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41 GBA Mario Circuit

Come on guys really? I mean... This track rocks, far better than the original... Sure it's a bit flat but come on... Sooo cool a+

42 Excitebike Arena

This is often picked online! I love all of the tricks you can do! It's so easy to avoid the mud! This is just uh-hu

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43 GCN Baby Park

I do not care but I think this track is overrated and the most boring track ever made. It is not my least favorite track, but it is my 4th least favorite track in the game and my least favorite DLC track. I rank the tracks by it's design, detail, difficulty, music, and gimmicks. Not how crazy the tracks are. But Bone Dry Dunes, GCN Sherbet Land, and SNES Donut Plains 3 suck more than this. - greenshyguy

Why is this on here? It is filled with COMPLETE CHAOS

This is TOO crazy for 200cc

Should be #1 - Btd

44 Cheep Cheep Beach DS

I never played ds but it's just a good stage over all

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45 N64 Royal Raceway

Honestly, I think this should be higher. It is this low on this list because it is a Banana Cup track. - greenshyguy

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46 Wii Wario's Gold Mine

I was really surprised that I put this on the list. I really hated this track on mkwii because you can't control your karts and those stupid bats and mine carts can really cost you time. I was really glad that these changes were made for example the graphics made you feel like you are in a REAL gold mine and the setting correlates to the track. They also put in those singing shy guys who are so fun to watch. I also loved those anti-gravity segments they put to the track to make more twisty. Those mine carts gave me a relief as you can bump into them and get a boost from them. They also make the shortcut MUCH EASIER to get through. The music sounds good too. This is a really fun track to play and it's probably my favorite in DLC pack 1 in Mario Kart 8. - recaller

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47 Animal Crossing

All the different seasons are amazing - Btd

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48 GCN Dry Dry Desert

I love the new oasi zone! Now this track is way better than the GCN version!

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49 SNES Donut Plains 3

This is my least favorite track because it DOES NOT live up to it's name, it's pretty boring and bland. Also it is an outrage how CPU difficulties are so high, and super annoying fact that you only get 2 item boxes per lap - greenshyguy

Where did they get the name from?

Boringest Track in the Game, So Dumb - ChiefMudkip

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