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YouTube has become a worldwide phenomenon in almost all of the countries in the World! Therefore this list depicts some of YouTube's favorite Male YouTubers! (Please note that this is a *Subjective* list! Please comment nicely or your comment will be removed. This list is also NOT RANKED ON "HOTNESS" LEVEL! )

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1 Tyler Oakley (Tyler Oakley)

I believe Tyler should claim this spot due to his high self-esteem toward hate, politics, and other YouTubers. I have so far not seen one of Tyler's videos being dissatisfied. - evan_a_harvey

Tyler is an inspiration to everyone. He's shows the Internet that it's okay to be yourself and you should never have to hide who you really are, no matter what others may think of you. He definitely deserves the number one spot on this list!

I love this human. Such an inspiration and shows the internet that it's okay to be yourself. He definitely deserves the number one spot

he's cool

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2 Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV) Shane Dawson (ShaneDawsonTV)

I have been watching Shane for almost half of my life and he has made such an impact on me and other people. His inspiring content and great personality keeps me going and I love seeing his posts, even if it takes him longer to post because then you know it took lots of effort not only to film but to edit. Him and his friends do so much for the YouTube community it's unreal. I will support them endlessly as I have learned to do over the years. I think that he deserves this top spot for sure!

Shane always knows how to give some good advice to his viewers. Most of his videos include a message to his viewers at the end of the video whether it's advice on life, problems, or how to keep your self-esteem high and happy. Shane also has gotten a usual small amount of hate from his subscribers. - evan_a_harvey

Shane is honestly the person I binge watch the most (next to garret watts) And I am not for a second ashamed!


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3 Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

Even though Felix's massive populated YouTube channel "PewDiePie' shows that his is indeed a popular YouTuber, but he also knows how to entertain most of his viewers. Despite being gaming, joking around about all of the hate he gets daily or anything else but he sure does give most a good chuckle! Not to mention his $1 million toward numerous charities as well. - evan_a_harvey

One of the most successful YouTubers in the world

He speaks the truth and isn't afraid of what anyone else says! Hell yeah he deserves to be number 1!

Anyhow, now that thatś out of the way...
Why isn he number one?
Trying to de-throne him from spot number one?
Heś a blonde hair, blue eyed, white dragon
And heś so hottt
Plus he's Swedish
Hess got the 9 yr old army against the HATERSS

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4 Joey Graceffa (JoeyGraceffa) Joey Graceffa (JoeyGraceffa)

Saved my life literally me and all my friends love him so much and we all watch his videos every day and I find him so inspiring for being so confident about himself and his life

Many consider Joey as annoying, repetitive, and too self centered. But what makes him interesting to be at this place is his life. Vlogging everyday for Joey can be a struggle but it opens an eye of a different world for us to see, which makes him eligible at this placing. - evan_a_harvey

Joey you are so inspiring and I love your work keep calm and carry anya May the odds be ever in your favor goodbye!

A good example for the lgbt people out there like me and makes me laugh because he's funny as hell and I'm 17 and I love his videos

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5 Connor Franta (ConnorFranta) Connor Franta (ConnorFranta)

Connor has always been one of my favorite YouTubers for quite a long time now and has never put me down. His videos are well edited and scripted to ensure that his viewers are pleased with every video. - evan_a_harvey

I really love connor cause he is true to his self

He's the best, everyone is living life wrong if they don't love him! - koolcat

Connor is not perfect. he's got my friend obsessed with him

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6 The Dolan Twins

They're so cute I'd smash

Every time I'm having a bad day or if I'm sad I go on YouTube and look them up and watch their videos and they make my day a whole lot better

They have helped me through the worst times in my life and I'm so thankful for them. Honestly I love them with my whole heart

There awesome and they do a good job with videos and they make it so interesting and they make it so fun to watch there videos! I'm Molly Harris and I'm 13 and I love watching YouTube

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7 The Fine Brothers (TheFineBros)

I love watching to their videos! They upload good quality content. I know they've been recently getting a lot of hate for the react world controversy... But should we really stop watching them just because of that? And many people say "getting a few people to react to videos is easy! They have no talent", ahah if it's so easy why don't you do it? Their videos are high quality and there is some dedication in all of it. I dislike the whole claiming react thing, but come on? They're still good people...

With the success of their videos of the React channel and usually them getting over millions of videos get this spot. But the lack of "giving back to the community" or doing something to give to the community is why they get this spot. - evan_a_harvey

8 DanIsNotOnFire

I love Dan's videos I feel they are just so different and so funny. He inspires me in so many ways and I am able to learn so much from him. Whenever I am down I watch Dan and Phil and they always make me feel better and make me feel that everything is going to be okay. I am so happy that I discovered Dan and Phil because they have just made me happy so many times and they inspire me to be the best person I can be.

I think him and Phil are amazing people as they are but together are the best. He adds a way for people to solve their own problems in a strategic way while also coming across as quite humorous. He is also very attractive to add on. He makes the YouTube world a better place, another thing is he tackles problems head-on while always being sure to not stir up drama!

Dan is best when he's with Phil, because he seems happier. They seem to complete each other because Dan is more serious and reins Phil back in when he goes off on a tangent, but Phil makes Dan laugh and helps him to relax and be happier together. They are so lucky that they found each other because I think they're meant to be best friends.

He is so funny and open he doesn't care if he is jugded and he is so honest him and phil are such and inspiration to me and he is so out going

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9 Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe)

Joe is such a funny guy... he has literally helped me laugh a lot in the past few years and I basically love him so much. His impressions are amazing, and the pranks that he often does are so funny! You should definitely check him out.

Joe is such an hilarious person. I start laughing so hard that I can never stop literally. He has a great bond with his friends and love sharing his moments on YouTube.

Joe is just one of the most genius people I have ever seen. He makes me and my whole family laugh to tears, and I'm pretty sure that laugh is the one that has caused my abs...

I mean... it's Joe! Who won't love him?

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10 O2L (Our Second Life)

A group of four members and maintaining a schedule on one channel is kinda hard to maintain, but this channel is okay for me. With most of the videos except one member (Which will be remain unnamed) this channel is okay. - evan_a_harvey

O2L is my favorite YouTube group they aren't just cute but they are super funny and the best

O2l is the best YouTube group

I'm in LOVE! 1

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The Contenders

11 Ryan Higa (nigahiga)

Ryan Higa is one of the most hardworking YouTubers honestly. I have never seen other YouTubers needing the ENTIRE crew (ryan higa production company) that consists of 5 people and another 2 (girlfriends) to make videos. they put in so much time and effort for each and every video. He flies all the way to Japan for a 4 minute video, hire professionals over there, makes videos that are 30 MINUTES long, spends so much time writing scripts and acting them out, makes stop motion videos. I am surprised on why he is not one of the top few, after all he was an inspiration to many other YouTubers, Tyler Oakley did mention that he loves watching his videos back then, and many other YouTubers were inspired by ryan to start a YouTube channel. The fact that the views are getting fewer and fewer over the years has not stopped him from making good quality videos and spending so much time to make them, staying overnight, it saddens me that so few even know of his existence. He deserves to be one of ...more

Ryan is probably the most hard working guy out there on YouTube, going pair to pair with smosh, but this guy focuses more on puns, which is really creative, and it is even better when he manages to pull it off

Ryan Higa is probably the most hard working YouTuber you'll ever find. He spends HELL LOT of time writing (especially the puns), editing (the technical level of his videos are equivalent to most motion pictures) and his acting skills are superb. Definitely the most talented person you can find on YouTube

He is literally the best human alive and he seriously works so hard. Please stan him.

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12 AmazingPhil AmazingPhil Philip Michael "Phil" Lester is an English YouTuber and former radio personality from Rawtenstall in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil.

Phil is literally one of the most loveliest human beings I have come across. Him and Dan always make me smile and I'm so happy that I discovered him on YouTube because he is always the person that I will watch when I am having a bad day and he always makes me feel better. Finally I can remember funny moments about them if I am stuck at school and generally feeling fed up with things and it will automatically brighten my day.

When I clicked on one of his videos I never thought that my life would change. (In a good way) He is one of the most adorable human beings to ever walk the face of this Earth. I don't think anyone can watch one of his videos without smiling or laughing.

Phil always comes up with such unique ideas and he is always so positive. His videos helped me through a rough time and he deserves a lot more recognition!

I love Him

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13 Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox (smosh)

I've been watching them for a long time and I love them so much!

I love them so much! But the problem is why are they not top 5 or 10

Smosh's videos are a hit-n-miss for me. Despite their huge fanbase as well their videos, the ideas of the videos can vary from well scripted or poorly done. Their channel can be okay at moments. - evan_a_harvey

Love them there hilarious

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14 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Super funny and cares uniquely about each of his subscribers. Over almost 4 years, I've been falling for him everyday. Not just for his looks(which certainly help), but for his person and how he, if he could, would sincerely wish to know each and every one of us individually. If that doesn't convince you, then I'm not exactly sure what will.

Hilarious commentary and let's plays, Mark also cares a lot about his fans and helping out others.

Such a genuinely caring and fun loving guy. I absolutely adore him and I'm curious as to why he isn't in the top ten.

Should be higher idgaf what anyone says he is perfect way better than the dolan twins

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15 Cameron Dallas Cameron Dallas

I love watching Cam's videos! He's just so down-to-earth! He's experimenting new things and I love that! And plus he's so hot

Cameron is great and such an amazing person his videos always make my day!

Cams videos always put a smile on my face

He is so gorgeous it's UN real

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16 Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)

Alfie is such a funny guy! I especially love his Vlogs, because you definitely feel like you are just in touch with Alfie and Zoe.

Alfie and Zoe are the best! They're super entertaining and funny! Love you guys! :D

Zalfie is amazing thrilled Alfie is on this list

Live for them (zalfie)0

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17 Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber.

He is my life. My life. My whole entire life.

Troye should be #5 or something cause he is everything

Why is he so low?

I think troye should be higher up on this list he is amazing, beautiful and an amazing singer (BUY BN ON ITUNES NOW)

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18 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

Jack/Sean is adorable, charming and absolutely hilarious :D He deserves to be as famous as Felix (yes, I'm serious). He has shown that he cares for all his subscribers and doesn't take a single one for granted. Sean loves us and we love him, come on guys! Let's get him higher up on this list! He deserves to be on of those YouTubers that everybody knows and loves :D Also, he's the BOSS!

How was he not on this list?!

Jack makes my heart warm up! I feel you bro!

I love him he is so cute and funny

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19 Caspar Lee

Caspar is just so funny he makes me smile and laugh so much I don't want to think about the days where I won't watch YouTube anymore.

Yeah he is very funny and totally deserves to be on this list.

Caspar is so funny! Everyone of his videos make me lol

Why is he with a sleepy face everyday?

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20 Marcus Butler

Do I even have to explain why?

I do agree, his channels are cool!

He’s amazing!

21 Janoskians

They're hella hot


Love them


22 Kian Lawley

He is an amazing person who deserves to be higher on this list

He deserves to be much higher because he is so damn funny

He is a beautiful man with beautiful tattoos and he's p real so I mean

Kian lawley is my baby and I absolutely adore him. he has the kindest heart, and the most genuine soul 😭 wow a whole man we don’t deserve

23 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

I don't know this guy

24 Tanner Fox

He does everything basically!

Hilarious, Adventerious and much more!

Love you

25 Rhett & Link

I love good mythical morning I I could I would date you but I know your married and I'm dating my boyfriend cole we love your videos especially the salad bar musical lol.

Good mythical morning (or GMM) is epic! And Link especially makes me drool and say "ah"

26 Mitch and Scott (SUP3RFRUIT)

They are amazing, who ever made this is way off!

Hi Mitch And Scott I am Super fan of your YouTuber

Amazing! AND SHOULD BE #1

27 NateWantsToBattle

Seriously, no one's added him yet? Not only does he play video games, he writes damn good songs about them too! Did I mention that he's hotter than Dan or Phil? (Come at me phangirls! ) He's got a really sexy voice and he's super attractive! He also does anime songs. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE?

I just love him

28 Frank (FilthyFrank)

Filthy Frank, (George "Joji" Miller) is an amazing person. Though he may offend many...MANY people, he is still a great person with a great, hilarious, and over all cheerful personality. On that note, ITS TIME TO STOP

He is a god

Ey b0ss can I habe the pusi?

29 Jack Maynard

He is the best he makes me laugh and he is really entertaining! Xo

30 Tom Phelan Tom Phelan Tom Phelon is a YouTube personality who can be seen on The Fine Bros. web series Teens React. He later landed a part on the Nickelodeon spin-off React To That. He was known on Vine as Boston Tom. In 2017 he got his own The Fine Bros show called Challenge Chalice. He is also currently on Adults React. more.
31 jacksfilms jacksfilms

I can't believe no one's mentioned Jack! He's awesome!

God damn it one of the most underrated Youtubers. Makes me laugh every damn time. - SkyElephantClan_

Who is this guy literally?

He is so cute almsot so good as jack semeneye. I'd smash but your married and I'm dating my girlfriend your merried chrystler love you big doinks.

32 TheDiamondMinecart

This guy Is awesome check him out

He is awesome yo

He is so funny

yay - HarryBetts

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33 JC Caylen

He’s so down to earth

He's an inspiration and he's cuteee😍

34 David Spencer (iBallisticSquid)

The best around he is awesome and amazing

He is a very hot YouTuber. He is from Yorkshire. He is not Irish. His YouTube is iBallisticSquid

Beautiful human being lol Ikr he's halarious too

35 Jovenshire

Such a sweetie. This man has such a bright personality and is the embodiment of the phrase "Live Out Loud". He deserves to be higher on this list.

36 Brent Rivera

He has a good sense of humor, and he makes amazing videos!

Love His Videos!

Best Cute YouTuber

37 Phil Lester

He is in my dreams. - SlimyChunker


38 Jacko Brazier
39 Nick Bean Nick Bean

Because he's ugly

40 Mitch Hughes (TheBajanCanadian)

I love Mitch he's awesome and super funny

He's an amazing friend

Ok, how come he isn't already here?!

41 Ricky Dillon Ricky Dillon

I love Ricky Dillon he is the cutest he should be number 1

He is amazing

he is FUN

42 Zach Clayton Zach Clayton

I love zach

43 Braden Comar (TheBest CODMinecrafters)

He gets my vote for sure. - EpicJake

44 JacksGap

He is so cute and inspiring

45 Lordminnon777 (Wade)
46 Vincent Pizzapasta (Vinesauce)
47 Joel (Vinesauce)
48 I Hate Everything

This channel is so realatable

49 Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines)
50 SuperMarioGlitchy4
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