Top Ten Marilyn Manson Music Videos

Marilyn Manson has some pretty awesome videos, so I thought I'd make a list.
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1 The Beautiful People The Beautiful People Cover Art

I love how him and two other people dressed while walking on stilts. do you think any person has attempted that?

It's a classic for sure. Definitely will go down in history as being one of the best

Weird, creepy, funny all in a good way, and no need for porno, perfect

This is my favourite song ever and the video rules!

2 The Dope Show The Dope Show Cover Art

This is my favorite marilyn manson song because it's message is how celebrities are going through tragic lives because they are famous now and everyone's mixed about them.

Am I the only person who thinks MM looks like an anime character in this video?

The camera work and blending of the lyrics is amazing

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it!

3 Dope Hat Dope Hat Cover Art

also an amazing video by MM... totally willy wonka inspired...

4 The Nobodies The Nobodies Cover Art

This video is just plain amazing. Our beloved Marilyn Manson has done it again, he made an awesome song and an even better video to go with it. The song and video fits Manson perfectly.

This was based on the events of the Columbine Massacre

an awesome video with awesome costumes.

5 Coma White Coma White Cover Art

As great as "The Beautiful People" and "The Dope Show" are, I think that "Coma Black"/"Coma White" are his magnum opus. The music video is the darkest, saddest one that I have ever seen. Even my parents ("Baby-Boomers" who, as most of the people of that time, remembers exactly where they were on 11/22/1963) love this song, and were moved to sobbing when they watched this video. I think that it is a masterpiece- both extremely depressing, but also strangely very beautiful, especially the Fellini-esque way that JFK's assassination was portrayed. There was absolutely zero blood, or even fake blood, used in the making of this video- Marilyn's hair was dyed red to symbolize the head wound that Jack so awfully took from (probably) that lunatic Oswald.

My favorite Manson video. And probably the darkest out of all of them because of it re-enacting the JFK assassination.

Awesome video but the reviewer above me is wrong, Coma White is an Alpha song not an Omega song.

The video tells a different side of the story to the song, and is equally important in telling the story of Omega in Mechanical Animals

6 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Cover Art

I will seriously never understand how the hell people are "scared" or find this "creepy".
It's just a dark song with a topless man wearing makeup. Get over yourselves and enjoy the music.

Love this video and also the beautiful people, I am a MASSIVE manson fan so this was a tough decision :) any way this video is amazing and I love it so much

Not my favorite song by Manson but this video made history. Voted number 1 scariest music video ever made

This video is so creepy! But I mean that in a good way, it's a truly amazing video!

7 (s)AINT (s)AINT Cover Art

I can say this with confidence, this is THE most epic music video EVER made... it was banned from the US for drug abuse, self mutilation, nudity, sexual content, and bondage. I've seen the video though so jokes on them.. :P

I LOVE this song, it says all that I want to say to the whole world

This is Marilyn Manson's best video

Este tema describe a manson.. Sexo, drogas y rock le falta nada, el video es perfecto

8 I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) Cover Art

What a awesome, badass music video to go with a badass song! What a classy, fun, and groovy kind of song. The video shows and explains what the lyrics are saying. Very creepy too... A classic RNB song to fit into a fantastic album... Mechanical Animals. Don't like the drugs...drugs. Goes along with The dope show!

My favorite Marilyn Manson song of all time, and the video only betters it. The symbolism and tone of the video is absolutely excellent. While he's had a great many satires on society, I believe this video and song is one of his best.

A great video featuring Marilyn manson getting his arm cut of 0.0

9 Antichrist Superstar (From Dead To The World)

It's cool to think that they got the director of Begotten to direct this video.


Manson and his clothes, dancers and Dita.

I love dita so much. the start of this video was great.

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11 The Fight Song

I loved this video! When it starts out with the preppy kids at their football game and then the gothic kids come in and win and he is just playing music in the back round. The meaning of the song goes perfectly with the video, in my opinion.

I am a bit biased to this video as this was the video that introduced me to Marilyn manson but a good video nevertheless

12 Slo-Mo-Tion Slo-Mo-Tion Cover Art

Am I the only one that thinks this is one of his best? Love the trippy visuals and the neon paint

I love this video

13 Tainted Love

This video is not only a creepy- in-a-good way twist on a teen movie, but what shocked me was just how horny it was making me.

Wow, I was watching that feeling tingly with a big smile on my face and breathing hard

The sexiest Rock video of all time, should be easy number one.

14 Long Hard Road Out of Hell

The only Manson video I don't like. It just seemed too creepy and overblown. Plus, do we really need to see him without his clothes on (don't worry, it didn't show his privates, his videos never show his privates)?

This video is actually pretty cool. I love this song & Marilyn Manson. He is perfect.

15 This Is the New S***

Very nice clip, don't know what to add

I like that we sees him live in this one.

16 Cryptorchid
17 Man That You Fear Man That You Fear Cover Art

My absolute favorite. Great song, perfect video... The vibe is unique, inpired and the story well told.

This music is beautiful. You should see for yourself.

Amazing song & video.

18 Heart-Shaped Glasses Heart-Shaped Glasses Cover Art
19 Apple of Sodom
20 Get Your Gunn
21 Personal Jesus

I didn't know that baby was full of money until the end.

22 Born Villain

Easily the creepiest/craziest music video I've ever seen.

I never thought anything could top (s)ain't but this does

This easily should be #1 with (s)ain't being second

23 Tourniquet

I'm always afraid of scary stuff, but not Marilyn Manson.

Why Was this not even on this list...

24 Disposible Teens Disposible Teens Cover Art

Marilyn manson truly is an artist.

25 No Reflection

I think it's a great music video with great visual effects and dark cinematography

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