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21 Shell Splitter
22 Vortex Flower

This would actually make a better Power-up for Super Mario Galaxy 3, but I decided to at least mention it anyways. In SMG 3, it should give Mario the power to create a portal to take him from one spot to another as a way to sneak-up behind enemies or bosses! So, in Mario Kart 9, it could work with say anyone from 12th-6th place (because they'd be the only ones to deserve an advantage) and automatically teleport them 6 places up (so someone in 12th can teleport to 6th and someone in 6th can teleport to 1st! Seems fair enough, and FYI, this is coming out of a MK 8 Champ, that's right, I get 1st every race, this Power-up could make it more of a challenge! )! I think it would work too, since so many people recently seem to be so into Portal and Portal 2 (despite that I think that there's nothing to it - all your doing is grabbing blocks and using the Portal Gun to place them on buttons! Don't hate me, but I consider Portal to be the stupidest game I've ever seen. Look at Mario Games - ...more

23 Sleepy Sheep

Everyone except you stops for 10-15 seconds used for last place

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