Top Ten Best Male TheTopTens Users of 2015

The Top Ten Best Male TheTopTens Users of 2015

1 Gemcloben

Gemcloben is an excellent user, he is very fun to chat with. Don't be offended with your positions on the list. - Therandom

He is up for a chat anytime. - DapperPickle


2 Garythesnail
3 IronSabbathPriest

He is pretty cool and is the creator of Dante's Inferno. - Therandom

4 2Storm

He is very nice and fun to talk to. - Therandom

5 Puga
6 Nintedofan126

Yes, he makes some excellent series and I appreciate him not moaning or anything when he got trapped first in my series. - DapperPickle

He is very fun and awesome to talk with. - Therandom

I agree with DapperPickle he has some of the best blog series - Batmaniscole

Thank you Therandom for putting me on your list. - nintendofan126

7 PositronWildhawk

I low-key don't like him. - andre56

Unacceptable that I had to add him. He deserves it immensely! - keycha1n

Only 13?

8 DapperPickle

One of my favorites, he made top tens trapped. - Therandom

9 TurkeyAsylum

He is also pretty great. - Therandom

10 Therandom

He is awesome and creative - 2storm

The Contenders

11 Finch
12 EpicJake

It's been awhile since I talked to him. Maybe I should message him? - nintendofan126

Thanks to the person who put me here. - EpicJake

13 Batmaniscole

Hopefully he will get more attention. - DapperPickle

He's awesome with his I'm Batman! - Therandom

14 Mcking1003

He is very underrated. - Therandom

15 SuperHyperdude
16 Chaotixhero
17 FasterThanSonic
18 PetSounds

He's been very active these past couple months, and will always be a quality member! - keycha1n

19 Pony

Thanks to whoever added me! - Pony

20 Alexandr
21 CastlevaniaFanboy128
22 RockStarr
23 Bronson

Thanks for putting me on this list. I am nice and I'm up to chat with anyone. - Bronson

He is very underrated and cool - 2storm

He is very cool and rocking - Ananya

24 SubliminalMessages
25 BKAllmighty
26 Disney1994
27 jmepa123

Who added my other account? - jmepa1234

28 xandermartin98
29 RalphBob
30 CoolCat999
31 Raghavbakshiultimate
32 YanRocky
33 Danteem

He is full of ideas and he made a note of ideas for lists! He have over 30 lists to make! So vote on them! He also full of comments and posts too!

Danteem, stop talking about yourself in the third person. And your lists, as well as your grammar, are terrible. - RiverClanRocks

34 Heyman16

Cool I'm on here. - TopTensFan

35 VelitelCabal
36 sketchysteve
37 Htown3ball
38 Oddguy31

My old account! - Oliversky

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