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21 Bowser and Rosalina

Bowser deserves a princess too and Rosalina seems like the one for him

They are both single parents, so it could work

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22 Wario and Egghead

Both fat, like inventions, greedy, and have unique mastashes. They're perfect for each other

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23 Yoshi and Mario
24 Waluigi and Amy Rose

...I see what u did there, lol.

25 Princess Daisy and Knuckles the Echidna
26 Waluigi and Link
27 Luigi and Nana (Female Ice Climber)
28 Wario and Tails
29 Luigi and Palutena
30 Prince Peasley and Luigi

Why did this become a thing? Prince Peasley isn't gonna return. - DCfnaf

So cute ^ ^

31 Waluigi and Pauline

If that useless, rude, dumbass, has to be with someone, let it be this useless broad. He doesn't deserve no princess, or the goddess, rosalina.

Nah, let him have Daisy. The top 2 worst Mario characters can date each other! - DCfnaf

Nah, shut up old me. The top 2 characters I don't hate anymore will NEVER date each other. - DCfnaf

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32 Donkey Kong and Bowser

Both animals at least. And dk can help Bowser down the right path and can understand him with having his butt kicked by Mario and kept away from a girl he likes.

33 Mario and Bowser

Well... Some people are pretty convincing that Bowser likes him

34 Blue Toad and Toadette

Well, at least THIS isn't incest, right? RIGHT?

No relationship - DCfnaf

35 Blue Yoshi and Light Blue Yoshi V 2 Comments
36 Wario and Peach

Game theorist had it ALL WRONG! It wasn't link OR luigi who was the father of peach's child (aka rosalina). It was... Wario! Blue eyes... Well, he could be left handed. Uh yep.

37 Luigi and Samus

Luigi deserves an awesome and strong girl like samus, not a dumb, useless, childish brat like daisy.

38 Brock and Rosalina

I think he'd be a perfect man for her. He can help take care the lumas, cook clean, and say sweet things to the amazing woman!

39 Wario and Queen Merelda
40 Blue Toad and Yellow Toad

Both brave and actual HELPFUL toads

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