Top 10 Mario Games That Should Be Created


The Top Ten

1 Mario Biking

Yes, I know Mario Kart has bikes but the Mario characters are on actual bikes racing or just practicing on bikes not on motorcycle bikes. - MorganChambz

2 Super Princess Daisy

With a s e x scene!

3 2016 Winter Games With Mario and Sonic
4 The 3 Little Princesses

Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, and Wario have been kidnapped by female Bowser and it's all up to Peach, Rosalina, and Daisy to save them. The player must go through 20 different levels to find Mario and the others. - MorganChambz

Good idea - PeeledBanana

5 Super Mario 3D Galaxy
6 Super Mario 3D World 2
7 Tatanga's Return

To have s e x with Mario

8 Rosalina's World: Find the Lumas!

The Lumas love penis

The lumas randomly disappeared around the galaxy and Rosalina has to find them in over 50 levels. - MorganChambz

9 Different Way: Mario Edition
10 Mario and Luigi Meets The Loud House

Not gonna lie this actually sounds interesting. - PageEmperor

The Contenders

11 Mario x Luigi
12 Mario and Luigi: Toilet Trouble

Bowser has extreme diarrhea and poops all over the mushroom kingdom
The final bozz is pooopy Bowzer

13 Mario Kills Sonic
14 Mario x Bowser
15 Bowser x Bowser Jr. x Koopalings x Kamek
16 Mario and Luigi Meets Trudy Walker (Poo Girl)
17 Mario and Luigi Meets Guardians of the Galaxy
18 Mario and Luigi vs Caillou
19 Mario and Luigi vs Teen Titans Go
20 Mario and Luigi Meets Power Rangers
21 Mario and Luigi Meets Final Fantasy 7
22 Mario and Luigi Meets F-Zero GP Legend
23 Mario and Luigi in the Adventures of Rugrat Sitting
24 Mario and Luigi Meets King's Quest
25 Mario and Luigi vs the Mega Babies
26 Sexy Mario
27 Super Toilet Bros
28 One Coarse Plumber
29 Intestine Attack!
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