Top Ten Mario Games vs Sonic Games

Which Mario game is better or sonic game. The choice is yours

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21 Mario Tennis Open vs. Sega Superstars Tennis

Sega superstars tennis I guess, I didn't play Mario open tennis, also sega tennis had characters from other series, not all from 1 like Mario

22 Shadow the Hedgehog vs Wario World

Shadow the hedgehog! That game is awesome. Wario world... not so much

Shadow the Hedgehog gets a 2.8.

Wario World gets a 7.3.

Remember, Shadow is our lord and savior. Definitely Shadow. -shadowswagger922

Wario World. - DCfnaf

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23 Super Mario Sunshine vs. Sonic Adventure 2

Let's review Super Mario Sunshine.

Sound: 4/10.
Graphics: 4/10.
Music: 4/10.
Difficulty: 10+/10.
Creativity: 2/10.
Worlds/levels: 4/10.
Hub: 3/10.
Voice acting: 2/10 (Princess Peach has the worst voice out of all other Super Mario Sunshine characters).
Gameplay: 5/10.
Nostalgia level: 4/10.
Story: 2/10.
Humor level: 3/10.
Controls: 7/10.
Character sprites: 2/10.
Character designs: 1/10.
Bosses: 5/10.
Visuals: 4/10.
Characters: 4/10 (I strongly hate Princess Peach, though).
Character sprites: 4/10.
Fun factor: 6/10.

I would give this game 3/10 stars.

Let's review Sonic Adventure 2 (and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle)

Sound: 2/10.
Graphics: 5/10.
Music: 2/10.
Difficulty: 10/10.
Creativity: 5/10.
Worlds/levels: 4/10.
Hub: Seriously, why is there no hub?!
Voice acting: 1/10 (8/10 for the Japanese version)
Gameplay: 4/10.
Nostalgia level: 3/10.
Story: 3/10.
Humor level: ...more

24 Wario Land 4 vs. Sonic CD

Honestly I am almost unsure which game is weirder. - xandermartin98

Trust me Wario land 4 is more weirder

Sonic CD. At least there's no Wario.

Wario Land 4 because Wario. - DCfnaf

25 Sonic Advance 2 vs Super Mario Advance 2

Mario advance 2 is nothing but a silly port of super Mario world. Sonic advance 2 is fast and awesome. - Chaotixhero

Super Mario Advance 2 gets 5 stars out of 10. Sonic Advance 2 gets 2 stars out of 10.

Too bad Princess Peach is ruining Super Mario Advance 2 & the Modern Sonic designs on the characters for Sonic Advance 2 is ruining Sonic Advance 2.

26 Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Mario Bros.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog gets an 8.2 in every version.

Mario Bros. gets an 8.1 in every version.

So Sonic the Hedgehog will win.

Both games are AMAZING but Super Mario Bros no doubt wins this one because it saved the video game franchise.

Mario bros ( 9/10 ) sonic 1 (9/10 ) so baffle

Mario Bros is way better than Sonic the Hedeghog. Mario beats Sonic and that's a fact.

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27 Mario Golf vs. Sonic Golf

There is no such thing as Sonic Golf. - FasterThanSonic

28 Sonic 06 vs Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario is great despite its ridiculous gameplay, but Sonic '06 sucks all the way.

Hotel Mario is 6 times better than Sonic '06.

Hotel Mario gets a 7.2.

Sonic '06 gets a 1.2.

I like Sonic '06 more because it's so much worse.

Sonic 06. I'll take Mephiles over crappy cutscenes. - DCfnaf

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29 Super Mario Bros. 2 vs. Sonic Heroes
30 Sonic Colors vs. Super Mario Galaxy

Sonic colors all the way. Better soundtrack and better gameplay and graphics then Mario galaxy

Sonic Colors is better than Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy gets a 2.5.

Sonic Colors gets a 3.5.

Princess Peach was some teenager in this game.

Mario galaxy by a landslide!

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31 Mario Kart Wii vs Sonic & Sega All Star Racing

Alex Kidd? Vitural fighters? Wow this roaster is better then just Mario characters. I wonder if the make a third one, put in new characters like Pac-Man or Mega Man because if Wreck-it Ralph can race so can those two - Chaotixhero

Mario Kart Wii sucks & gets a 3.2 rating.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is great and gets a 7.9 in general.

So, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for the win!

Much more variety in stuff plus crossovers make Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing truly Awesome.

Mario Kart Wii - PaperMarioFan

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32 Sonic Generation vs Super Mario Galaxy 2

Although I never played Super Mario Galaxy 2 the only thing imma say is that Sonic Generations was a great game, the graphics 10/10, Level Design 10/10, voice acting 9/10, Soundtrack 100/10, all in all it was a great game

I love both games, but I'd have to go with sonic generations.

Generations by the way, and I'm also going with Sonic Generations.

Both are amazing, so it's hard to pick. - DCfnaf

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33 New Super Mario Bros. vs. Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic Rush Adventure for the win.

Don't know...I guess Sonic Rush Adventure - DCfnaf

New Super Mario brothers of course! - DarkDragon_492

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34 Donkey Kong vs. Knuckles' Chaotix

Both are great but Knuckles Chaotic have a few problems - Chaotixhero

Donkey Kong gets a 6.4.

Knuckles' Chaotix gets a 9.5.

35 Super Mario 3D World vs. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

3D World sucks! I wish this game dies. And Princess Peach was useless. Rosalina is much better in this game.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. People say it was horrible, but I really liked it. Especially that one joke in the beginning. ( eggman: you know what's better than an ambush? Tails: an ambush with ice cream? Eggman: that sound delicious, but no! A post ambush ambush! ) don't judge my sense of humor.

Both games are great in my opinion but Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyrics is a game that I will give a chance to. - Chaotixhero

Super Mario 3D World Gets An 8.9/10

Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Gets An 1/1000000000 - VideoGamefan5

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36 Sonic Adventure 2 vs. Super Mario 64

Sonic Adventure 2 has an amazing plot, plus it has the amazing Shadow the Hedgehog. Mario 64 is just meh go save the princess again. Sonic Adventure 2 is save the world from being destroyed and defeat some black and red hedgehog that looks like you!

Sonic Adventure 2 is awful & lame.

Super Mario 64 is where it's at!

Sonic Adventure 2 gets a 2.5.

Super Mario 64 is 4 times better, so thus it gets a perfect 10/10 score.

Super Mario 64 is 64 times better than Sonic Adventure 2.

Super Mario 64 gets a perfect 10/10 score on the original N64 version and Sonic Adventure 2 deserves a very bad 0.1 & a half/10 score on both the Dreamcast & GameCube versions.

Super Mario 64 - DCfnaf

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37 Super Mario World vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic sucks. Super Mario World is way better.

Sonic is so awesome, he can even pounce Super Mario World at breakneck speeds!
Sonic the Hedgehog gets an A-.
Super Mario World gets a B+.

Super Mario World for me, but both Video Games are awesome for me!
Aren't these two Video Games the two Video Games that started the Mario VS Sonic rivalry in the firs tplace? Or am I msitaken? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Both tie for sure.

Let's review Super Mario World.

Story: 4/10. Uggh, Princess Peach getting kidnapped is ruining my whole life.
Graphics: 10/10.
Sound: 10/10.
Music: 8/10.
Difficulty: 10/10.
Creativity: 9/10.
Worlds/levels: 8/10.
Gameplay: 8/10.
Nostalgia level: 10/10.
Controls: 10/10.

Overall, Super Mario World gets a 9/10 score.

Let's review Sonic the Hedgehog.

Story: 9/10.
Graphics/visuals: 10+/10.
Sound: 10/10.
Music: 10/10.
Difficulty: 10/10.
Creativity: 9/10.
Gameplay: 8/10.
Nostalgia level: 10+/10.
Controls: 10/10.

Sonic the Hedgehog gets a 9/10.

Maybe the original Sonic the Hedgehog wins, by just a little bit.

38 Super Mario 64 DS vs. Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

64 DS is my childhood. - DCfnaf

39 New Super Mario Bros. vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I

Sonic. The Mario show was kinda strange...

Sonic the hedgehog 4 chapter 1 wins

Sonic 4 the win

40 Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 vs Super Mario Bros Wii
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