Best Mario Kart Banana Cups

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1 3DS Banana Cup

This Banana Cup is quite fantastic! I enjoyed every track from this cup at least a little, with the weakest entry being SNES Mario Circuit 2. It's a bit of a basic and bland track, but it does have good music and a cool jump. The rest of the cup is quite solid. N64 Koopa Beach is a nice and chill track to open up the cup with its cool shortcuts and design. Then we also have some of the best Mario Kart retro tracks ever, namely Wii Coconut Mall and 3DS Waluigi Pinball. Definitely my favourite Banana Cup. - darthvadern

Koopa Troopa Beach: cool and calm track.
Mario Circuit: Boring, but I like the new ramp added.
Coconut Mall and Waluigi Pinball: Do I need to explain? - FremantleDockers

2 Wii Banana Cup

I mean yes this cup does have the universally hated N64 Sherbet Land and GBA Shy Guy Beach and while yes the latter isn't fun at all, Sherbet Land was a heavily improved and it gives me nostalgia as it was my first Mario Kart track ever. And really even then, Shy Guy Beach isn't abominational. Following those are some of the best Banana Cup tracks of all time, namely DS Delfino Square and GCN Waluigi Stadium, whch are both amazing tracks. - darthvadern

Sherbet Land: worst Mario Kart 64 track. Wasn’t any better on the Wii, as it was incredibly boring.
Shy Guy Beach: I do agree that it’s not very fun to play on.
Delfino Square: Great track, unique, and fun to play on.
Waluigi Stadium: they could’ve gotten rid of those side-ramps, but definitely makes it feel more like a stadium, especially that you can trick now. - FremantleDockers

3 Wii U Banana Cup

This Banana Cup DOES play it a little safe I liked the tracks a lot at least. GCN Dry Dry Desert is one of my most nostalgic tracks from Double Dash and while they unfortunately made it a little more barren, I still really like this track. SNES Donut Plains 3 looks STUNNING in HD and the music and setting makes for a nice setting. While N64 Royal Raceway is overrated and not THAT good, I did enjoy it nevertheless. 3DS DK Jungle was a track which on the 3DS I didn't enjoy very much, but here, it's pretty awesome! - darthvadern

Dry Dry Desert: they kind of ruined it, I don’t really like the oasis part of the track, and I miss the hurricanes that were in the original
Donut Plains: the hardest track on the Super Nintendo became the easiest track on MK8. Still good though.
Royal Raceway: I agree on it being overrated, and I miss the part where you could drive into the castle.
DK Jungle: Similar to the original, but that ain’t a bad thing! - FremantleDockers

4 DS Banana Cup

I mean the only big pro this cup has going for is N64 Frappe Snowland, which is one of my favourite snow tracks in the Mario Kart series. But the rest of the cup is bland and boring. SNES Donut Plains 1 is playable but has virtually no atmosphere at all. And the two tracks following Frappe Snowland aren't any better. GBA Bowser's Castle 2 and GCN Baby Park are just so terrible and ugly. One has butchered music while the other barely has anything to offer. Easily last on this list. - darthvadern

Donut Plains: Boring
Frappe Snowland: Glad they brought it back!
Bowsers Castle: Boring
Baby Park: this was badly ruined in Mario Kart DS, but luckily it’s better again in Mario Kart 8. - FremantleDockers

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