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361 Peabo Bryson
362 Nils Patrik Johansson
363 Champ Lui-pio (Hale)
364 Leon Jackson
365 Kurt Nilsen V 1 Comment
366 Alan Jackson
367 Scott Robinson
368 Abs Breen
369 Sean Conlon
370 Tiziano Ferro
371 DJ Bobo
372 Shayne Ward
373 Gareth Gates
374 Will Young

Will always sings live and it is a pleasure to hear his voice. His performances are always spot on and he deserves to be recognized for his talent. It is ten years since he won Pop Idol and he has incredible versatility. I love his voice and his spirit, it is about time he was given recognition for his immense talent which unbelievably improves every time I see him perform. May I just add that he also writes some of his songs too, needless to say I love him!

375 Mike Skinner
376 Joe Strummer Joe Strummer John Graham Mellor, known by his stage name Joe Strummer, was a British musician, singer, actor and songwriter who was the co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of the Clash.
377 Motoyuki Otsuka
378 Sakurai Atsushi
379 Kris Allen
380 Elijah Blue Allman
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