Top 10 Man-Made Necessities for Humans in 2018

> Materials that are perceptible by touch.
> Materials that are invented by a human (This means Raw and Natural Earth resources are excluded, but unless they have been refined or combined with another material to create something new).

Exceptions that are common: Food, Water, House, and basic clothing.
We all know that the aforementioned above are one of the basic human necessities but what do you think follows those needs for a human that is living in 2018 needs in life to survive and also be happy?

The Top Ten

1 Money Money

It's 2018, so this I say; A lot says money can't buy happiness, but would you rather be sad and poor -or- be sad and rich? - castropope

2 Mobile Phone (Cellphone) Mobile Phone (Cellphone)

Means of communication.
Basically, a lot of things that humans used to do separately and now merge into one device. (taking pictures, writing notes, reading works of literature, calling, or saving every personal data easily and conveniently) - castropope

3 Car Car

To me, car tops the list. This not only transports a human to one point to another but also delivers goods that other humans want to give and receive (trading purposes).

More: This may sound absurd but a person can make a car his/her shelter.
I have excluded shelter but that is not the main purpose of this material, so that, I think is an exemption. - castropope

4 Knife (Sharp & Dangerous Handheld Material) Knife (Sharp & Dangerous Handheld Material)

I'd like to add knife as the 4th necessity because it's not also a means of defending yourself back in the days but it's also a means of hunting and an equipment for cooking purposes.
Imagine if the knife weren't invented. Yes, we can survive but that going to be a struggle.

This can be an alternative to spoons, forks, and similar things. - castropope

5 Handheld Water Container Handheld Water Container

Obviously, as humans, we need to drink. But I exemplified that to the list. However, for us to drink nowadays, we need a container. Yes, we can still drink without them, but can you imagine yourself drinking without it? I don't think so. - castropope

6 Cemented Roads (Especially One with a Specially Prepared Surface Which Vehicles Can Use) Cemented Roads (Especially One with a Specially Prepared Surface Which Vehicles Can Use)

Thank goodness we have roads. Have you tried trekking or mountain climbing? To those who have, we all know how fun it could be but be honest, it could be really difficult, right? Back in the days, people travel through bumpy rocky roads. This was really a struggle even for people who have horses or wheels for transportation. - castropope

7 Fuel or Power Supply (Gas and Electricity) Fuel or Power Supply (Gas and Electricity)

This one is generalized. Gas and Electricity are power supplies for our technological needs nowadays so I personally identified them as one thing. Moreover, Gas and Electricity can now be used in transportation such as cars, trains, etc. - castropope

8 Boats (Any Type) Boats (Any Type)

How would we easily get our resources from the deep waters without these things? - castropope

9 Clock (Wristwatch, Wall Clock, Material Timer) Clock (Wristwatch, Wall Clock, Material Timer)

How would you know or remember when to do something?
How would you know if you have forgotten to do it?
You wouldn't be so much aware of your productivity without it.
I could say a lot of benefits for this one. - castropope

10 Internet

The Contenders

11 Aircraft Aircraft

Thank you Wright brothers! People used to travel a few months using boats, now that the aircrafts are here for us to use, it's like teleportation! (although teleportation doesn't exist or yet) - castropope

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1. Money
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3. Handheld Water Container


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