Top Ten Best Mario Kart Double Dash Special Items


The Top Ten

1 Chain Chomp Chain Chomp

The only time the babies are good.

This item sucks, lol just kidding, it's great item, I remember using it before, I think once I saved it for 1st place and almost caught up to the people in 8th place - trains45

If you get the chomp, you get the dub.

:chain chomp: arf arf

2 Bowser Shell

Yeah, especially on Baby Park!

On a short track this is beast

3 Golden Mushroom

This is a great item help you catch up - trains45

4 Hearts
5 Triple Red Shell
6 Egg

I gotta be honest the egg item kinda sucks. This is why. You hit the person with the egg and they have a 75% chance of getting the item that comes out of the egg and it can be mushrooms or stars were talking about. - spodermanfan1000

7 Fireball
8 Giant Banana Peel
9 Bob-omb Bob-omb
10 Triple Green Shell

The Contenders

11 Blue Shell Blue Shell The spiny shell, commonly referred to as the blue shell, is a well-known power-up item of the Mario Kart series of video games.

Are you drunk? - Maddox121

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