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Which Mario game is better or sonic game. The choice is yours

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1 Yoshi Island vs Tails Adventure

Why does it feel like all the comments on this site were made by 12 year olds. They always either go, Sonic sucks and Mario is boss; or Mario is balls and sonic would win any day. They don't even have reason. Although Yoshi Island is a significantly better game as it was made for a much more powerful console with much better graphics and gameplay.

I go with Yoshi Island. Tails Adventure is nothing but back tracking over and over again. - Chaotixhero

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island gets a 9.5.

Tails Adventure gets a 7.3.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island review
Presentation: 10
Characters: 8
Gameplay: 10
Score: 9/10 (Phenomenal to Masterpiece)

Tails' Adventure review
Presentation: 6
Story: 9
Gameplay: 8
8/10 (Strong)

Tell me why you love both games, but prefer Yoshi's Island. I strongly prefer Super Mario World 2 because it has even more of an adventurous feel and is an overal bigger game. As much as I love Tails' Adventure for the fact that Tails, one of my favorite Sonic characters got his own game (please avoid Tails' Skypatrol) and it feels much more upbeat than kiddie.

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2 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 vs Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario 3, by a landslide. - nintendofan126

Both games got me really into each respective franchise, or at least had a huge impact. Personally, I prefer Sonic 3 (and Knuckles), but Super Mario Bros. 3 was superb too, for its time (considering Super Mario Bros. 3 came before the whole Sonic franchise)

Both games tie. They are classic and have perfect graphics, classic music, very high nostalgia level and nostalgic gameplay. Sonic 3 has a much better story, though, and it's much less annoying.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles is my favorite video game of all time!

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3 Sonic Adventure vs Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 for the win!

Super Mario 64 (the original N64 version) gets a perfect 10/10!

Sonic Adventure (the original Japanese Dreamcast version) gets a 12/20.

Sonic Adventure (the non-Japanese Dreamcast version) gets a not-so-high 7/20.

Super Mario 64 is 64 times better than Sonic Adventure!

I would give Super Mario 64 a 9.9.

I would give Sonic Adventure a 0.1.

I would go with Super Mario 64! Sonic Adventure is just so annoying & with a horrible storyline. , why play this game? The soundtrack should not exist & besides, the 2-D artwork of this game is scary! So Super Mario 64 is going to win no matter what because this game is so amazing! Man, this game is full of awesomeness! Why? The music, the extremely memorable graphics, this game is HD, and the gameplay rocks!

Sonic Adventure Gets A 8.1/10

Super Mario 64 Gets A 9.9/10 - VideoGamefan5

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4 Sonic CD vs Super Mario World

I pick Super Mario world. The first game that had Yoshi! - nintendofan126

Pick Yoshi against Amy Rose. Amy Rose is cuter, but Yoshi can win better!

Sonic CD for the win. - Chaotixhero

URGH! I can't PICK! Given that CD is my favorite Sonic game, I cannot pick a fave. Both series and games are phenomenal. Well, Sonic is phenomenal sometimes. Mania was good, Forces was okay.

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5 Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine vs Dr. Mario

I think Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, by just a little.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine gets a 17/20 score.

Dr. Mario gets a 14/20 score.

Dr. Mario because Dr. Robotnik game was based in Sonic cartoon and this cartoon sucks.

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6 Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Super Mario Bros 3, WHY EVERY PERSON PICKS THE SONIC GAME! - GumballWatterson

Mario 3 ( 9.5/10 ) sonic 2 (9.5/10 ) so draw

7 Sonic Colours vs. Mario Paint

This isn't a very good match. Mario Paint VS. Sonic Colors? Seriously? That doesn't make sense. Why not Super Mario Galaxy 2 VS. Sonic Colors? That would be better.

Whoever put this on thinks Sonic colors is a coloring game for 2 yr. Olds

Sonic Colors. Cause it ain't a five year old game, - DCfnaf

Sonic Colors.

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8 Super Mario Bros. vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic won cause better content graphics

9 Sonic Shuffle vs. Mario Party 2

Mario party 2 got 76 sonic shuffle got 56

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10 Super Mario World vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic the Hedgehog 3. - DCfnaf

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11 Luigi's Mansion vs. Shadow the Hedgehog

I say luigi's mansion because shadow the hedgehog was too dark and misanthrope

DEFIANTLY Luigi's Mansion Because It's More Appropriate For Children

Luigi's mansion got 79 shadow the hedgehog got 30

Look, I'd compare Wario World with Shadow instead, but I'm gonna have to go with Luigi Mansion - DCfnaf

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12 Sonic Schoolhouse vs Mario Type Teaching

Sonic Schoolhouse. I mean, these games are good.

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13 Super Mario Land vs. Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Gear)

SONIC for the win! Even though I like Mario games better

14 Sonic the Fighter vs Super Smash Bros

Super smash bros. Better game than sonic the fighter. - Chaotixhero

Smash bros no doubter. Super Smash Bros has the BEST local multiplayer in gaming history. - recaller

Super Smash Bros. is perfect in any way & deserves a 9.2.

Sonic the Fighters is good & gets a 6.5.

So therefore, Super Smash Bros. wins. Why? Because it is classic & a crossover. Sonic the Fighers is to hard to play, but nonetheless, it's good.

Super Smash Bros is a crossover and in Brawl and Wii U, sonic appears. - DCfnaf

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15 Sonic Heroes vs Super Mario Sunshine

Sonic heroes is OK... I mean it has a great soundtrack, bad controls, cheesy lines, and good graphics. I don't know about Mario sunshine because I never played it. But someone told me it have terrible voice acting. - Chaotixhero

Super Mario Sunshine gets 4/10 stars.

Sonic Heroes gets 3/10 stars.

Super Mario Sunshine for the win, but I still believe that Sonic Heeroes has better themes.

Heroes was the first video game I ever played! So definitely Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes :D amazing game

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16 Sonic R vs Mario Kart

Sonic r got 70 Mario kart got 93

Mario Kart, Sonic R sucks Mario Kart gets an 8

Sonic are gets a 2 - MrQuaz680

Mario kart

Sonic R is better than Poopy Head Kart 64!

17 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins vs. Sonic CD
18 Sonic Lost World vs Super Mario Galaxy

Both games are good but Sonic lost world have better graphics, better music, and better voice acting than Mario Galaxy. Both games have bad controls though. - Chaotixhero

Man I hate them both. How could you like Peach getting kidnapped when after getting free from Bowser, she lets herself have a near-death experience?! And sonic Lost World? Wasn't Mario supposed to be in this game as well as Yoshi & Zelda characters?

It is not true because opinions are not facts. Peach getting kidnapped DOES NOT AFFECT THE GAME. - DCfnaf

Super Mario Galaxy, sonic copied Mario

Well personally, I think Sonic Colors is the better competitor to Super Mario Galaxy, or its sequel.

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19 Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars vs. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Judging by my name you would guess I love Super Mario RPG over Sonic Chronicles.

In fact, I love them both.

Sonic Chronicles is underrated in my opinion but I've completed the game countless times. But for a Bioware game I think the graphics needed work. Also, I didn't like the music, which was remixes of tracks from the classic Sonic games. I also like how they extended the story about the echidnas! But I wish they had done a sequel or another Sonic RPG. Because that would be AWESOME!

Super Mario RPG had less playable characters and the story was too simple, but it had better graphics. For a SNES game. The music was amazing and I love the level design. There were also many secrets in this game! Like those secret boxes you could find!
It also had those fun mini games! It was also the first game in the series Bowser was an ally. Eggman was too, in Sonic Chronicles! That's so cool to play as villains. I wish there was a sequel. Or another standalone Mario ...more

20 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island vs. Knuckles' Chaotix


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