Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Michael Jackson's history proves that he should be listed as number 1. Mike has sold more albums than Kim, Mike has a larger fan-base than Kim. Mike is more known world-wide than Kim. Mike is a much better stage performer than Kim. Mike is far more creative than Kim. Mike's vocal range is far more versatile than Kim. Mike has easily achieved iconic status at a very young age. Mike is the only POP MEGASTAR that has ever received the title. Mike is the King of Pop. Mike is legend and he will be remembered for centuries to come. Kim will never pack Stadiums filled with 60 to a hazardous 70,000 screaming fans. I can almost guarantee you that more people in China knows who Michael Jackson is than Kim.

This man is the love of my life as an entertainer, as a singer, as a dancer, and as a person. I'm completely fascinated by him, I adore and am in love with EVERY tiny thing about him. He should be on the top of this list in my opinion. I will always love you, Michael. Definitely gone too soon, but everything happens for a reason. You will forever be in my heart, and I know your spirit is watching over all of your children. Truly one of a kind, utterly the king of pop/music, simply the greatest entertainer to ever live. No one will ever come close to his caliber, so let's all be joyous that we got to live to see this beautiful angel, no matter if it was just a short period of time. God needed him back home, he saw his suffering and torture, God saw Michael's pain and saw that no one wanted to listen to this magnificent soul. No one understood him, no one could understand how someone could be this kind, this caring, this talented and gifted, so they attacked him. They attacked my angel. ...more

Having a 4 octave range is incredible in itself, but having the ability to be as versatile as Michael Jackson was is just extraordinary. Michael could sing beautiful melodic ballads, fast, complicated rhythms, rough, edgy staccatos, and so much more. He put so much emotion and feeling into his work, and if you ever watched him live or his performance videos, then you'd realize that he really created a visual for the beat. He was music in a physical form, and though his work will live on, there will never be another person like him. RIP Moonwalker

Best all around performer/singer. Brillant on videos, singing, dancing, etc. He was born a singer and performer. He is oftern imitated but never can be duplicated. He will live forever because of the mass amount of songs that he produced. His songs/music are played a lot. He has a great spirit(which he would say that everything was about love) He touced many lives, not just here in the U.S. But in other countries as well. RIP Michael Love ya

NUMBER 2? Michael was legendary! Far surpassing every singer in the book! Freddie was amazing, simply one of the best. But Michael was better, he killed every note, every dance move. This man deserves to be number one on every best singer/dancer/entertainer/HUMAN BEING list. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a fan, Michael Jackson truly had a talent no one could ever comprehend nor come close to. He was sent to us for a half of a life span and taken back far too soon! You are not alone, Michael, because though we're far apart, you're ALWAYS in my heart! I'll see you soon. We love you king, forever and always. Bless.

He can sing, He can dance, He can sing while he dance, He can dance while he sings. He dances better than the dancers. Inspire other singers, Inspire artists, Inspire fashion, Inspire style... Inspire people to be a good person. Do I need to say more? Other singers? Fine... They are good but nah... No one does it Like MJ. Long Live The King!

HE IS DAMN GOOD! Michael Jackson is a total legend and he could sing so high and so low, it was amazing to hear him sing! RIP Michael Jackson you'll always be in our hearts!

He was and is the best he will always be the best there will NEVER be another male singer as blessed as him to be able to dance and sing like he did., but what really made him the best and what was over looked by many is how he gave and shared and loved everyone in this world even if he did not know them, he gave more money to different countries than most of these rappers make in several years!. No other artist I know loved the world and the people in it and wanted us to love eachother and stop this killing and ignorin the homeless and share and do right as much as he did, and no other artist made the accomplishments he did, and couldn't if they started over and tried, the only artist to draw so many of thousands people at EVERY concert he had EVERY ONE OF THEM SOLD OUT. And the way he changed many peoples lives including mine threw and because of his love and who he was and what he did, its clear he was gods gift to this world... And the way he caused people to cry, scream, passout, ...more

The best singer ever. I cried when I heard of his death. He was a role model to all and even his children who were as well devastated. Michael Jackson is a tremendous model to all and a person who children and some adults look up with support. Even with his passing he is the greatest singer with great skill

Michael Jackson was a musical genius, a trailblazer, a visionary, and a unique phenomenon. He could sing, dance, choreograph, act, compose music, write lyrics, produce songs, and mentor others unselfishly and generously. He pushed the envelope with everything he did, and he gave 100% all of the time. He set about becoming the "greatest entertainer who ever lived" when he was in his mid-twenties, and he never wavered from that goal. MJ is indeed the greatest entertainer!

Hands down the best male singer of all time. Freddy Mercury? You must be insane. This guy had so much soul, that he could make anyone cry and feel exactly what the song was about. Freddy Mercury could only dream of doing that. That's how powerful Michael's voice was. If he sang about something happy, you feel happiness. If he sang about issues, he makes you feel mad. If he sang about tragedy, you feel sorrow... only Michael was able to do this.

The most extraordinary singer, and entertainer as a whole, the world has ever seen! Nobody ever could convey emotion the same way he always did, ever since he was such a little child! He could tell stories with his voice alone, no words needed! I've been listening to him since I was a child and didn't understand a single English word, his voice and the passion he put in his singing was the magnet! He never fails to bring me back the sheer JOY of listening to him! Unforgettable, Irresistable, Unsurpassable!

Michael Jackson is the #1 male singer of all time! #5?!?! What is wrong with you people!?! Michael changed the world forever because of his music. Songers today are so fake fixing there voices up so much there not even real. Singers these days don't even have to be able to sing because of the way they fix up there voices. Michael had the best natural talent the world will ever know! - MJfan4lifeandbeyond

Do you even need a opinion?.. What would I possibly say?.. He is just the best! O. O what a man he was... Unfortunately he is not with us now!.. But still.. Those songs which he sung is with us now!.. Each and every time when I hear those songs... That was the amazing moment of my whole life... He is the man.. One awesome man the world has ever seen in music as well as in real life!.. RIP REI DO POP!

The best best best singer for ever there is no other male singer like him king of pop. There is only one king to the pop. That is Michaeljackson. So there is no other king before him... The king of pop forever. He is a legend

Michael was not only the best singer. He was THE musical genius. The loss of Michael Jackson was a monumental loss to the world. Always trying to bring peace to everyone, I'm sure he has his peace in heaven. God bless & RIP Michael. You will always be in our hearts.

MJ growing up had one of the widest ranges. Growing up in a community that didn't fully except blacks yet people were still attracted to his voice. When he grew up he was titles the King Of Pop because he is one of the best if not the best singer/entertainer. Nearly no one can compare to the legendary MJ. RIP!

No one is giving Michael Jackson a sympathy vote are you kidding me? Have you seen Michael sing at 10 years old? He was singing with more soul and technique than singers 5 times his age! Michael Jackson could do anything with his voice. He is the best singer. He had a 5 octave range. There is no one like him! I never even heard of Freddie Mercury but anyone can recognise Michael Jackson's voice. He is unique and nobody can copy his style of singing without imediatelty recognising it came from Michael Jackson

I will always love you MJ. Your music has been passed on to me, by my parents, and I will pass it on to my kids, and I'll make sure they pass it on also. My point is you might have gone to soon, but your music WILL live on forever. You are and will always be the King Of Entertainment.

He was definitely a genius and even more than that because he had such a lovely character. Many people were teling mean and wrong things about him during his lifetime and know when h is dead everybody is like " I love him so much RIP" that pisses me off! He just wanted to change the world into a better place especially for children because they didn't prejudice him. He loved children in a innocent way and got hurt a lot. That is what he got for being a kind and careing man and a legend in pop history: the death.

I don't care your favorite artist, NO ONE compares to the King of Pop. he's a legend and his music, voice, dancing, songwriting and great heart will be forever known. He was original and had so much creativity. Music wouldn't be the same if it wasnt for Michael. I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet him. Screw all the tabloids for spreading rumors and lies about him, it was all out of jealousy. We love you Michael, thank you for sharing your outstanding music with the world

Best singer, best dancer, best person best best best! I can talk for hours about him...he is and he will be one of my idols but sure the top of singers! Lots of people said and still say things about him, very bad things about him. They judge him like he is a criminal or I don't know what, like he is the worst person you can imazine. They also say very bad things about and to his family, things that hart them. I must say that I have really cried about these things and almost belived them, I have also be angry with him and sometimes scared of him but the other day that was just a nightmare. I don't know how he did it but I just can't stop loving him! Vote him he worth it!

I'm really not surprised that Michael and Freddie are numbers 1 & 2 they are both incredible singers and they both had such incredible vocal ranges but Michael gets my vote purely because I love his songs more. I also want to say Eminem is not a singer his a rapper and Myles Kennedy should be so much higher in this list at least the top 15 his vocal range is also incredible

It was fact that Michael Jackson was the biggest star the world had ever seen. Elvis changed music sure. But by doing what? Singing black music so that alone can't make him the best it was black music. He basically helped spread out music to racists which helped a lot. But Michael is by literal fact the greatest. White people will always try to compare Elvis to hik. Michael even admired Elvis but in no way was Elvis even close to Michael. I think people know that but they argue just because.

You can't deny that Michael Jackson was an amazing singer. I think it was over shadowed by his amazing dancing and unfortunately in his later years people didn't really focus on his talent more so what the latest scandal was, and that isn't fair. Freddy Mercury was great sure, but it all comes down to opinion and I prefer Michael Jackson. Sympathy votes my foot.