Top 10 Mario Characters vs. Sonic Character Rivalries

The Mario & Sonic characters generally had rivalries with each other when encountering with each other. Some of the character rivalries are awful, and half of them are perfect. Which character from the Mario/Sonic series would be best rivals in general? The choice is yours.

The Top Ten

1 Mario vs Sonic

Mario for the win

Sonic to be honest. I hate Mario. Sonic is better

duh mario

i love mario and he is better than that dumb hedgehog

2 Luigi vs Tails
3 Bowser vs Eggman
4 Rosalina vs. Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles tails prower for the win Rosalina FTL

5 Waluigi vs. Knuckles the Echidna
6 Bowser Jr vs Shadow
7 Luigi vs Silver
8 Luigi vs. Amy Rose
9 Yoshi vs Tails
10 Princess Daisy vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

The Contenders

11 Peach vs Sally
12 Bowser vs. Tails
13 Wario vs Shadow
14 Rosalina vs Blaze
15 Waluigi vs. Tails
16 Knuckles vs SSB Yoshi
17 Peach vs Amy Rose
18 Mario vs. Tails
19 Amy vs Daisy
20 Princess Daisy vs. Tails
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