Creative Comparing #6: Super Mario Bros (NES) vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)

Martinglez The first of both franchises that started as rivals. Which of both of these games will win? And no, blast processing isn't a category.

Characters: An obvious tie. Characters weren't really the main focus while making the game. They both have characters that aren't really developed.
Mario: 0,5 Sonic: 0,5

Game Design: Hard one. Both have great level design for their games. Since Sonic focuses on speed the game obviously uses that very well. Mario also does that for it's system. However though, the later levels in Sonic the Hedgehog don't focus on speed as well. Plus, Mario has a lot of secrets that fit perfectly into the game. Mario wins.
Mario: 1,5 Sonic: 0,5

Gameplay: Both have great gameplay. As i said, Sonic's gameplay focuses on speed, while Mario's doesn't. Mario's gameplay is revolutionary, though. We didn't see anything like it before. Because of that, Mario wins.
Mario 2,5 Sonic: 0,5

Story: Another tie. Both are pretty stories to come up with. No plot twists, no deaths... That's actually good for these games.
Mario: 3 Sonic: 1

Soundtrack: Both soundtracks are very well known and good. They are both awesome. "World 1-1" from Super Mario Bros and "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog are basically known by every gamer. Another tie.

Mario: 3,5 Sonic: 1,5

Fun: Both games are very fun. I think Mario is more fun and enjoyable though, but Sonic is also very fun. The winner is Mario.
Mario: 4,5 Sonic: 1,5

Winner: Super Mario Bros (NES)
This is an awesome and revolutionary game that everyone loves. It has a great gameplay, great game design and it's very fun. Sonic was a formidable for, though. It's also a great game that started a rivalry with Mario.

You can suggest next topic. Thanks to Skullkid755 for suggesting this one.


Maybe they can merge into a new series, the speed of Sonic and the power ups of Mario. - Skullkid755

I suggest nintendo vs sega.
when making that post, remember that Sega took risks to with the Sega CD, Sega 32X, and the Dreamcast. - Skullkid755

Okay, I will - Martinglez

I prefer sonic. I like the storyline in generations better than in 64 ds (I should just use an emulator to play it) or 3d land (and we are talking about the Mario platformer, no spin offs). I also like the soundtrack better.
Especially the song for Crisis City and Green Hill Zone. And, the characters seem to be more loveable and developed, and Sonic is more fast paced, most of the time. And, I am on the modern area of generations, and just need to complete all act ones, I've completed all act twos, and I think get chaos crystals to move on.
But, Sonic Generations is actually my favorite platformer too. And there are a good amount of good modern sonic games like :
lost world

I hope boom fire and ice ends up being good, and it isn't being rushed so it could end up being the best sonic game, or maybe it might be known as the best 3ds platformer. It looks good from the commercials I've watched. Fire and Ice is a cliché name, but still sounds like it would be a good game mechanic. - Skullkid755

I like Sonic more - 2storm

Mario was my childhood, so that - visitor