Mario Kart 9 Item Ideas

The Top Ten Mario Kart 9 Item Ideas

1 Surprise Shell

Oh wow, this is an amazingly creative list idea! I would also like to see this powerup.

This is what it does, You throw it and the shell goes to any player (Exept for yourself) so you don't know who will get attacked, the shell will never go to the person in 12th (Does not appear in battles) - THEEPICDUDE990

2 The Robber

I do recall something like this in one game, but it stole an item from someone - PackFan2005

When used, this sneaky crook with take a randomized about of coins from somebody, making them slower or in coin runners, less points - THEEPICDUDE990

3 Friendly Firefly

What this helpful firefly does, It guides you to the nearest shortcut in the track, and gives you speed mushrooms so you can make them, this item will appear ONLY in 12th place, giving them an advantage - THEEPICDUDE990

4 Going Back

I'll try to make this quick, What happens is when used, All the players except for you will move backwards for 8.1 seconds, if they press any buttons, THEY WILL MOVE BACKWARDS FASTER! - THEEPICDUDE990

5 Hardcore Mode

Shouldn't this be a game mode rather than an item?

What it does is maxes everything on the Kart, the speed, weight, everything! You might be thinking "That item sucks" but no, Players will go fast, losing control and falling off the course (Does not appear in rainbow road, or any battles) - THEEPICDUDE990

6 False Alarm

What will happen is that a warning siren will apply to anybody in 1st to 11th, Anybody can get this item, even the person in first! This false warning will make people FREAK OUT and waste the item they have - THEEPICDUDE990

7 Button Mash

What, Mario using a child pony as an item, please no! - GumballWatterson

This item will slow people down, forcing them to spam a certain button, a randomized about of times, from 3 to 9 times - THEEPICDUDE990

8 Force Field

This item only goes to the person in first, because they get hit the most amount of times, what this does is that it prevents any items from hitting you, Force field will only be on for 12 seconds - THEEPICDUDE990

9 Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

They should add the wings back

WAIT! WAIT! Before you say this item sucks, it acts like a red Shell and whoever it hits get frozen for 3-6 seconds giving the person in last an advantage, Only appears in 10-12 place - THEEPICDUDE990

10 Oil

As it appears in I think SNES Mario Circut 4, there is that oil that makes you spin around, this item does the exact same thing, (Does not appear on Rainbow Road, Only appears in 11-12th place - THEEPICDUDE990

The Contenders

11 Cappy

This is a idea fro m mario odyssey cappy could be use as a item when use you can capture palyer few seconds the player you capture gets teleport were you last where at

12 Chain Chomp

That would be awesome if they added him back as an item - trains45

13 Dry Bones Shell

There are probably a few possibilities for this, but what I think may work well. The drybones shell unlike most shells will sit on thw track like a banana peel, however when another player or cpu comes within 5 meters it powers up and chases them, after making an impact it breaks then reforms within 20 seconds, and the process repeats. This process will happen 3 times

14 Rainbow Shell

Rainbow shell what ut does goes after players when hit they send flying int other air like the star

15 Sleepy Sheep

Everyone except you stops for 10-15 seconds used for last place

16 Triple Blue Shell

I'd like to see it, but only for 10-12 place, and it needs to be at least as rare as the 8.

It acts like a blue/spiny shell but you have 3

17 Track Builder
18 Ice Flower
19 Gun

Allows you to shoot any other racer, killing them (with blood and guts spilling onto the course). If you kill everyone on the course, you automatically win.

Uh it's a kids game

Troll item.

20 Snag Bag

An item from Mario Party DS. It will allow you to steal an item from the next player you hit. Does not appear in first place

21 Spiny Cloud

slimar to the thunder cloud but instead of shrinking you you get suisqued and get's holes in the car - Yoshidude

22 Windy Breeze
23 Pass Panic
24 Tick Tock
25 Pulse Panic
26 Kart Changer
27 Item Black hole
28 Fake Red Shell
29 Telekinesis
30 Shell Splitter
31 Vortex Flower

This would actually make a better Power-up for Super Mario Galaxy 3, but I decided to at least mention it anyways. In SMG 3, it should give Mario the power to create a portal to take him from one spot to another as a way to sneak-up behind enemies or bosses! So, in Mario Kart 9, it could work with say anyone from 12th-6th place (because they'd be the only ones to deserve an advantage) and automatically teleport them 6 places up (so someone in 12th can teleport to 6th and someone in 6th can teleport to 1st! Seems fair enough, and FYI, this is coming out of a MK 8 Champ, that's right, I get 1st every race, this Power-up could make it more of a challenge! )! I think it would work too, since so many people recently seem to be so into Portal and Portal 2 (despite that I think that there's nothing to it - all your doing is grabbing blocks and using the Portal Gun to place them on buttons! Don't hate me, but I consider Portal to be the stupidest game I've ever seen. Look at Mario Games - ...more

32 Metal Flower

Increases the driver’s weight, gives a small speed boost and reflects items back to your opponent. While heavy it allows the driver to push aside opponents drastically and creates a small earthquake from airborne landings spinning opponents nearby.

Transforms kart and driver into metal. Defenseless against Star. Reflects Spiny Shell and boo. (steals an item for you)

33 F.L.U.D.D.

This item from Mario sunshine needs to make its addition it will shoots water at players when hit the player they get sent slip off the road

34 Black shell when shot it will explode the player like a bob omb
35 Green Star

This is essentially the star but your speed is tripled and it lasts 4.5 seconds longer.

36 Radical Nine
37 Micro Goomba

A miniature goomba similar to the ones in New Super Mario Brothers that when thrown walks around on the track until flattened by an item, or until it gets on a kart, when on a kart the micro goomba will slow it down and lower its stats by a small amount, similar to how a coin increases stats, the more micro goombas n the kart the more its stats decrease. Luckily they can be thrown off the cart with rapid movements such as turning, speeding up, or launching into the air. I believe when a player gets this item it should actually contain multiple micro goomba to throw onto the track.

38 Red Spiny Shell
39 Time Freezer Mushroom

This would freeze time for every player except for you for 5 seconds, therefore freezing every opponent in place so you can overtake some of them. You can only get this, however, if you are in 10th-12th place. - PhoebeTrashCorner

40 The Boot

When you receive this item, a giant boot will appear over your head and you have to pass it to another racer. Similar to the Thundercloud, but if you have it when its timer runs out, instead of shrinking you, it kicks you out of the race.

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