Best Characters from G Senjou No Maou

This particular VN has many characters that I find absolutely amazing. I won't go far into any particular character, because spoilers.
The Top Ten
1 Maou

He is a cool antagonist, the plans he comes up with are amazingly clever and I find his motivation to be interesting. His final plans are amazing and the final 2 chapters really accentuate just how ruthless he is, especially the last one.

2 Haru Usami

Haru is a really entertaining character, yet still manages to be serious when she needs to be. The various cat and mouse games between her and Maou are also awesome. As well as this, I like that she makes the mistakes she does, as it shows that she is inexperienced at investigations still. This also stops her from being a Mary Sue.

3 Azai Kyousuke

Throughout most of the game, he was an amazing character, until a particular plot twist made him actually be completely dull and ordinary. Then, the final act of the game elevated him to ridiculous heights in the greatest moment of the game. He would be higher if not for that plot twist, even though it was a good one.

4 Azai Gonzou

This guy is a terrible person, but at the same time, I've literally never seen another character in a game anywhere near as intimidating as him. As well as making extreme threats, he will carry them out of he isn't listened to. is theme song also adds to his overwhelming presence.

5 Miwa Tsubaki

Out of the cast of secondary characters, Tsubaki no doubt stands above the rest, her arc about losing her innocence and joyful nature was amazing. She also has the only side plot that I think was amazing.

6 Tokita Yuki

I liked her interactions with the cast, especially with Haru. Her mind games were entertaining and her chapter was great. She would be higher if she appeared in the game more than a little over 1 chapter.

7 Aizawa Eiichi

He makes for some great comic relief, and is more interesting than the average idiot sidekick. The contrast between how he acts around Kyousuke compared to how he acts around everyone else is hilarious. His self awareness by the end of the game is also great.

8 Azai Kanon

Her selfish nature really gets on my nerves and her side plot was definitely the worst one. As a character, she definitely is the least developed and interesting out of the main and secondary characters.

9 Shiratori Mizuha

Eh, I'm not too fond of her, she is too much of an average tsundere for me to consider her anything special, although she definitely had her moments, especially in chapter 4.

10 Kanon's Mother

I don't remember her name and don't plan on playing through part of the game for that purpose. Either way, I remember her being unbelievably selfish, only encouraging Kanon to further her own goals because of her own ego and incompetence. The only reason I'm putting her on the list is because she's the only minor character appeared for more than a few minutes.

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