Top Ten Mario Kart 64 Tracks

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1 Bowser's Castle

What keeps me going back to Mario Kart 64, Bowser's Castle of course! It's got something that got me interested. Maybe it's the red carpet or maybe the Thwomp placings or the portrait of Bowser or outside the castle there are bushes. Love this track and it remained great fun for Mario Kart Wii.

The best Bowser's Castle in any mario kart game hands down because of how original it is

Just good for me because its difficult

Thomps are hard to dodge in this track

2 Yoshi Valley

I can't believe it is harder than rainbow road. I like how many paths there is to take it is awesome

It's now a retro track in Mario kart 8 and this track is now a nature reserve for the yo show and although it's still a maze, it's going to be easier.

I hope it will be in Mario Kart 8. Also, N64 Rainbow Road is my least favorite Mario Kart track of all time. Just saying.

Mario Kart 64 has the best Rainbow Road ever, tying with the Rainbow Road for Super Mario Kart!

I like it, but I for some reason can't love it as much as everyone else. I think it has to do with that you can't see what place you're in, also, when you fall you fall a long way down

3 Rainbow Road

Way to long and plain. definitely one of the worst in the series. MK8's remake is a million times better

I really, really don't get why people love this track. Sure the music is awesome, but the track itself is just terrible. First off, a Rainbow Road is supposed to be difficult. It's supposed to have sharp turns without guardrails. But N64 Rainbow Road doesn't have any of that. There's guardrails everywhere, and the only hazards are those Chain Chomps. And on top of all that, this track is WAY too long! Seriously, it takes about 6 minutes to complete the race. So overall, this track is extremely overrated.

Long and relaxing. The perfect rainbow road. and the Whole TRACK IS BARRIERS? WHAT?

I love this track! Beautiful music, amazing design, and the neon characters!

4 Kalimari Desert

This is my favorite mario kart track of all time, I like the train, just sucks on mario kart 7 you can't go in the tunnel, both versions are good

This should come in top 1! This track is much better in Mario Kart 64 than Mario Kart 7!

It was still a fun track in 7.

Just wow. This track's design and music is just so cool and it really improved in MK7. I love how close the train is at points and the mystery of the dark tunnels..

Spoiler they kill you if you enter

5 Koopa Troopa Beach

Anything that has to do with Koopa Troopa is awesome... Plus it's just way too fun.

This track is nice

6 Wario Stadium

A bit boring, but at least it isn't Rainbow Road

Should be in new MK game!

7 Royal Raceway

Giant launching ramp? So awesome

It where Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina, toads, and toadette lives.

Eh, other than Peach's castle, this track is just boring

It's a good track!

8 DK's Jungle Parkway

Best one ever! Donkey Kong have really great course!

This track is epic

I love the sunset and that neat cave

Third favourite to be honest. The jungle enviroment is awesome!

9 Frappe Snowland

This track is so awesome, especially the original Mario Kart 64 version!

Ah, the music! Seriously, Mario Kart 64 is one of the 5 best Mario games worldwide!

This track is underrated. The music is awesome and the overall track is so calm and nice, I love it

10 Sherbet Land

This track is great & should at least be top 2.

How did this one make the list? It's rubbish! Quite possibly the worst Mario Kart track ever created.

Eh, it's bad, at least the music is awesome though

I only voted for it to say it sucks

The Contenders

11 Choco Mountain

(hoppingicon again) Correction. Choco Mountain is MY FAVORITE TRACK OF ALL TIME!

Mario Kart 64 is always underrated... This should be at least top 5.

Love the music! This is my 2nd favorite course of all time!

It's such an amazing track but so underrated

12 Mario Raceway

A pretty good circuit track

This track is very cool

13 Banshee Boardwalk

The spookiest mario kart track hands down

I've never played mk64 but I've played Mario kart ds with that being a retro track and boy it was a challenge and spooky! There's bats going against you and it's probably dark enough and the big bass it just another amazing touch! It's like a sequel to ghost valley. However, unlike most ghost valley circuits, it's longer and it takes about 2 a And a half minutes to complete the course. This would probably be the best n64 retro track on the ds.


I'm sorry, this isn't the best n64 retro track on the ds but it's one of the best.

14 Moo Moo Farm

I love Mario Kart 64 itself. Ah yeah, the good old days...

So boring

This track was very unique in the n64 version. It was brought back in the ds version, I don't like the fact in the ds version because nothing changed. It felt so bland.

15 Luigi Raceway

Probably the worst one

16 Toad's Turnpike

So hard on mirror mode. Loads of fun to play. Best music ever!?

My favourite tied with Bowser's Castle

They totally should of swapped out DK's Jungle Parkway because THIS TRACK IS SO ANNOYING!


17 Skyscraper
18 Luigi's Circuit

Does anybody like this course and Mario raceway, because they both suck

Doesn't exist

19 Big Donut

That's a battle stage, and a bad one may I say

20 Block Fort

That's a battle stage, and the best one

21 Double Deck
22 Shy Guy Mine
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