Josh Groban

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Quality! Is there more to say? How about: The best male voice ever heard in the history of music. I could listen to Josh Groban sing anything. You hear all about the women singers that are good but Josh Groban is not given the fame due him.

What can I say? He plays well to the very young to the very old. I think that he is someone that the teenager and an octogenarian can listen to in the same room and at the same time with equal enjoyment! I guess you could say that he in his own way bridges the generation gap. This could only be done with a tremendous amount of talent.

Josh is listed on the best singer of all time list also along with some others. Check it out with a search. He deserves to be at the top of these lists with a God given gift he has! - anetnut

Josh Groban is very talented. His voice is beautiful and well trained. He puts a lot of himself into each song he sings and brings out the meaning that touches the heart. I introduced Josh to a 15 year old that I mentor and now she is as crazy about him as I am at 57. He crosses ages and genres.

I think that josh is the Best singer out there. His songs are pure and not offensive,
And his voice words could not explain.
He is also a very kind and giving person.
- janieewells

He claims not to be a hero - not an angel but the beauty of his voice and his kindness does make him more than just a man. - IreneK24

Beautiful manly voice. He is very solid and his voice just blend in with his feeling. He sang very harmoniously with other singers, his voice blends in beautifully and not over powering the other singer. Love his music and singing. His got a great gift of voice. Good job! Bravo!

Josh has an awesome voice. every time I hear him sing a song like Ave Maria, it sends shivers down my spine. I would gladly listen to any of his music any day. I think that he should be higher on the list but not number 1. Freddy Mercury needs to be up there.

Josh has the rare quality of having a voice that travels straight to your heart and soul... His passion when he sings is contageous... My #1 choice of all time! - Nanapati

Josh Groban is talented indeed. His voice gives me the shivers and his music inspires me in every way. Every time he sings, he definitely puts the right emotion or feel on a certain song. Thank God for Josh.

The timbre of his voice is so pure, powerful and soothing at the same time. Although I love the other vocalists on here for different reasons, I respect Josh's training and ability, not to mention his global appeal. As a pro singer, hands down. Josh Groban.

Like his style or not, you can't argue that this guy has the best voice this side of heaven. He's not known as "The Voice" for nothing. - castingshadows

Josh Groban is "THE" best male singer around today, all the others fall in his wake! - Jerusha

How is he not number one this is obviously not about how good the vocals are this is about the artists popularity. Josh groban is the epitome of the perfect male voice.


He is amazing, people underestimate his singing! He really sings the music from his heart and soul and not background music that other pop singers use... He is a very talented piano player, something musicians should have

There could never be a better singer than Josh. I have seen him in concert 7 times over the last year and a half and he is awesome! His voice is better in person than on a CD. - everythingjosh

Josh Groban has AMAZING vocals as well as being a talented songwriter, drum player, and piano player. He is all around, the perfect musician with the PERFECT voice.

Josh's passion flows through his music and he puts his all into his work. Not only is he the best male singer ever, he is very cute and very nice. - grobanluvr

Josh's voice both delights the ear, renews the soul and goes straight to the heart. His voice permeates all things that are wrong in this world and and makes them right. He is a musical magician

Josh has a fantastic voice, a beautiful personality and a great sense of humor. He is quite simply the best! - Wastntime

Big range, trained voice, mellow tones. Should be on the top of THIS list. Time for our generation to become a bit more cultured and actually recognise what constitutes good singing.

About his voice and songs I could say hours: gorgeous, beautiful, thrilling, touching my heart etc. His one of the very few, who sings about real emotions. He not try to be a teenage idol, just make a music that comes from his heart.
Thank you, Josh. Your music make a world more beautiful place.

No doubt my man josh can sing anyone ever under a table.. The richness and ease that accompanies his powerful voice is overtaking. No pop star even compares

Josh is awesome. He has an amazing voice, an amazing personality, and he truly cares about people. - Carol4Josh