Top 10 Mangas That Were Better Than the Anime

Anime has so much filler that the Manga counter part is always superior.
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1 Naruto

Everyone knows that manga is released first, it's the canon that the anime is based on. Thus, anime's "augmentation" of the more "condensed" manga. I couldn't care less if manga goes faster, great things are worth savoring for a longer time. Filler gives me more scenes with my favorite characters, the best thing to me, far from "useless". It can elaborate on events mentioned but not previously shown. Manga's only superiority is that the pictures and words "stay" for prolonged viewing. I say: the anime is superior.

I totally disagree. I'm a 'character fancier'. The fillers and flashbacks give me more footage of my favorite characters (who were killed off in the canon, leaving the inferior characters). Extra stories are good, I say the more the merrier. The anime augments canon scenes with more dialogue and fight maneuvers, making them better. Anime always has the advantages of motion, color, real voices and sound effects, and soundtrack music. Manga seems like a condensed version.

I like this one better, even compared to DBZ. so sad when its ending. The sequel doesn't "kick" as much as original series

The anime is filled with fillers. I mean 10 episodes for just 1 volume that's just nuts

2 One Piece

One Piece is the best manga ever, no doubt about it. No offense to the animators but I feel like the drawings in the manga are much better than how they look in the anime.

Nothing against the anime beause it's practically impossible to reach the heights the manga managed to conquer.

It's the world's best selling manga for nothing.
It really deserves that title

The panel set out, the emotion, just everything about the manga is better

3 Tokyo Ghoul

The anime's pretty good, to be honest... The animation, the voice acting, the lighting, the tone, the feel, the vibe... But, it's a shame that they had to rush the story so much.

Although I prefer the action in the anime, root A doesn't even compare to the manga.

The Plot totally disappointing.

4 Bleach
5 Fullmetal Alchemist
6 Soul Eater
7 Berserk

1997 Anime was great, but left you wanting more...then CGI happened in 2016. This title should be #1

Top manga. But in anime they skipped story and anime quality is bad

Bring this to no. 1

Amazing manga, good 1997 (but incomplete) adaptation, alright 2012 movies, awful 2016 adaptation

8 Sword Art Online

The anime was terrible I can't believe I hadn't even read the manga since about five minutes ago

9 Deadman Wonderland

The anime wasn't horrible but after reading the manga there's no comparison. The manga was one of my favorite series I've ever read

Really, read the manga, people.

10 Rosario+Vampire

This is what happens when you cut out the amazing bits and replace it nothing but ecchi on top of the already great amount of ecchi.
I mean, how much can you mess up, to the point that you can't even continue to the best parts of the manga?

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11 7 Deadly Sins
12 Fairy Tail

In the anime it makes defeating the antagonists seem like a piece of cake while the manga showed how worn down and beaten they were after the fight. It just seems disappointing as well because they didn't add certain aspects that could have made a huge difference

13 Orange

The beauty of the manga was the unbelievably good storytelling by the author, with impeccable art overflowing with emotions. The anime somehow turned this masterpiece into another bland shoujo anime smh

14 Aku no Hana Aku no Hana Product Image

I completely agree with this since the "anime" is just really trash cgi and colored in people...but I did commit to watching and reading and I thoroughly enjoyed the manga

15 D.Gray-man D.Gray-man Product Image

The anime suck but the manga is amazing. I would admit I forgot it exist for a moment and I can't even remember where the story is right now but I remember that it's being so good. I just wish I would be able to finish it one day.

16 Gantz Gantz Product Image
17 Akame ga Kill

The pacing in the anime was terrible. They also changed the storyline drastically, for seemingly no reason, other than to kill off more characters than the manga. Relationships in the anime were briefly touched upon but ultimately ignored, even though in the manga, every single one is explored in greater depth. The anime even cut out a entire arc, with the whole cast of Wild Hunt not making an appearance.

Akame Ga Kill Manga is way off balance and too dark than its anime counterpart. I prefer the anime than the manga.

Even though it has sad scenes, the anime is always better.

18 Death Note

Death note is one of the few anime's that is actually better than the manga. This should not be on the list.

Death note is such a blast to watch.

19 Elfen Lied Elfen Lied Product Image

I'm absolutely furious that Lynn just had to kill Lucy/Kaede off when Lucy/Kaede deserves a brighter, better future than ever before and usual so far. She's been through enough already.

20 Pandora Hearts
21 Gundam Wing Gundam Wing Product Image
22 Slam Dunk
23 Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball anime was good. Dragon Ball Z anime sucked.
Still both mangas are better than their anime adaptions.

Anime is best

24 Black Clover Black Clover Product Image
25 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
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