Best Malls in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the countries where shopping malls are very prolific. The country has many mall chains (SM, Robinsons, Ayala, Gaisano et. al) as well as local mall players. With the variety of malls to choose from, what malls are considered the best in your personal opinion? Please state the reasons to justify their position. You can include future malls and future expansions/ redevelopments (as long as the majority of their design & features is already visible).

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1 SM Seaside City Cebu

Probably the best designed mall in the Philippines. Simply spectacular, inside and out.

Sm Seaside is the only mall in the Philippines that has tower in the middle.

Sm seaside city is better than mall of Asia.

Wow! I love this mall because of its circular design. The Sky View Park is world-class

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2 Festival Supermall

The Best for Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Exercising and a lot more that will bring you to a new bonding experience with your Family and Friends. Expect the Boom of this Super mall after the expansion.


It is probably the most sprawling mall in the Philippines with a mall ground area of around 30 hectares & one of the biggest with a Gross Floor Area of around 310,000 sq. m after expansion. But size is not the only factor that makes it special, it also has many features that could make it an international shopping destination.
Here are the features that make Festival Supermall the best mall in he Philippines:
-First Theme mall in the Philippines.
-First mall in the Philippines with a train and rail track running through its hallway.
-The only mall in the country that has 2 indoor theme parks.
-Probably the only mall in the world with a garden & natural creek passing through it's buildings.
-It probably has the largest mall garden in the world (approx. 4 hectares) after it's expansion. - koikoigold

da best

3 Greenbelt

Yes the best fresh air full of tree. I like this place it's safe and comfortable. Mostly mall in part of Makati is safe. I love this place.

Relaxing with trees that sorrounded and a pond that makes you feel so relax

One of the best malls in the Philippines. The shopping complex has 5 buildings. The newest building cater to the high end-luxury market while the older ones cater to the middle class.
Here are the features that make the mall the 3rd best:
-Well landscaped sprawling garden (approx. 2 hectares) with chapel, water features and sculptures.
-One of the few Philippine malls with many luxury brands - koikoigold

4 SM Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia? Just big not nothing this fot normal people want pick nick with family. But very rarely rich elegant they will always here. The quality of dress is normal not signature or high quality. Food is normal. Just too far and big but just Normal. Mall.

One of the largest malls in the Philippines (407,000 sq.M.). It is located at the coastal areas of manila & has also many outstanding features.
Special features:

-Has an indoor science park with planetarium - koikoigold

5 Glorietta

Yes glorieta is the best safe mall in the Philippines. That's place I always there. Never feel worried while I'm at inside mall. Save and secure easy to ride taxi even. I love this mall. So elegant Classy safe, it has cab taxi too

Feels like your social

Mostly expensive things can find in glorieta. Mostly all signature expensive. Jewelry and watch video dress everything is available in glorieta. I love this mall. Very safe secure. Never worried while waking or seating. Easy to ride taxi. It has available grab taxi very comfortable.

On of the larger malls & is located in the midst of the Philippines business capital. It also has a circular hallway lined with a great selection of shops.
Special features:
-The only mall in the Philippines connected to 3 major department stores (SM, Rustan's and Landmark)
-Probably the most accessible mall in the Philippines as it has easy access to an elevated train (MRT), the business district's main thoroughfare (Ayala Ave. ) & the busiest road in the country (EDSA)
-Would have a vast roofdeck garden surrounded by shops and tall buildings (after redevelopment)
-Would have probably the longest mall atrium in the Philippines stretching from one end of the mall to the other (after full redevelopment. )
-Has a ground level garden next to a major avenue & surrounded by buildings.
-Has a grand entry lobby with a 3 story high ceiling and indoor waterfall. - koikoigold

6 Alabang Town Center

A sprawling shopping complex with a laid-back Spanish town ambiance. Great selection of shops and has varied designs of store fronts.
Special features:
-Central courtyard with plants and water features.
-Tall and spacious entry courtyards, lined with shops, plants and water features.
-Has an Indoor laser shooting amusement center - koikoigold

For me alabang town center should be on the top of the list.

7 Shangri-la Plaza

It has classy interiors and wide selection of tenants.
Special features:
-Large central atrium with the longest mall escalator in the Philippines.
-One of the few Philippine malls with many luxury brands - koikoigold

This mall now not safe at all. One time I went there. Was shock while I'm eating. One poor old lady seat in Mt front asking money. Since that didn't went there a lots of squater going there. Before yes safe but now can't control by security. I feel not comfortable that time.

Feels like your in an out of country mall all int'l brand they have it all

8 Ayala Center Cebu

This mall will be surrounded by iconic towers in the future. The best feature of this mall that makes it iconic is "The Terraces", a beautifully landscaped garden surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Not a boring mall. My favorite area is the terraces where you could be swallowed with the awesome view wherever you turn your head. Indoor or outdoor, this mall is indeed beautiful.

I like the ambiance.

The most beautiful mall indeed. Visit the terraces and you'll never feel that you're in a mall.

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9 SM City North EDSA

One of the largest malls in the Philippines (approx. 482,000 sq. M). The sprawling mall complex has several buildings that also has varied design & color themes.
Special features:
-Has a vast second level garden (approx. 1.5 hectares) at the mall facade.
-has a bowling center
-Has an Imax Theater
-Has the largest and only 2 level digital store section among Philippine Malls (Cyberzone).
-Has probably the largest furniture/hardware shops section among Philippine Malls (Interior Zone). - koikoigold

10 SM City Iloilo

This mall is the best mall for it's so beautiful and organize.

A typical provincial Mall

This mall is the best for it is located at the heart of the Philippines, wide parking lots,huge stores and the tenants in this mall is so welcoming.

Most convinient mall outside metro manila. Enough parking space and strategically located in the center of the city.

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11 SM City Baguio

The only SM mall in the Philippines that does not use air conditioning. Watch out for the new expansion. It will showcase green architecture.

Proud to be baguio

12 SM Aura Premier

Nice design/Sky garden

High end and premier store
. Wow

A compact mall with many amenities & nice design concepts.
Special features:
-Has a vast roofdeck garden overlooking the city. Garden has a chapel, indoor performance hall, plants, water features and shops.
-Has an convention center (SMX).
-Has an IMAX theater - koikoigold

13 Island City Mall Bohol
14 SM City Cebu

This mall should be included in the list because it is the first biggest SM mall outside of Metro Manila before SM Seaside City. And there's a plan again to expand the mall that includes BPO office towers, modernized parking building and mall upgrading.

Its huge!

very nice

15 SM Lanang Davao city

Very beautiful!

It's nice sm lanang so much store



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16 Robinsons Galleria Cebu

A very nice mall in Cebu. I like this mall after Ayala center Cebu. My nephews and nieces prefer to hangout in this mall though.

I love the design of the mall. I think this mall has the best designed parking area all over the Philippines. The basement of the mall is very cozy.

The design of this mall is perfect. Very clean and well organize.

It is so very nice and it is perfect really

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17 SM City Pampanga

The best and Pampanga..

This is the Mall in Pampanga which is the longest mall in Central Luzon and the Biggest Ferris Wheel in the PH is located here the Sky Ranch Pampanga at the back of the mall and this mall is perfect because when you travel at Pampanga via NLEX you will see first the Pampanga Eye (Sky Ranch Pampanga) and it is the landmark of SM City Pampanga. So come at Pampanga the "Culinary Capital of the PH" and "Lantern Capital of the PH" and you will see the beauty of Pampanga.☺

18 SM Southmall Las Pinas City

This mall is perfect its because of many different shops and aside from that it's a wonderful place/hangouts in Las Piñas.

19 SM City Consolacion
20 SM City General Santos

It is the largest mall in General Santos City. It has department store, supermarket, 2 trade hall center, parking building,cinema,toy kingdom, ace hardware and also fountain court.

21 Robinsons Magnolia

This Mall is perfect for all because this mall contains different shops like H&M UNI QLO and Aeropostale and its convenient because Robinsons Land Magnolia Residence is just a walk away.

22 Gaisano Mall of Davao

The Peak is so very beautiful. Its looks like you are in Nevada.


23 Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
24 Robinsons Tacloban
25 NCCC mall of Davao

Their market has all thing you need for 100pesos and below

26 Market! Market!
27 Iloilo Festive Walk Mall
28 Bohol Quality Mall
29 Xentro Mall Calapan
30 Sm City San Pablo
31 Abreeza Mall Davao City
32 SM City Davao
33 Eastwood Mall
34 Uptown Mall
35 Lucky Chinatown Mall
36 Abreeza Mall Davao

Abreeza has plenty of features to offer
1. They have a big fruit market (formerly a glowing fountain)
2. Three dimensional cinema
3. Large food court
4. Plenty of shops and restaurants
Hotel : Seda Abreeza
Condominiums: Abreeza Place, Abreeza Residences, Patio Suites, and Aeon towers.
Future condominiums: Inspiria
Total retail floor area: 164,370 sq.m.
Parking suitable for 1200 cars
Environmental land

37 SM City Bacoor
38 SM city San Lazaro

This is the best place ever

39 W Mall - Pasay

"A unique mall were dancing guards found"

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