Kim Junsu


Fell for him when I watched his "intoxication" for the first time. His voice, dancing, body and face are so SEXY! And when I got to know him and listen to more of his songs, I'm so grateful that I noticed him back then. He's like an angel, saving my soul, making me a better person and making my life happier. I will support him till the end! I love the man!

Junsu had come out on top in an assessment of vocal abilities of kpop idol groups. I think he definitely deserved that praise. He has such a beautiful and unique voice; his talent for expressing so much emotion in every song is just incredible!

I love him, his voices is so sweet.
Xiah junsoo is a real singer.
To himself music is his life and he always do his best to sing.
He let me know that what is dream.
Every time, when I was learning his songs I will be happy and forgot the bad things.
So I want to him. He is the male best singer I even have meat.

Xiah junsoo is the best singer. Xiahtod fighting!
Have you listened to him singing "you are so beautiful" and "the end of sadness"? Have you seen him dancing in "intoxication" and "xiahtic"? When you get to know him, you will see why he's so loved and why he should be recognized as one of the best singers in the world.

Junsu has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard and his songs always make most people cry. As time going by, his singing ability is becoming more and more powerful and now he is famous for his singing in most of countries in Europe and Asia.

1When the debut, he is a child, but pretend to be mature, very sad, but never when a fan face to cry,

Leg, had just finished the operation and the fans, the fans are distressed cry, he is at a loss, forced a smile to say, I'm fine,

Anybody who listened to his songs can feel he sings with all his mind and all his heart. He's not only good in singing but also excellent in dancing. Moreover, he has outstanding performance in musicals!

He is not just singer! He is also an amazing musical actor! Go check out Mozart, tear of heaven and Elizabeth! And also check out dbsk and jyj!
I believe junsu will amaze you! Junsu fighting!

I honestly don't know how to live without you. I love you very much. So please happiness all the time.

I want to be your girlfriend even though your wife, but I know I am not. So I only look you stand in the far away

1I just love Mick Jagger! He is still so hot! His voice is very sexy too! Mick has a unique quality in his performance and his voice. There is no one quite like him.

JinJunXiu is a worth the guardian, to love of person, he is all so perfect. Anyway, we will do best for him, as JinJunXiu fans feel very proud, to have such a perfect person let us to love.

Perfect stage performance and angel-like voice, Junsu is born for stage! His live show even outdoes CD, as he's also a great concert director. Although facing with some kind of suppress, JJX and JYJ member brought K-pop to Europe last year, which absolutely was a shock! He expresses his feelings of life by writing great songs! Even with difficulties caused by some powerful companies, he's optimistic and is surely an outstanding idol. He sets a good example for beloved fans. From trivial behaviors, we see a frank and shining JJX with modesty and courtesy!

Singing is not only his job, but also his life. Junsh has the amazing singing skills and can use it sophistically; his voice is so beautiful that can polish every word he sings; He sings with all his heart and sentiment; he is progressing to get more and more professional at the same time while he contributes to his dream. M sure all the people will support him and help him as long as they know him. He is working so hard on being a best singer and m pretty sure he can do this because he never give up and he has the potential to make it.

His name is KIM JUNSU! Also known as "olphine" "Sunshine" "Peach" "Mr. Charisma"...
A soul singer, see "the end of sadness", "rainy night"... A sexy dancer, see "intoxication" and "xiahtic"... A musical actor, see "Mozart", "Tear of Heaven" and the coming "Elizabeth"... He's also an excellent football player, game player, a beautiful kid, plays piano and other instruments...

His voice is so wonderful, and let me just like coming into dream! So I love him! Kim junsu you are always be my sun!

You are our pride, you have the best sound, you are always the king of everything you let us have to love we would have been to guard you, forever.

As JinJunXiu fans I feel very proud to have such a perfect person who let us to love. I am favor of him all the time.

They are among the most talented singers I've ever seen. More importantly, I love his song very much. I think he is a very good singer. You see so many beautiful things on them: friendship, optimism when being treated unfairly, courage to fight for their rights. Especially Junsu, he's such a beautiful kid that you just want to do everything to protect him. He makes me a better person. You will know how he's able to do that when you get to know him.

You know where you hope this train will take you, but you can't be sure. But it doesn't matter - because we'll be together.

Like his voice and his music, he is the best singer in my heart. So I will vote to him.

Junsu's also a shining new star in the musical field! He's given a lot of AMAZING musicals starred by him. For example, "Mozart", "Tear of Heaven" and the coming "Elizabeth", where he will be playing "Tod". He's won a great number of awards for his excellency in the musical field. And Levay, a famous figure in the musical field, said Junsu's the one he thinks is most like Mozart.1

JinJunXiu is a very simple and very good, he'll go to see a patient, a lonely old man. He always laughed more brilliant, as if hope so light can give them more warmth and light, or at least they can infect the mood.

He has the power of saving souls when he's singing. He has composed a wide variety of great songs such as "mission", "xiahtic" and "fallen leaves" and has written impressive lyrics such as "fallen leaves". If you listen his singing, you will be love him.

Please listen to his songs, his voice and his explosive force can make you Believe his strength, and you can find he is a best singer, you can love him, love his song, love his voice, please trust me.

7Kim Junsu is the best singer I have ever heard, and better yet, the best singer of all time. Better than everyone else for the matter. His voice is raw, real, seductive, and perfect for rock n' roll all at the same time. Goes to show just how his voice can sound in many different tones, not a lot of singers can sound like he could. Don't miss this true singer! 434