Best Mario Kart Battle Stages

What is your best Mario Kart Battle Stage ever? You can choose battle stages from all Mario Kart games, except for the ones from Mario Kart 8, since those were played on race tracks and not on battle stages.
[choose SNES, N64, GBA, GCN, DS, WII, 3DS]

The Top Ten

1 SNES Battle Course 1
2 SNES Battle Course 2
3 N64 Block Fort

Best battle mode track! Only wish that this was in Mario kart 8 deluxe

"Where is Block Fort? The best battle track of all time? Every Mario Kart game should have it." -NB

4 SNES Battle Course 3
5 SNES Battle Course 4
6 N64 Big Donut
7 N64 Skyscraper
8 N64 Double Deck

I love this stage! Wish it was in Mario kart 8 deluxe

9 GCN Luigi's Mansion

No it is also a battle stage in Mario Kart Double Dash

Isn't this a track from DS?

Bestgame, best track.

10 WII Funky Stadium

I think this is the only battle stage that is owned by a character you can play. I always use Funky Kong when I'm playing' this one.

Love this stage - THEEPICDUDE990

The Contenders

11 GBA Battle Course 1
12 WII Delfino Pier

Favorite battle course ever! The water makes the map change every minute! SO COOL

I like this one a lot - THEEPICDUDE990

Favorite one - THEEPICDUDE990

I wonder how they make the bridge go down... but this one is my nr.1

13 WII Chain Chomp Roulette
14 GBA Battle Course 2
15 GBA Battle Course 3
16 GBA Battle Course 4
17 GCN Cookie Land
18 GCN Nintendo GameCube
19 GCN Block City

We've got Block City, Block Fort and Block Plaza. Probably Mario Kart 9 will have something like Block-Busters. Or Block Town. Or Block Land...

20 GCN Pipe Plaza
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