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41 Brock and Rosalina

I think he'd be a perfect man for her. He can help take care the lumas, cook clean, and say sweet things to the amazing woman!

Say what? - ParkerFang

42 Wario and Queen Merelda
43 Blue Toad and Yellow Toad

Both brave and actual HELPFUL toads

44 Daisy and Misty

Both selfish posers perfect for each other

LOL IKR - DCfnaf

45 Yoshi and Mew

Both cute, powerful, and unique

46 Rosalina and Samus

1000% more sexier than peach and samus

47 Luigi and Link

Link would be good for Luigi

48 Mario and Ariel

Mario would put her in line

49 Rosalina and Dawn

Two strong brave sweet woman together for the win

50 Waluigi and Cameron

Two useless dumb idiots together perfect!

51 Donkey Kong and Godzilla

Just so perfect for each other

I need to make fan art of this

52 Mario and Brock

Two ladies men alright

53 Bowser and Godzilla
54 Peach and Starman

He will keep peach safe better than Mario can

Then Bowser won't be able to touch peach lol

55 Toad and Goomba

Both most useless citizens all right

56 Shy Guy and Luigi

I think sweet Luigi can help him not be so shy

57 Donkey Kong and Candy Kong
58 Mario and Amy Rose
59 Peach and Sonic
60 Bowser and Peach


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