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21 Jacksepticeye

Jack/Sean is adorable, charming and absolutely hilarious :D He deserves to be as famous as Felix (yes, I'm serious). He has shown that he cares for all his subscribers and doesn't take a single one for granted. Sean loves us and we love him, come on guys! Let's get him higher up on this list! He deserves to be on of those YouTubers that everybody knows and loves :D Also, he's the BOSS!

How was he not on this list?!

Jack makes my heart warm up! I feel you bro!


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22 Tanner Fox

He does everything basically!

Hilarious, Adventerious and much more!

Love you

23 Kian Lawley

He is an amazing person who deserves to be higher on this list

He deserves to be much higher because he is so damn funny

He is a beautiful man with beautiful tattoos and he's p real so I mean

24 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere
25 Mitch and Scott (SUP3RFRUIT)

They are amazing, who ever made this is way off!

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26 Rhett & Link

I love good mythical morning I I could I would date you but I know your married and I'm dating my boyfriend cole we love your videos especially the salad bar musical lol.

27 Frank (FilthyFrank)

Filthy Frank, (George "Joji" Miller) is an amazing person. Though he may offend many...MANY people, he is still a great person with a great, hilarious, and over all cheerful personality. On that note, ITS TIME TO STOP

He is a god

Ey b0ss can I habe the pusi?

28 Jack Maynard
29 David Spencer (iBallisticSquid)

The best around he is awesome and amazing

He is a very hot YouTuber. He is from Yorkshire. He is not Irish. His YouTube is iBallisticSquid

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30 NateWantsToBattle

Seriously, no one's added him yet? Not only does he play video games, he writes damn good songs about them too! Did I mention that he's hotter than Dan or Phil? (Come at me phangirls! ) He's got a really sexy voice and he's super attractive! He also does anime songs. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE?

31 Jovenshire

Such a sweetie. This man has such a bright personality and is the embodiment of the phrase "Live Out Loud". He deserves to be higher on this list.

32 JC Caylen

He's an inspiration and he's cuteee😍

33 jacksfilms

I can't believe no one's mentioned Jack! He's awesome!

God damn it one of the most underrated Youtubers. Makes me laugh every damn time. - SkyElephantClan_

34 Phil Lester

He is in my dreams. - SlimyChunker

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35 Jacko Brazier
36 Tom Phelan Tom Phelan more.
37 Mitch Hughes (TheBajanCanadian)

I love Mitch he's awesome and super funny

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38 Braden Comar (TheBest CODMinecrafters)

He gets my vote for sure. - EpicJake

39 Ricky Dillon Ricky Dillon

I love Ricky Dillon he is the cutest he should be number 1

He is amazing

he is FUN

40 Brent Rivera

He has a good sense of humor, and he makes amazing videos!

Love His Videos!

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