Top 10 Mario Character Powerup Suits

The Top Ten

1 Fire Mario

Everybody's second popular power ups in the Mario series. We see Fire Mario like every platforming game there is

2 Acorn/Cape Feather
3 Cat Mario
4 Hammer Bro Mario

I want the Hammer Mario suit in the future games because it kinda looks awesome how you can fight enemies upwards and all that stuff instead of Boomerang Mario

5 Bee Mario

I like flying

6 Super Mario

We all know that we have Super Mushrooms to protect you from getting a hit by a enemy it's our most used power up to keep you safe. The reason why I put Super Mario in number 1 is because its moss been seen a lot

7 Tanooki Rosalina

The reason why I put Tanooki version of Rosalina in the list is because How I like the puffy shorts how she is wearing, Peach also has puffy shorts from her Tanooki Suit

8 Metal Mario Metal Mario

I don't know if People likes metal Mario but I seem to like this power up, you are unable to be crushed by thwomps, I wish if this powerup was brought back in the future and has more effort to it

9 Cat Peach

Seems to be to be the popular cat suits in the Mario Series she appeared in the ad from 3D world, Mario Kart 8. I don't think there is much cat suited characters in spin offs so that's why I put cat Peach

10 Ice Flower Ice Flower

The Contenders

11 Platinum Luigi

Platinum is better than gold. This is why Luigi is better than Mario

12 Double Cherry Double Cherry
13 Fire Rosalina

To me, I think that Fire Rosalina looks like Christmas Rosalina but what I also know is it's the first time Rosalina is shown wearing a ponytail while wearing her Fire Suit. I seem to put this in the list somehow

14 Gold Mario Gold Mario
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