Best Marathi Rappers

Top marathi rapper around the world who change the sense of marathi music new revolution

The Top Ten

1 MC Mawali

He is revolutionary marathi rapper represent our society title track LAAZ WATTE KAI is message to society. - bohemiabadshaha


best mc

He is marathi freestyle rapper appear on T.V. with marathi rap on T.V. advertise - bohemiabadshaha

3 Pradeep Kashikar

He is the first marathi rapper who introduced rap in marathi also features on india's got talent on colors T.V. channel - bohemiabadshaha

4 Kjiva

He is the american marathi rapper who introduced gangsta rap in marathi. - bohemiabadshaha

5 Vaibhav Londhe

Vaibhav bhau best rapper

Best rapper

He represent marathi rap in party theme with track title ''jhakas tu'' firstly appear on national T.V..
He also known as Marathi Yo Yo Honey Singh - bohemiabadshaha

6 100RBH

He is marathi hardcore rapper with spitting vocal like ak-47 on beat - bohemiabadshaha

7 Ankit Harchekar
8 Rappin SiD

He is rap on love bit in marathi hip hop scene - bohemiabadshaha

9 Kobra Rapper

He is first who introduced love rap in marathi. - bohemiabadshaha

10 MC Vinashak

The Contenders

11 Rhythmatic Yug
12 MC Maddy
13 Jazzy Nanu
14 Digvijay Joshi

He is come with track bab bad kami with rap on party theme - bohemiabadshaha

15 Shreyas Jadhav

He one who rap firstly on marathi movie online binline with track called
Oho Kai Zala - bohemiabadshaha

16 Parth Desai

Best Marathi Rapper

17 J Subodh
18 Irfan Pathan
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