Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Vehicles


The Top Ten

1 Circuit Special
2 Blue Falcon

Put Link in this and wonders happen - KingFab

3 Sports Coupe

Ludwig and Cyber Slick, okay than I'm good to go! - KingFab

4 Pipe Frame

Swagest Go-Kart ever! - KingFab


5 Teddy Buggy

With Rosalina, roller wheels I DESTROY MK8 Online! - KingFab

6 Sport Bike
7 Biddybuggy (Buggybud)
8 Yoshi Bike

WARNING - So adorable your eyeballs will explode! - KingFab

9 Mach 8

My kart to beat World Record times.

10 Gold Standard (Gold Kart)

Rosalina, roller wheels - We got a dream combo here people! - KingFab

The Contenders

11 Standard Bike

The Standard Bike was my favorite vehicle to use from the start. It is still one of my favorites now!

12 Jet Bike
13 Wild Wiggler (ATV)
14 Flame Rider Motorcycle

The Standard Bike was my favorite from the start, but the Flame Rider is bad ass, as soon as I unlocked it, I took it for a spin! Ever since then, it has been my favorite! Here's some advice for winning in first place and looking awesome while doing it: Metal Mario riding the Flame Rider with Metal Wheels, and if you have DLC pack 1, the Hylian Kite (as a glider)! I look amazing when I cross the finish line this way every time! Even if your one of those jerks who hates Metal Mario, just give this advice a chance! They make a wonderful, awesome combination!

15 Bone Rattler
16 Steel Driver

So amazingly creative. Even the Underwater Propeller is genius.

17 Varmint

I wish it could change color.🙁

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