Top Ten Mario Kart Battle Stages Made Between 1992-2001 (Super Mario Kart - Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, and Mario Kart: Super Circuit were the first three Mario Kart titles, and what they had in common was that they all contained a maximum of four battle stages, and outside of 64, they were all flat tiles. But what they all had in common was that they were more simple than the newer battle stages since Double Dash. So why not compare these? With that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten

1 N64 Block Fort

Out of the four battle stages in the game, this is easly the most fun. It's a square with blocks in each corner you can drive up and all of them are connected through bridges and there are two floors for each block. The idea of switching levels from the lowest to the highest is amazing, and I love bridges, so I most often spend the time on those bridges high up. It's definitely the best battle stage in Mario Kart of all time, not just in this game. I mean the music isn't that fitting but it still is cool for the stage.

This is a cool battle track cool that it came in mario kart ds

2 N64 Double Deck

Deciding between this and Block Fort is like deciding between Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, they're both amazing. Block Fort may be slightly better though in my opinion. Anyways, this course has a similar concept in which there are multiple levels you can drive on although here it's a lot more complicated because the map itself pretty much is a lower green level, and a higher red level. I have never actually played this stage, well, I have tested it but I never got to play it with someone else as this is the only map in the game that hasn't been remade in another game, but from my experience I loved driving around this map. Now this map may be, maybe a bit too big but it's still awesome.

3 SNES Battle Course 4

This is a much bigger version of SNES Battle Course 1 but without the hiding spots, so more accurately, I'd say it's a huge version of GBA Battle Course 1 as well. Because it is a bigger version, there are so many different paths you can take and they are longer than in the former stage which makes it a very interesting course to play on. I remember at least having lots of fun with the course in Mario Kart Wii

4 SNES Battle Course 2

Personally my favourite stage of the eight. The first Mario Kart game, while bad in my opinion, surely did have good battle stages and this is easly my favourite. It's the largest and looks very nice and unique. It uses aestethics from the Koopa Beach courses and there are so many different paths for exploration which I love. Not just that but there are these bodies of water found all over the place in which you can jump in with a feather and then fly out of 'em to surprise your opponents. Very, very fun concept and it's my favourite out of all these stages.

5 SNES Battle Course 1

The only stage out of the flat eight that isn't just a square, but also has hiding spots outside of the square that you can hide in and surprise your opponents. Very nice. Other than that, the main square consists of different paths which I like because it gives each gameplay on this stage some variety and it can be chaotic surprising your opponents with 'em.

6 N64 Skyscraper

Skyscraper and Big Donut are stages that were awesome as remakes but their original counterparts on the N64 say otherwise. Well, Big Donut at least. Skycraper still retains its magic to an extent. I just love the look of the stage and the conept. You drive around the top of a skyscraper and there are holes in the ground you must avoid. It's very easy to fall off not just because of the N64 controls but because it's a small map and some holes are very wide and big in comparision to the map size, but exploration is awesome still in this stage.

7 GBA Battle Course 4

This is the only good battle stage from the GBA game, Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The stages there were all either too bland or too unoriginal except for this one, a desert stage. It uses aestehics from the course GBA Yoshi Desert as there are pyramids in the background. This gives the stage a unique identity, and there are five bodies of water found in the desert and if you accidently drive into one, well, you basically drown. So this stage has a unique identity, and it has challenge. Well it's quite obviously the best GBA battle stage.

8 GBA Battle Course 1

Now we are geting to the below-averange to bad stuff. The GBA had a lot of terrible stages with the exception of GBA Battle Course 4. This track in particular is especially bland and uninteresting as it's really just a smaller version of SNES Battle Course 4. Or in a nutshell, it's SNES Battle Course 1 without the hiding spots. This is so generic and because it's smaller it's less interesting to play. Well it's more fun to play than two certain abominations but you know the drill.

9 N64 Big Donut

One of the worst battle stages in my opinion overall. Now, I loved the remake in Mario Kart 7. It was awesome. The new glider section added for lots of more gameplay and it was very wide which made it very fun. The original though? Well, the remake had everything that made it cool. The original didn't have the glider pad, which made this stage just a circle with a hole in it and random blocks on the stage. So boring. So yeah.

10 SNES Battle Course 3

It's in my opinion the worst of the SNES stages. Not bad but it's a bit annoying. That's because of ice physics. The entire stage is basically just a bigger version of SNES and GBA Battle Course 1, but still smaller than SNES Battle Course 4, plus with the ice physics and aestethics from the Vanilla Lake tracks. On top of that, there are these snow cubes that block your way kinda like in Vanilla Lake 1 and 2 which ultimately puts this stage lower than the rest of the SNES stages. Oh well at least it's still somewhat fun to play on unlike the bottom three stages.

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