He is the best in my opinion. He has the package. Despite of people coming on his channel for his looks and his British accent, I assure you that he has personality too. He's funny, he's damn relatable, he has various content, and he makes you feel that you are not alone with your suffering. Dan is also a World Mental Health Spokesperson. What could be missing? Phil Lester? Yeah I thought so too.

Dan is just a lovely person. He has a great attitude that makes other people stay for more. Dan makes others laugh and so upbeat on their worst days. The best thing is when he's with Phil. Phil cheers him up with that cheerful and happy personality. They are best friends who get along with each other really well and never leaves each other's side. That makes their Phans happy and full of care

Dan is so attractive why is he only ranked seventh? His videos are some of the most hilarious content on YouTube and he is always just so committed, open and kind. His fan base is literally a bunch of the smartest, funniest, most committed YouTube audience out there! May I just add that pinof is literally an art form - absolute beauty at its finest.

I remember when I first searched Dan and phil thinking they would be the same as the other british youtubers. I've grown and learned so much from both of them. He always know how to cheer me up, whether it's the first Phil Is Not On Fire or a video he posted 2 minutes ago he nevers ceases to make a me laugh tears.

A broad spectrum of content that is always entertaining and executed with excellence. I rarely have the patience to watch through an entire YouTuber's collection of videos, but I watched through all of Dan's eagerly and was thoroughly entertained.

He makes it so I think before I act, I learned from his mistakes, thanks to him sharing, I can learn from him, not the hard way!

Not only is he attractive on the outside, he is attractive on the inside. Even though he had a diificult time in his life (dropping out of school and 2012) he is so upbeat and kind. He is kind of a bad boy but has a sweet side that will make you craft. Overall, Dan Howell should win

When ever I feel a little down I just watch one of Dan's videos and within a millisecond I better.

He's definitely the hottest guy on YouTube, sugars cape proved that

Dan in a weird way is an inspiration with his existential crisis and such. So fun to watch.

He makes people smile with awkward and hilarious content!

Hotness when he says he socially awkward I'm like being socially awkward is so cut

His relationship with Phil and everyone he encounters is truly amazing

Dan and Phil work great together and they are so fun to watch

Dan howell is amazing he should be first (that's my opinion)

He is an amazing persona and his videos are inspiring

He is the most beautiful potato I've seen

I love him. No more needs to be said.

I ship him with Phil. End of story.

Dan has a great personality and can relay to a lot of people. He's very atractive and can turn that frown upside down in almost an instant

Dan is so amazing! He's the only YouTuber besides AmazingPhil who is always himself in front of the camera. He wants what's best for his subscribers and loves all of us sincerely. Dan is funny, sweet, kind, adorable, proud, himself, and a true turnip. (reference for all my fellow danosaurs) I also believe AmazingPhil should be here too, he's just as amazing as Dan! Okie thanks for readding my long ass opinion and remember to craft, not cry

He is extremely attractive and very funny. Just a great YouTuber in general.

I think that Danisnotonfire is very relateable and his videos are modern day problems with a comedic twist. He is my favourite YouTuber along with Amazingphil.

I absolutely love Dan's videos they are so creative and funny and dan always has a way of putting a postive spin or moral at the end of his videos. He finds a way of showing his veiwerd that even the worst of things can have a postive spin to them if we simply look at it from a different perspective. He is one the first youtubers I subscribed to and still follow his channel waiting for new videos every few weeks;P.

Dan's videos are the best he is my favourite YouTuber he is so relatable and not to mention really good looking. He and amazing Phil have a really cute friendship I love watching their collaborations they always make me laugh he also helps teens across the world #internet support group please vote for Dan :3
Go TEAM Howell