Top Ten Best Marc Cohn Songs

This are the best ever calm songs every person should listen to.

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1 Walking in Memphis

Am OBSESSED with this song! It's just the best piano song of all piano songs out there in my opinion, and my friends and I find certain lyrics rather thoughtful and totally heart wrenching (in a good way). The emotions in the song are beautiful if you listen and Marc sounds amazing with the bass. It's such an amazing song, it melts my heart and I can never just listen to it once! I assure you, if you like Marc cohn, YOU WILL CHERISH THIS SONG. To me, it's nearly sacred. - frankjackson

2 Silver Thunderbird

Marc Cohn explained during a live recording sitting at the piano that when he was two or three years old, his Dad came home with a Silver Thunderbird. The most remarkable thing about it he said was that it made his Dad look cool. It is the best family song out there. For those who lobe those dads this is the song. Also filled with colorful emotions. My personal favourite. - frankjackson

3 True Companion

Ready for a love story that will melt your heart? When Cohn was touring in 1991, he would introduce "True Companion" with some version of this story. One opinion have you ever heard a song and you see colours... Oh my God. For those in weddings or in love this is the song. He wrote it in the back of the cab when he was going to see his girlfriend - frankjackson

4 Things We've Handed Down

I love this song! It captured and adds to the experience of they that have babiea. It got me more in touch with the incredible thing it is to have your genes past on and from where these genes came from. Have you ever wondered about your similarities to your parents. This is the song. I like this song cause there is a lot of feelings behind this song. Also the way he plays the piano and you could feel the emotions being felt. - frankjackson

5 My Great Escape

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER! Marc cohn is an amazing artist he inspired me to write music and journals. This song speaks to me so much and I always shed a tear every time I hear it because it is so. Beautiful, I recommend this song to EVERYONE! It is beautiful, touching, and truly brilient - frankjackson

6 Perfect Love

This song tells the story of a couple whose love sustains them while the world changes around them. Beautiful song. I would vote for it if I were you. ! - frankjackson

7 Live Out the String

This song may have a slightly unusual title, but it had a truly terrible inspiration.

In August 2005, as he left a concert in Denver, Marc Cohn's tour van was targeted by a carjacker. He was shot in the head just above the eye but miraculously though the bullet lodged in his skull, it did no real physical damage. Sad and truely wonderful song. Vote top teens - frankjackson

8 Ghost Train
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