Top 10 Mario Bros. Facts

The Top Ten

1 The original game was going to be a goodbye to the NES
2 Mario's mushrooms are based on Alice in wonderland
3 You could jump over the flag in the original game
4 The original Super Mario Bros manual says Bowser transformed the Toads into blocks
5 There are actually 4 Super Mario Bros made in the 90s
6 Mario was going to have a gun
7 Boo was based on the game designer's wife
8 Mario hits bricks with his hands
9 The name Peach was not first used in super Mario 64, it was used in Yoshi's safari (in the west)
10 In New Super Mario Bros, the idea was that Mario had to ground pound a blue koopa's blue shell

The Contenders

11 There are creatures called Reznors named after Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails
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