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201 The Weeknd The Weeknd Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye, known professionally by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Best voice since Michael Jackson

By far the best vocalist of our time.

Sounds the same live as in his published work

This dude is top 50.

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202 Andy Biersack Andy Biersack

What? 233? Andy is one of the best singers I've ever heard! Justin Bieber is ahead of him? Andy and Ronnie Radke are the best singers in my opinion. I think it takes being able to scream and sing to be a good singer. And to also write awesome lyrics which both of them do! Andy biersack

Such an inspiration. His voice is so unique and he has saved so many people. I love you Andy and you will never understand how much you have done for people.

It takes training to scream like he does an he nails it

How is Justin Bieber in front of him like get out

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203 Ruki (the GazettE)

He's in my personal top 3, but should be also in the top vocalists ever.
Why no one pays attention to the Japanese scene?! Ruki is great!

Should be more recognized... ;; Ruki's amazing. His voice is just so unique - makes me want to cry sometimes.

I just love Takanori! His voice is just adorable and every time I was pleasantly surprised by his style.. He's a great singer and he is much better than many European poseur. I just love Ruki

Ruki should the 1st

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204 Robin Thicke Robin Thicke

This man has amazing vocals! Not your typical male singer. His voice is just so soothing.

I don't know why he wasn't on the list

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205 Kian Egan
206 Jack Bruce Jack Bruce John Symon Asher "Jack" Bruce was a Scottish musician, singer and songwriter known primarily for his contributions to the British supergroup Cream, which also included guitarist-singer Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker.

Vocalist and bassist of cream. Indescribable voice, nothing like it.

207 Louis Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson

Hah surprise! Okay, before you guys start hating on me, PLEASE READ THE WHOLE thing. Thank you!
Okay, so, I love rock. I also like some pop, including One Direction. But I also love other bands too. How are these AWESOME artists lower than... Drumroll please... Justin Bieber?! This list is messed up!

He's just the perfect singer

His voice is like a duck - kaniznusrat

Hate his voice - kaniznusrat

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208 Jonathan Davis Jonathan Davis Jonathan Howsmon Davis, also known as JD and JDevil, is an American musician best known as the leading vocalist and frontman of the nu metal band Korn.
209 Roger Hodgson
210 George Harrison George Harrison George Harrison was an English guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles.

This is not fair on George, he should be up there with the best of them

He sang a song for Bangladesh so he deserves better

Really the one that put George down here has not heard: Taxman, Within Without you, Something, My Mind Set On You and the masterpiece Here Comes The Sun. Apart he is one of the best gutarrist ever known and the teacher for the next generations, HE WAS NOT JOHN LENNON AND PAUL MCCARNEY'S COMPLEMENT, HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST LIKE THIS TWO. In my opinion one of the best to sing and play guitarr in a superb way and at the same time, also play very exelent, instruments that no body in the occidental world know how to play (sitar) tell me know that he is not one of the best in history

Zayn Malik is above George Harrison? Are you kidding me?! - olliv

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211 Fred Durst Fred Durst William Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.
212 Michael Stipe Michael Stipe John Michael Stipe is an American singer, songwriter, film producer, music video director, and visual artist.
213 Rod Stewart Rod Stewart Roderick David "Rod" Stewart is a British rock singer-songwriter. Born and raised in London, he is of Scottish and English ancestry.

An unusual addition to what seems to be the 'X' facter all over again. Rod is one of many highest selling artists who would have given up if he appeared infront of Simon Cow, not sounding like a squeeky clean soul singer. Rod is one of those who reflect society and life with all it's grit and originality like Johney Rotten, Iggy Pop,Bowie and many more worldwide who would not exist if they had to sell out on the 'X' Factor What would music be like if everyone tried to sound the same; I can see from vocalist charts that that has already happened; so sad. PQ - evolver

One of the best artist of all time...

Best singers all over the pond ever

Simply the best

214 Garry Daly
215 Paul Young
216 Bill Warren
217 Brent Smith Brent Smith Brent Stephen Smith is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the band Shinedown.

Hands down #1: Brent Smith's singing has range, musicality, power, personal style, and appeal. He can sing in a deafening electric stadium or acoustically in your living room. He can sing everything from heavy metal to grunge to soul. I could go on and on but that's more than enough said.

I cannot believe that Brent Smith is placed so low... Especially after Chester Bennington, I guess nobody really know who Brent Smith really is. Great in concert, and sounds almost the same as the CD, very little editing.

In my opinion he is best rock singer of the 2000's Shinedown's cover of simple man is awesome, I think it's better than the original.

Best male vocalist around right now, in my opinion... Rare to see people sound better LIVE than on the radio, but he nails it every time.

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218 Amr Diab Amr Diab

Amr diab is the best singer all over the world

Amr Diab is the best singer in the world

Amr Diab the best singer, This is a fact

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219 Maynard James Keenan Maynard James Keenan Maynard James Keenan, often referred to by his initials MJK, is an American musician, record producer, winemaker, and actor, best known as the vocalist for Grammy Award-winning progressive metal band Tool.

He's probably one of the most emotional rock vocalists. He also has a good range. And it looks like I need this extra writing to qualify for my "commitment. "

Complex notes 4 octave vocal range should be up there with Freddie Mercury, Roy Orbison, Adam Levine and Jeff Buckley

his voice is so amazing and hes so underated - Okami

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220 Martin Nievera

no question he has the most soothing voice anyone would love to hear singing.. melts you when he sings... the only concert king... EVER! - hearts1421

One of philippine's best male singer

Martin nievera has a very great voice. Watch his video on YouTube to prove it. he will eat anyone else in the top list!

Best voice in the philippines

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