

I can say that this era was specially made for him! Jay Chou is the only proud of Asia, no one can replace and compare to him... He is definitely incomparable! Support Jay, you never regret~

Imma big fan of Jay Chou.
I love him so much even he plays piano.
His skill is awesome.

Jay is the "king of Mandopop" in asia. He is a Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, actor and director. Everyone in asia knows JAY CHOU! And he plays pianos, guitars, violins, drums and more instrument that you can think of. Jay Chou is the greatest Chinese singer! He also plays many style of music such as R&B, RAP, Chinese style music, Blues, Ragtime..

There's too much to say about him, who is so talented like you cannot imagine. In short, Jay Chou always keeps you amazed, with his music of various genre, unique music videos, a wide range of movies, T.V. programmes and concerts that give you the fantastic experience like no other.

Greatest Asian singer. No one can ever take his place. He's the king of our hearts.

I think Jay Chou is the best singer in Taiwan, his Chinese style music is out of the ordinary, and his inherent musical talent, which Adding Asian music lots of colors.

He was just awesome because he know well every single music type, and he just want to show the best one to everyone, he got his style and famous in Taiwan.

Yeah, you are the god when you sing. I will support you until forever. He is the best singer and have the wonderful voice.