Best Male Volleyball Players In the Philippines


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1 Marck Jesus Espejo (ADMU)

He is the best player in the Philippines of this time


I really idolized marck espejo interms on how he served as well as on how he kill the ball in the court.

5 UAAP MVPs in his 5 years in Ateneo

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2 Peter Den Mar Torres (NU)

For me he is the best because of his very sharp and very fast attack

He's handsome and quick

He is very quick hitter

The Scoring Machine of NUMVT

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3 Alnakran Abdilla (DLSU-D)

Have a powerful spike

4 Edjet Mabbayad (FEU)

Attacker of the year! The legend!

Must be no. 1 he is the real legend. The flying man of uaap.. No one can beat him

5 Salvador John Depante III (UST)
6 Karl Ian Dela Calzada (FEU)
7 Mark Gil Alfafara (UST)
8 John Paul Torres (UST)
9 Ray Karl Dimaculangan (UST)

The best setter of all time!

3-time UAAP Best Server; 1-time UAAP Conference MVP and 1-time UAAP FInals MVP. That says it all. - crockydyle

10 Jayson Ramos (UST)

The Contenders

11 Rex Intal (ADMU)
12 Howard Mojica (EAC)
13 Christopher Michael "Myco" Antonio (DLSU)
14 Jessie Lopez (FEU)
15 Chris Macasaet (DLSU)
16 GIlbert Ablan (SBC)
17 Henry Pecana (UST)
18 Joshua Villanueva (ADMU)
19 Bryan Bagunas (NU)

Scoring machine! sobrang angas ng mga atake

20 Sylvester "Rocky" Honrade (SBC)

With a height of 6'5, this San Beda standout never failed to wow the crowd. His opponents always get intimidated with his height and hi attitude inside the court. - crockydyle

21 Jeffrey Jimenez (RTU)
22 Dexter Clamor (UPHSD)
23 Jay Dela Cruz (UPHSD)
24 Kheeno Franco (EARIST)
25 Christian "Yani" Fernandez (UST)
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1. Marck Jesus Espejo (ADMU)
2. Edjet Mabbayad (FEU)
3. Mark Gil Alfafara (UST)
1. Alnakran Abdilla (DLSU-D)
2. Marck Jesus Espejo (ADMU)
3. Salvador John Depante III (UST)


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