Man's Greatest Achievements


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21 Developed and Mastered Agriculture and Animal Domestication V 1 Comment
22 Invented the Printing Press
23 Made a Sheep Clone
24 Discovery and Control of Electricity

Non of the things rated higher than this could have been done without this

25 Reaching the South Pole
26 Created the Radio

If someone had a good enough receiver then we could have already contacted aliens

27 Creation of United Nations
28 Discovering Calculus

Math... without it we could not reach the moon, we could not even begin to imagine quantum computing, and we could not ever have mastered flight. I mean if you're going do a loop in a plane then you need to calculate the gravitational pull and factor the weight.

Without it, many things today wouldn't exist

29 Created Cars


30 The Popsicle

Lad popsicle is sick init

31 Split The Atom

To not only find the smallest unit of matter but then split it is truly a testament to human ingenuity and willpower.

32 Created Medicine

Us humans managed to create cometic drugs that have allowed us to live on from illnesses that would have killed people thousands of years ago

33 Creation of the Boeing 747

A true miracle and also probably one of the gratest achivments in avation and man kind

34 Discovery of Geometric Shapes and Angles V 1 Comment
35 General Theory of Relativity
36 Discovery of Mathematics
37 Built the International Space Station V 1 Comment
38 Deep Space Probes

To have an object made on this earth but have it roaming our neighbours Galaxy is quite remarkable. I'm not certain exactly what information is being gathered but any is good I imagine.

39 The Discovery of the Double Helix Structure of Dna

Watson and crick's work revolutionized human biology. The genome project existed because of these guys

40 Discovering Hygiene/Sterilization

Allowing surgery and understanding of the immune system/ infection over all

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