Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Tracks


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1 Mount Wario

The ost for this track is amazing and it changes depending on where you are on the map

It's unpredictable and exciting and I love it!

Good but overrated - Randomator

This course is trash, honestly

2 Big Blue

Needs to be number 1. It's such a fun track!

Best DLC track - Randomator

This so great

Good but overrated - darthvadern

3 Sunshine Airport

This track is so unique and one of the best new stages. It manages to capture the same fast paced vibes of a real airport - Randomator

This is amazing

Probably my favourite of the original nitro sixteen. Awesome graphics and gorgeous setting. I like the music as well - darthvadern

Sunshine Airport. A track of happiness, happiness and happiness. AND HAPPINESS. I really enjoyed this track because it is fun and happy and fun and happy and FUN AND HAPPY AND FUN. And because this track is based on one of my favourite game, Super Mario Sunshine. (Seriously, where's the sequel for that thing). I have nothing else to say here.

4 Bowser's Castle

Definitely not. Music, 10/10. Graphics and scenery? Pretty nice. It's so hard to not make mistakes, though, so you'll mostly end up falling in the lava and losing your 1st place streak, either by blue shell knock off or just plain falling off. - Mario_Deluxe

Arguably the second best bowser castle in the series behind Wii bowser castle - Randomator

Other than the music this track isn't really that good - darthvadern

It's got to be the coolest Bowser's castle ever! Why didn't you put it at the top ten? It would fit very well (although it didn't have any thwomps on this course).

5 Shy Guy Falls

So unique compared to the other tracks - Randomator

This track reminds me of Norway - darthvadern

First time I saw this, I was like, HOW DO WE RACE ON THIS?

I love shy guys! This track is so fun and unique

6 Cloudtop Cruise

This track is the best track in Mario Kart. Period

This is sky garden completely reimagined - Randomator

I LOVE this track! The music is awesome! This reminds me of jack and the beanstalk. You go onto a bowser ship into a lightning cloud which is a great idea and it's just so fun racing through everything on the track

It's so fun

7 Electrodrome

This track is Overrated

Mount Wario is sooo lame electrodome is better.

Feels like a revamped version of Melody Motorway from Mario Kart 7 - darthvadern

It’s so different and it works. This track is fantastic - Randomator

8 N64 Rainbow Road

Visually stunning and great music. Just wish it was longer because it feels to short - Randomator

An instant nostalgia trip. by far the best track on Mario kart 8.

Way better than the actual Rainbow Road - darthvadern

Looks amazing plays well and is a great recreation of the most boring rainbow road (in my opinion please don’t kill me)

9 Twisted Mansion

Great ghost track - darthvadern

I love this kinda haunted freaky stuff. Twisted Mansion is my dream home, probably because I'm a ghost...

This is the best of the flower cup. Play it once and you will never forget it.

This is a way better course than mount wario

10 Wild Woods

Well if your telling me that Mount Wario is better than this, I don't think you're the type of gamer that could handle suspense. Sad, but true. In other words, this is the greatest track of all time.

Great forest track and second best of the mario-related dlc tracks - darthvadern

I love this track theme. It’s a lot like maple treeway - Randomator

I like this one because it’s really fun and I find it kinda exciting. This one is one of my favourites

The Contenders

11 GBA Ribbon Road

It feels like a new stage completely - Randomator

One of the best retro tracks in the game tied with GBA Cheese Land - darthvadern

My favorite track from super circuit. It took Nintendo forever, but I was so happy to finally see my favorite GBA stage remade, and by god what an update it got! Easily my favorite retro track now and along with mt wario is my favorite track in the game.

Why is this 26 it is clearly the best Mario Kart track ever

12 Toad Harbor

It’s so beautiful and bursting with color. This track is beautiful - Randomator

I love those trolley cars - darthvadern

I like this track! You can do a ramp boost onto a boat! It's a track based off of New York City! There's even a a thing that lets you get on the walls! There's even a way at the end with a boost!

I love this track. It's beautiful and reminds me of Delfino Square/Plaza.

13 Rainbow Road

What this is the worst Rainbow Road I've ever played. Only cool part is the two paths crossing each other. Mario Kart 9's Rainbow Road had better be better than this garbage. - LimePepsi25

I like this track for its uniqueness. It's not magical like the other rainbow roads and has a mechanical space station vibe, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Having the same magical theme with no change can get boring and I like its features. You shouldn't diss it for being space station themed. It's music is great, and I think it should be more appreciated.

One of the worst Rainbow Roads - darthvadern

A lot of people hate the Rainbow Road of Mario Kart 8, but I don't understand why. This track is cool. I know it's not better than the Mario Kart 7 version, it doesn't mean you have to hate on this track! Anyway, I loved this track and I adore it. I really love the shortcut where you can switch lanes, that is flippin' awesome. I really enjoy it and I hope Rainbow Road can get better in Mario Kart 9 (and people enjoy it this time).

14 Mute City

Not as good as big blue - Randomator

Big Blue is better - darthvadern

This is the best track! It has awesome music! It has a lot of speed boosts (and gravity boosts) The sides of the track give you coins! There's even a shortcut at the end! It's just plain awesome sauce.

It is a little easy

15 Thwomp Ruins

Who would have thought that thwomps would get a Mario Kart track and a good one at that? - Randomator

Certainly one of the more interesting tracks in the game - darthvadern

When I saw the trailer of this track, I thought this track would be in the Flower Cup, but I was wrong, it was in the Mushroom Cup, and oh boy, it was awesome! I really enjoyed this track a lot and made me really happy. Because of this track and Mario Kart Stadium, I like Mushroom Cup better than Flower Cup now. This track is cool.

16 3DS Music Park

Although I think the original was better mainly because it looked better, it's still excellent here! - darthvadern

I love how in one forum where they had to say which was their least favorite track and most people chose this track, yet people are calling Mount Wario underrated (impossible to be underrated since it's the most loved track in the game, up there with Big Blue) over a single comment of hate about Mount Wario. Honestly, I love Music Park more even if some people find this track boring and overrated. My favorite Mk8 track, and my second favorite of all time (my all-time favorite is Coconut Mall, a more loved and balanced track as far as ratings go). Also, what was there to even fix about it? their criticism is as bad as Coconut Mall's Mii car argument (the mii cars are the only obstacle in the course so it makes no sense to remove them). Sorry for going slightly off topic.

It’s a great track. What’s not to love about it - Randomator

People claim to hate this remake, just because it hasn't changed at all from the original. But here's my response: Don't fix what isn't broken.

17 Super Bell Subway

Honest speaking this is my favourite track in the entire game! I love trains and subways and a track centered around it was just too much for me to not like it - darthvadern

I love when Nintendo makes courses like this. When they’re replicas of real life places it’s so cool - Randomator

18 DS Tick Tock Clock

Amazing track but slightly overrated - Randomator

Much better than the original - darthvadern

Shown twice. - Tyler730

I am absolutely offended that my favorite track in the game is in last place. It’s one of the most visually stunning tracks in the entire game, with mechanics that are extremely fun to use. It also has one of the best songs in all of Mario Kart’s history! - FirelordZuko

19 Dragon Driftway

One of the worst - darthvadern

It’s okay but 200cc is a nightmare on this stage - Randomator

I hate this track on 200cc.

20 Hyrule Circuit

One of the best from the first DLC pack - darthvadern

It’s pretty cool yet simple - Randomator

BEST music EVER! The Master-Sword is also amazing!

21 N64 Yoshi Valley

Way better than the original although we can see what place we’re in now which kinda makes it less fun in a way - Randomator

Much better than original as you don't fall for 9 hours when you fall off - darthvadern

I was surprised that this was on my list. I really hated Yoshi Valley on Mario Kart 64 (probably because I was sour loser then and hated my cousin for beating me every single time on that track). laugh out loud. But in this game, I love it. I love how they changed the fastest route (my cousin took the old fast route and I beat him). This track was wonderful and bought back a lot of memories.

I can't believe this is #20. It should be in the top 5. Nothing really stands out besides the giant yoshi egg, but the maze feel is amazing. It's still fun to try different paths to take!

22 Dolphin Shoals

Worst of the Star Cup but still masterpiece - darthvadern

It’s fine but kinda forgettable - Randomator

This one Rocks and the music is way better than DS Tick Tock Clocks

I love this course I do not know why everyone hates this awesome course Its hard though and the music rocks it's my favorite course of all time

23 GCN Sherbert Land

This is the best track! It has all sorts of cool shortcuts!

Improvment on the bad original, very awesome graphics - darthvadern

Way better than the original I’ll say that - Randomator

Rubbish Track, out of all of the 48 tracks in the game, this is 47th. - greenshyguy

24 3DS Piranha Plant Slide

Best map overall
I love the finishing shortcut, it looks small but it's actually really good

In Mario Kart 7:
Music Park > Piranha Plant Slide

In Mario Kart 8:
Piranha Plant Slide > Music Park - darthvadern

I feel bad for the course. It was a favorite in 7 but in 8 in is bottom of the barrel. I was stoked back in e3 2013 when I saw this in the Mario Kart 8 trailer. An amazing course and is my favorite course in Mario Kart history.

I love this course

25 Excitebike Arena

I like this course its one of my favorites.

This one's boring - darthvadern

Pretty boring honestly. Just a giant baby park with ramps and that’s it - Randomator

"Excitebike Arena" more like "Boringbike Arena"

26 Ice Ice Outpost

This track sucks. But that's okay IYRO

Overhated - darthvadern

The best ice course in the series, this deserves number 1! It's so cool and the music is just badass!

Why didn't you put this course on number 1? This track is awesome!

27 Wii Grumble Volcano

Excellent retro track! Even better than original - darthvadern

Like I already told you, Mario Kart Wii is my favourite Mario Kart game. It is so awesome, I really enjoyed this track because this actually was my favourite track in the game after Koopa Cape. This track is just cool. I enjoy how they have made this track more beautiful and more awesome.

Despite that the only gameplay change is the addition of a gliding ramp, the graphical upgrade, as with every retro track in this game, is stunning. The eruptions of the volcanoes is just plain epic.

The track was amazing in mario kart wii but with the graohics of mario kart 8 it looks awesome. - Arilio

28 Mario Kart Stadium

Decent starter course - Randomator

The best first-track-in-game track in the series - darthvadern

Usually, the first track of a Mario Kart game is described as boring or the worst track in the game, but Mario Kart 8 changed that all. It was obvious that Nintendo wanted to hook you up in the game straight away and they did just that. This changed a lot and this is now one of my favourite track. Nintendo added loads of anti-gravity sections for you to know what they are all about. It was fun and I was really happy this was a track.

It's about time Nintendo made it through a basic stadium track! Figure 8 and lying I circuit were flat out boring while toad circuit was mediocre. This setting of this track will give it four stars

29 DS Wario Stadium

I love the stadium feel you get while racing here! The music fits so well! - darthvadern

30 Animal Crossing

Unique stage - Randomator

Creative - darthvadern

This is a cool course

All the different seasons are amazing - Btd

31 Sweet Sweet Canyon

I like its its creative

Eh, a bit overrated but I love how it feels like Wreck-it Ralph - darthvadern

This one is made out of sweets! I love drifting and ramming into the cones! And I also love the shortcut through the doughnut!


32 N64 Toad's Turnpike

Too easy now - Randomator

Moonview Highway was much better. The steroids from today's turnpike helped Moonview Highway to be my face MKWii track. This should be lower.

Favourite retro track in the game - darthvadern

This track gives me frights. I get slammed by a car. I hope this is easier because of an anti gravity section.

33 GBA Cheese Land

Feels brand new - Randomator

This track makes me hungry...

Best retro DLC track in my opinion - darthvadern

The idea from everyone once they run out of race course ideas. LOL

34 SNES Rainbow Road

Better than most of the tracks in DLC Pack 1 - darthvadern

I love this track for some reason. Don’t know if it’s the music or design but I love it - Randomator

I hate the Mario kart 7 version but the 8 version is much more beautiful and the background is not a black void,

This track may be simple in design but it’s one of the best looking tracks in the game. I love it. - thunderstar1124

35 Water Park

Very underrated. Not as good as Dolphin Shoals but still great - darthvadern

I think this track is unique

I like this track

It’s okay - Randomator

36 Moo Moo Meadows

Moo moo farm is better - Randomator

Still a fun track - darthvadern

I love the moo moos (cows) they are ADORABLE

I played all of the Mario Kart games and for me, Mario Kart Wii was far by the best best (followed by Double Dash! ). I was really happy to see one of my favourite tracks of the game returned as a retro track. It was awesome. I had loads of fun with this version and it easily beats the original version. I liked the extra gliding section they added. This was a really fun track.

37 GCN Yoshi Circuit

Better than the GCN and DS counterparts - darthvadern

This is a great remake. Didn’t do a whole lot to improve but it didn’t need anything improved really - Randomator

Because It's shape liked Yoshi for goodness sake!

Don't you like Yoshi

38 Koopa City

*Neo Bowser City - Randomator

What Koopa city? - trains45

Um... this is the same as Neo bowser City that is why there's 49 tracks

The music... - darthvadern

39 Neo Bowser City

One of my favourite tracks

It’s pretty meh honestly - Randomator

40 Funky Stadium

The BEST mario kart 8 course. Funky is so fun to play with in Mario kart 8, even though he nor this course are in it!

41 Mario Circuit

Definitely more unique than other versions of Mario Circuit - Randomator

Bad track honestly - darthvadern

I voted for this one mainly because of looks. I mean, if you take a glance at this track the only thing you can say is Whoa.

Best course in the game!

42 3DS Neo Bowser City

Great retro track, although I prefer the european name - darthvadern

I do the best here and it really relies on drifting which I'm good at (also love the look)

Lots of turns for drifts! The music is great, incorporating lots of nostalgic soundtrack bits. The rain and numerous dropoffs add some fun uncertainty to the race. The scenery is too cool. Glad it was brought back!


43 GBA Mario Circuit

The giant antigravity section is all it has going for it - Randomator

I really liked it honestly - darthvadern

Come on guys really? I mean... This track rocks, far better than the original... Sure it's a bit flat but come on... Sooo cool a+

44 GCN Baby Park

This is the remake it should have gotten - Randomator

Alright - darthvadern

I do not care but I think this track is overrated and the most boring track ever made. It is not my least favorite track, but it is my 4th least favorite track in the game and my least favorite DLC track. I rank the tracks by it's design, detail, difficulty, music, and gimmicks. Not how crazy the tracks are. But Bone Dry Dunes, GCN Sherbet Land, and SNES Donut Plains 3 suck more than this. - greenshyguy

Why is this on here? It is filled with COMPLETE CHAOS

45 Cheep Cheep Beach DS

Overrated - LimePepsi25

It’s okay but definitely forgettable - Randomator

Still a great and unique track - darthvadern

I never played ds but it's just a good stage over all

46 3DS DK Jungle

Decent music and overall fun stage - Randomator

Fun and overall excellent track - darthvadern

I love this track the back round looks so gorgeous and this stage is a blast

47 GCN Dry Dry Desert

I really liked the original and this one's just even better - darthvadern

I love the new oasi zone! Now this track is way better than the GCN version!

Meh this track sucks. - greenshyguy

It’s okay - Randomator

48 Bone Dry Dunes

It’s bland and one of the worst nitro stages in the game - Randomator

Bland but enjoyable - darthvadern

I hate this course. This course was insulting to every Dry Bowser fan. You give us a course that represents Dry Bowser, and yet he's not a playable character. You gave us Pink Gold Peach instead? Pink Gold Irrelevant! I can't stand that stupid character! The course is also extremely bland and the sharp turns are annoying.

I feel bad for this course. I liked it. - Tyler730

49 N64 Royal Raceway

Fun track - Randomator

Worst of Banana Cup but I enjoy it - darthvadern

Peach is awesome

This is from the n64.

50 SNES Donut Plains 3

Probably one of my favourite tracks in the game and one of my favourite retro tracks in the gane - darthvadern

What's wrong with it? And I'll tell you where it gets it's name from - well actually, I don't know why it's called that, but if you don't know what it's based on, it's based on at least one (mabe two) SNES Games! The game that I know it's based on for a fact is the origional ''Super Mario Kart'' (aka, Mario Kart 1) - it's the second track of the Mushroom Cup (in Super Mario Kart)! I also know another Game that it could be based on, because of it's name, Donut Plains, which is the same name as the second world in the SNES title, Super Mario World (FYI, my second favorite Mario Game of all time)! In Super Mario World, after you defeat the ''demented'' Iggy Koopa, Mario and Yoshi's friend (yellow yoshi), travel to Donut Plains to rescue another one of Yoshi's friends from Morton Koopa Jr.! And while I mentioned that my second favorite game is Super Mario World, my third favorite game is, as a matter of fact, Mario Kart 8! My favorite Video Game of all time, though, is Super Mario Galaxy! ...more

Where did they get the name from?

Boringest Track in the Game, So Dumb - ChiefMudkip

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