Top 10 Best Mario Kart 8 Wheels

Now you have the best kart (look on Top 10 Best MK8 Karts to see what I mean) Now we need you some wheels!

The Top Ten

1 Roller

Even with heavy weights, the roller wheels just make your combo fabulous. - KingFab

2 Cyber Slick

How come these aren't a real thing? Come on scientists it's nearly 2016 keep up! - KingFab

3 Button Wheels
4 Off-Road

Boy they look swag! - KingFab

5 Retro Off-Road

Boy, they look old-fashioned! - KingFab

6 Slim

Remember how in Mario Kart 7 the Slim wheels looked kinda dorky. But now in Mario Kart 8, they're swagger than ever! - KingFab

7 Azure Roller

HOW DARE YOU COPY THE ROLLER?! - But then again, I can see why, but if you want acceleration, and green wheels than if that's so, the Azure Rollers are for you! - KingFab

8 Gold Wheels

This is one of the very few occasions I say - SCREW IT IF IT DOESN'T HAVE GOOD ACCELERATION IT"S GOLD GOD DAMN IT! - KingFab

9 Leaf Tires

I'm not to sure what it's called. Soz. - KingFab

10 Slick

SO FAST... - KingFab

The Contenders

11 Crimson Slim
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