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Stephen Ray "Steve" Perry is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is known as the lead singer of the rock band Journey during their most commercially successful periods from 1977 to 1987 and again from 1995 to 1998.


The Best male vocalist with the widest range, emotion, and sexy soulfulness, that can belt out a Rock love ballad to a true rock classic and hit high notes most only dream about! He is "Journey"! They weren't on the map without him and haven't had a hit (Top 40 or otherwise) without him since he left the band! Mr. Perry, (the "VOICE") is a true gentleman with the way he has been treated and rumored about in the press and by fellow band members. Schon did a huge dis-service to "true" Journey fans by cheapening the memory of Journey by stooping to You Tube for Steve's "replacement" (a very poor one at that! ). Mr. Perry a voice like yours cannot be replaced it is a gift. I hope to hear more of your wonderful melodies, harmonies and ballads soon! Love a forever "Faithful" fan!

There are no words to accurately describe just how much I adore this man's voice. He can put so much emotion and beauty into songs like Open Arms, or sing soaring rock songs like Mother, Father. His range and ability are impressive, as well as his aptitude for different styles. His technique is also flawless, and this is particularly apparent in concert. He is a master at improvisation, interacting with his audience, whilst never going out of key. He has performed many incredible feats on stage, giving the crowd all he can, hitting those high notes and singing the ballads to melt your heart. Even today, with a somewhat limited range, he still has his finely refined skill, and can still put just as much emotion into everything he sings. His ear for music and finding melodies, and ability to create it have only improved. Steve Perry will forever be my golden standard.

Steve Perry has a "VOICE" like no others! He has always sung with such Passion and Emotion! Also... He hit High Notes that were absolutely AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL... It was done with actual God given Talent! Steve Perry DID NOT use a "SCREAM" like they do today! There are a FEW young guys in "Todays Rock" that I feel could eventually be FORTUNATE enough to achieve the kind of Superb Talent of Steve Perry... However, IF, they keep Screaming and NOT actually SINGING... Their voices will be Toast within 5 years or less! Steve has SO MANY FANS that wish he would come back and "SHOW EVERYONE" what REAL TALENT IS! I would BUY a new comeback record and Pay to see him in Concert, I know there are thousands of other FANS that would as well! COME BACK STEVE... WE'VE BEEN WAITING!

Steve Perry is the best singer in the world! He's nick named "The Voice" for crying out loud! He's amazingly talented. He is truly blessed to have such a beautiful voice! He has the voice of an angel. He is a legend! He's only number nine on Best Singer Of All Time, so go vote for him! He's also only like thirty something in Most Unique Singer, so vote for him! Make him number one! He deserves it! And also, I just wanna say that Geddy Lee would have been my second choice for best singer, unique voice, and best male singer, but Steve is too talented to even think twice about voting for him! I will always be a fan of Steve Perry!

I agree with everything said here... I saw him twice with Journey - "Frontiers" and "Raised on Radio" and in Feb 1995 for the FTLOSM Tour. EVERY SHOW was outstanding! In my opinion, he did not lose A THING when I heard him during the FTLOSM tour... I understand that he's helping out with "Boheme" on a Song, "Follow The Freedom" - Backing Vocals... Let's hope it's small steps towards moving to the Frontman Mic once again. THANK YOU STEVE PERRY FOR EVERYTHING!

He IS Number One as far as I am concerned. I just love listening to him sing and talk. There are a lot of excellent singers out there I know, but no-one comes close to Steve. There's just something about him that makes him stand out above all the others. Without meaning to sound theatrical, it's like a special light that shines in the darkness. Although I love all of his music, I particularly love his more mature voice with the very subtle signs of ageing - it carries more meaning, soul and depth and I am especially fond of his solo work. Hope we hear more from him in the future. God bless you Steve.

He is my most favorite singer I love him he has such a wonderful most adoreble voice I can talk about him all day long he is an angle sent from above and he makes me happy when I am sad all I have to do is listen to his music and I love him more then anybody could think of him but I know the band members and his family loves him more then I do and you know I am so glad that the members of journey found somebody that could sing just like him I think his name called arnel yes his the best if you here him sing cool but steve perry means a lot to me and I know that the band members and the family feel the same way like I do but anyways I love you steve perry and be strong and have faith hope and believe that one day you will be on the stage again because I believe in you I love you steve perry loves and hugs by your fan chelsea I love you steve perry

For many years, this amazing singer has been followed by fans who want him to make a comeback. He's known as "The Voice, " a title given to him by his friend Jon Bon Jovi, for a very good reason. His voice, which has such a broad range, is distinctly his. Thanks to his awesome voice, energy, showmanship, and charisma, as well as his excellent songwriting ability, he put the rock group Journey on the map. Even though the band has had three frontmen since Steve Perry has recorded and performed with them, his voice is still THE voice of Journey. That will never change, thank God! It's so exciting that new generations are hearing his voice and becoming die-hard Steve Perry/Journey fans like the rest of us. Steve Perry is the consummate performer!

No one has the range and control that Steve has. He is a perfectionist but also humble. I think he is truly a musical genius and there is a healing quality to his voice that touches the soul. He can rock your world, share your pain, make you laugh, and help you get even with your ex! My husband was his personal security during the Escape tour and tells stories of what a fun guy Steve is and how much he cares for his fans and they people working for him. No one's voice will ever come close to the one and only TRUE VOICE!

There are many vocalist's with an amazing gift to move ones body. Alas there are very few vocalist's with the amazing gift to move ones heart, mind & soul. The gift of word's expression, inner desires deep within the core of our being. Mr. Perry has this amazing gift of word expression. To reach each of us through his word's. For each of us has our own sense of being. Each of us has our own sense of passion. Each of us has our own sense of betrayal. He reaches everyone from any type of emotion one feels at that moment in time. He has the ability to read your thoughts, your emotions, your place in time... With out ever knowing you. Perception is not a talent it is a blessing from a higher sorce. Mr. Perry like none other comes to it with ease. Many artist's can put word's on paper with music, alas many can not. Many need to higher writer's, for words, music, producers, directors, mixers, editors... The list goes on! Mr. Steve Perry has the real deal...! Much love :D

Steve's soaring counter-tenor is brilliant, One such example is the track 'Sweet and Simple' from 1979's Evolution album. An exemplary song highlighting what Steve was capable of- a solid soul track, with a hard rock twist. I dare someone to listen to him wail at the 2:42 second mark and not have their jaw drop in incredulity, only to be lifted again to new heights as it fades into musical bliss. In short, Steve Perry = musical orgasm, or eargasm, if you like.

Steve Perry's amazing voice is one of a kind - not only does he have God given talent, but he is able to bring something from deep down inside to everything he sings and writes. The very best music comes alive when we get a glimpse into the heart of the performer, Steve gives us part of himself every time he opens up and puts his all into a song. There never has been, nor will there ever be another that comes close to "the voice".

There are several great singers on this list, but vocally, NO ONE can touch Steve Perry as the greatest Rock-and-Roll singer ever! He is typically compared to Freddie Mercury, but Steve Perry sounds better on record AND in live concerts/live footage. To me, Freddie couldn't consistently hit those notes in a live format. Additionally, there is no comparison to the way Steve sings with so much emotion and meaning in every word of every song! He is just too awesome and definitely deserves to be #1.

Steve Perry voice brings tears to my eyes, he puts me in a good mood helps me when I am in a bad mood. On August 21st 1981 I stood in a concert venue, I stood in the same room with him of course he didn't know it but that's ok I do. I have never ever seen talent and heard a voice that moves my soul. I am so thankful for the sound of his voice and the beauty it adds to the world... Always and forever a Steve Perry fan...

There is no one comparable. Steve Perry has the most amazing voice. "The Voice" as he is aptly nicknamed is one in a million. He's an alto tenor whose high range is way above anyone else. All anyone has to do is listen to one album, just one... That's all it takes and you will KNOW that there is no one else who can come close. This is a singer who crosses all age barriers. He is loved by the old and the young. And hopefully, he's not done yet!

First of all, Steve Perry is the one and only real singer for Journey. He was their first lead singer on a studio album, Infinity. Before that, the other band members just filled in for the vocals, since the vocals really weren't their main focus. Steve Perry brought something special to the band, besides his extraordinary voice he also became a major part of their songwriting team.
Steve Perry has an incredible voice, he hits notes other singers could only imagine. Every time I hear him sing I am amazed, as though it were the first time.

Steve Perry embodies what "REAL" singing is all about - check out this blog from some voice coach and see if it doesn't fit "THE VOICE" to a t: Real singing is very direct. It hits you somewhere that you cannot forget. It can be small and sweet, as in a child or an untrained adult, or it can be big, powerful and highly trained, as in an operatic vocalist, or it could be anything in between. One absolute is that it is unique, memorable, and distinctive.

Having been a huge fan since the late 70s, I had forgotten about Steve Perry for years until a friend brought him up in conversation recently. I still had some old Journey laying around and decided to put on Evolution (then Infinity, then Departure., I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN how AMAZING he was, and how incredible Journey's music was back then. I literally had chills and was brought to tears hearing those songs again., what talent, soul and passion... Unmatched to this day, in my opinion. - karinayanku

Amazing singer. He has inspired me everyday since I heard his voice. I hope he returns to the music business soon because he is missed greatly. As far as rock n' roll is concerned, Steve Perry has the most beautiful and sincere voice of all of them. He was meant to sing soul. There are good singers who are influential and sell lots of albums but there are also singers with untouched talent from God Himself. Steve is that singer. His talent blows everyone out of the water, end of story.

Steve Perry is one of the most talented men out there; he has the perfect stage quality, the most amazing voice, and he can sing a ballad and a rock song right next to each other with the most amazing power and vocal quality. Steve Perry is considered "The Voice, " which is a name fitting for the man who brought us some of the most memorable songs in the world.

I dream of him in my head.. Singing with that beautiful soulful voice. I do feel a lot of pain also. I feel that he has so many musical talents, he is so refined and I love the way he speaks. He has had a lot of sadness in his life and it comes out in his songs and the emotion is so loving. He has loved and gotten hurt a lot and it comes out in his emotions when he sings. I absolutely adore him and will be always love him! His voice will live on and on into infinity... Forever and ever.

Steve Perry one of the greatest male rock vocalist (7th)rated by their ability, in their prime, for vocal Control, Power, Range, Articulation, Phrasing, use of Dynamics, Uniqueness, plus Impact & Influence, he made Journey what they are.
I just feel so blessed with Steve Music and Amazing Voice... I'm so lucky have meet Steve in person.
amazing musician who gifted the world with Journey. I'will be wait... to Hear his VOICE again.

I think Steve Perry has the most amazing voice. Then and now. He sings with such emotion and passion. It is almost like he can read everyone's mind on what they are feeling and how they are feeling. I have loved Steve Perrys voice ever since he first sang and have been entranced by his voice all these years. I am waiting ever so patiently for his new voice to grace us with his beautiful voice. I could go on for ever with this but will not. Love you Steve Perry.

One in a million! His range, his soul, his phrasing, everything that made so many try to (unsuccessfully) duplicate his sound is why he should be number one. By the way - he was one of the very few who could pull it off LIVE! In fact, he sounded better live than on the recordings! He'll always be number one to me. He is missed!

He is a icon next to Elvis Presley he has one of the best voices in the music field. He also has a great personality, very good looking also. When it came to Journey he made the group what it is today, Arnel is good but there will never be a replacement for Steve. Hope to see him back again he"s been gone to long. Would love to see him just one more time sing with Journey again it would be phenomenal and a breath of fresh air.