Top 10 Mario Games that Should Exist

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1 Super Mario Sunshine 2

Why don't Super Mario Sunshine has a sequel if Super Mario Galaxy and Luigi's Mansion already has a sequel. The Hardest and Best Mario Game deserves a sequel

I love the original! - yellowshadow

Would enjoy seeing Super Mario Sunshine making a comeback whether if it's a sequel or a HD remake.

2 Super Mario Galaxy 3

In the third sequel, they should finally change the same old plot (save the princess) and write up a new one. I hope it will be a good one. - TwilightKitsune

Super Mario Galaxy was the hardest game and it's sequel was long and easy, what if this had a third sequel.

The first two games are awesome and I would enjoy a third addition.

3 Mario Kart 9

What's next after having the anti-gravity tracks in Mario Kart 8. I don't know Mario Kart 9 should be the an interesting game for people

Yes! If they do bring back DLC/guest characters, I want Fox McCloud.

This one will probably exist - Martinglez

4 Super Princess Peach 2

Super Princess Peach should have a sequel with Playable Princess Daisy and Rosalina. Princess Daisy deserves to be popular.

5 Warioware for NX

Warioware games were always the Best Universes with Interesting Characters like Ashley and Mona. Great Gameplay, How much minigames can you play without losing 4 times? This Universe should have a game in the Nintendo NX

That would be cool. I am hoping they will bring back the SNES Star Fox microgame they had in Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.

6 Mario Super Sluggers for Wii U

One of the best Mario Baseball games of all time. Deserves to have it's Wii U game now Rosalina is playable how she didn't in the Old Wii version. Actually the Remake should have 2 Player servers.

7 Mario Strikers for Wii U

Mario SUCKS Sonic rules!

8 Super Mario 64 HD

Best Mario games that had a Nintendo DS remake and deserve to have a HD remake.

9 Super Smash Bros for NX

Well this one exists super smash bros ultimate for swith

Yes, the first four games are awesome. I would love to see another Super Smash Bros. (The only concern is that I hope Sora from Kingdom Hearts will never make an appearance in the series)

That's what we wanted for the NX.

10 Mario and Sonic Adventure

The Contenders

11 Mario XXX
12 Mario vs. Justin Bieber
13 Super Smash Bros 5

Worst roster ever.


Mickey Mouse




Ahsoka Tano

Captain Toad



14 Wario Land for NX

The reason why a Wario Land game isn't made as much is because most people prefer doggone Shadow the Hedgehog over Wario which is unfair, because really, many think that Shadow is a Wario ripoff, trope-wise. I personally would love to see a new Wario Land game, myself. Whether if it is for the NX or another Nintendo system.

Why no more Wario Land games anymore? I think this universe should be popular again if this existed. Plus I don't know why I kept on living to the past?

15 Super Princess Daisy
16 Dr. Yoshi

First, there was Dr. Mario, then Dr. Wario (in Wario Ware Inc), then Dr. Luigi... Then how about Yoshi next?

17 Super Mario RPG 2

As much as I like the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games, I would love a true sequel to SMRPG, the chances are unlikely but hey, we will never know. Strange things do happen sometimes in the gaming industry news.

18 Super Mario FPS

Mario has been spinning off to several popular genres of video games (i.e. Kart racing, party games, RPGs, sports games) and one popular game genre that the SMB franchise hasn't spun off to yet are first person shooters. FPS games such as Doom, Halo and Call of Duty are very popular these days and I am surprised that there is no Mario spinoff version of the genre, yet. Although Super Mario FPS won't contain blood and intense violence and you simply use shell guns or Mario Kart-esque items or objects as your weapons/ammo as opposed to the more realistic weapons found in most shooters.

19 Super Mario Open World
20 Mario Party 11
21 Paper Mario Kart
22 Donkey Kong Returns (Nes)
23 Super Mario 3D Bros.
24 Super Mario Maker 3D (Gamecube)
25 Paper Mario: Back from the Underwhere
26 Super Mario Bros. Special 2
27 Super Mario Sunshine 64
28 Super Mario Galaxy 64
29 Hotel Mario 2
30 Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun 2
31 Super Mario Maker 2
32 Mario and Pac-Man
33 Midbus's Dam Builders

This needs to happen.

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