Best Marathi Rappers

Top marathi rapper around the world who change the sense of marathi music new revolution

The Top Ten

1 RM

RM is awesome rapper

Rm rapper be always cool

Cool rapper my bro

1no. Bhai

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2 Vaibhav Londhe

His songs are catchy love him

Also good singer

Waiting for your nu song

Also good singer

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3 MC Mawali

He is revolutionary marathi rapper represent our society title track LAAZ WATTE KAI is message to society. - bohemiabadshaha


best mc

He is marathi freestyle rapper appear on T.V. with marathi rap on T.V. advertise - bohemiabadshaha

5 Pradeep Kashikar

He is the first marathi rapper who introduced rap in marathi also features on india's got talent on colors T.V. channel - bohemiabadshaha

6 Kjiva

He is the american marathi rapper who introduced gangsta rap in marathi. - bohemiabadshaha

Gangsta rapper rip

7 100RBH

He is marathi hardcore rapper with spitting vocal like ak-47 on beat - bohemiabadshaha

8 Ankit Harchekar

He is the my teacher and my homie
He just extraordinary

9 Rappin SiD

He is rap on love bit in marathi hip hop scene - bohemiabadshaha

10 Kobra Rapper

He is first who introduced love rap in marathi. - bohemiabadshaha

The Newcomers

? Chony Basnet

Dope rapper

? Chony Basnet

The Contenders

11 MC Vinashak
12 MC Maddy
13 Jazzy Nanu
14 Rhythmatic Yug
15 J Subodh
16 Irfan Pathan
17 Digvijay Joshi

He is come with track bab bad kami with rap on party theme - bohemiabadshaha

18 Shreyas Jadhav

He one who rap firstly on marathi movie online binline with track called
Oho Kai Zala - bohemiabadshaha

19 Parth Desai

Best Marathi Rapper

20 Ved

He is Fire

21 Yash More
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