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21 Mute City

This is the best track! It has awesome music! It has a lot of speed boosts (and gravity boosts) The sides of the track give you coins! There's even a shortcut at the end! It's just plain awesome sauce.

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22 Water Park V 2 Comments
23 N64 Yoshi Valley

I was surprised that this was on my list. I really hated Yoshi Valley on Mario Kart 64 (probably because I was sour loser then and hated my cousin for beating me every single time on that track). laugh out loud. But in this game, I love it. I love how they changed the fastest route (my cousin took the old fast route and I beat him). This track was wonderful and bought back a lot of memories.

I can't believe this is #20. It should be in the top 5. Nothing really stands out besides the giant yoshi egg, but the maze feel is amazing. It's still fun to try different paths to take!

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24 Wii Grumble Volcano

Like I already told you, Mario Kart Wii is my favourite Mario Kart game. It is so awesome, I really enjoyed this track because this actually was my favourite track in the game after Koopa Cape. This track is just cool. I enjoy how they have made this track more beautiful and more awesome.

Despite that the only gameplay change is the addition of a gliding ramp, the graphical upgrade, as with every retro track in this game, is stunning. The eruptions of the volcanoes is just plain epic.

The track was amazing in mario kart wii but with the graohics of mario kart 8 it looks awesome. - Arilio

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25 Dolphin Shoals

I love this course I do not know why everyone hates this awesome course Its hard though and the music rocks it's my favorite course of all time

I love Dolphin Shoals. It stars underwater. This is an epic swim in the sea

This course has probably the best use of underwater features in the game, that leads into a satisfying anti gravity section, then a quick glide into the last stretch! I love this course and itis very underrated - purpleracer

This course shows what Mario kart 8 is capable of

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26 GCN Sherbert Land

Rubbish Track, out of all of the 48 tracks in the game, this is 47th. - greenshyguy

I love this course! Why is it so low?

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27 DS Wario Stadium
28 Ice Ice Outpost

The best ice course in the series, this deserves number 1! It's so cool and the music is just badass!

I feel sorry for this course. People have the LOUSIEST of excuses for hating it. - greenshyguy

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29 Excitebike Arena

This is often picked online! I love all of the tricks you can do! It's so easy to avoid the mud! This is just uh-hu

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30 Bone Dry Dunes

I hate this course. This course was insulting to every Dry Bowser fan. You give us a course that represents Dry Bowser, and yet he's not a playable character. You gave us Pink Gold Peach instead? Pink Gold Irrelevant! I can't stand that stupid character! The course is also extremely bland and the sharp turns are annoying.

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31 Dragon Driftway V 1 Comment
32 GBA Cheese Land V 1 Comment
33 3DS DK Jungle
34 Sweet Sweet Canyon

This one is made out of sweets! I love drifting and ramming into the cones! And I also love the shortcut through the doughnut!

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35 Moo Moo Meadows

I played all of the Mario Kart games and for me, Mario Kart Wii was far by the best best (followed by Double Dash! ). I was really happy to see one of my favourite tracks of the game returned as a retro track. It was awesome. I had loads of fun with this version and it easily beats the original version. I liked the extra gliding section they added. This was a really fun track.

The graphics and the music of this track changed of what used to be a useless track into one of the most awe inspiring courses in history. - recaller

Wow, so much better than the wii version - Harri666

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36 3DS Neo Bowser City

I do the best here and it really relies on drifting which I'm good at (also love the look)

Lots of turns for drifts! The music is great, incorporating lots of nostalgic soundtrack bits. The rain and numerous dropoffs add some fun uncertainty to the race. The scenery is too cool. Glad it was brought back!

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37 Koopa City

Neo Bowser City is a more fitting name, I think.

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38 SNES Rainbow Road

I hate the Mario kart 7 version but the 8 version is much more beautiful and the background is not a black void,

39 GBA Mario Circuit

Come on guys really? I mean... This track rocks, far better than the original... Sure it's a bit flat but come on... Sooo cool a+

40 GCN Yoshi Circuit

Because It's shape liked Yoshi for goodness sake!

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