Top 10 Mario Kart 8/Deluxe Songs

Mario Kart 8 deluxe is pretty cool.Here’s some of the best songs in the game

The Top Ten

1 Big Blue Big Blue

So catchy but electrodrome is better

2 Cloudtop Cruise Cloudtop Cruise

This sounds like something that would be in Mario Galaxy - Randomator

3 N64 Rainbow Road N64 Rainbow Road
4 Electrodrome Electrodrome

I love this! It's catchy and awesomne, dunno why it's got a lot of backslash lately. - darthvadern

5 Shy Guy Falls Shy Guy Falls

Reminds me of Norway - darthvadern

I love this song

6 Mount Wario (Mario Kart 8) Mount Wario (Mario Kart 8)
7 Toad Harbor Toad Harbor

I love the tropic feel here - darthvadern

8 Sunshine Airport Sunshine Airport

I like how this music has an airport feeling to it. It makes the song fit perfectly with the track

9 Bowser Castle Bowser Castle

Eh, dissagree, it felt too "modern" if you know what I mean, but respect your opinion - darthvadern

10 Gba Cheese Land

I already loved it in the original and in this remake it's sounds even better! - darthvadern

So catchy and love the saxophone!

The Contenders

11 GCN Yoshi Circuit

Cool remix - darthvadern

12 Mario Kart 8 main menu Mario Kart 8 main menu
13 Dolphin Shoals

The saxophone, enough said - darthvadern

14 Super Bell Subway
15 Twisted Mansion (Mario Kart 8) Twisted Mansion (Mario Kart 8)

The spooky feel is great - darthvadern

16 DK Jungle
17 Thwomp Ruins
18 Tick Tock Clock

My favorite track in the game also has an absolutely fantastic song

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