Best Mario Kart DS Battle Stages

Mario Kart DS has one of the best battle modes of all time, you can battle agianst computers, you can play retro stages for the first time, and so on, and here's the best battle stages in that game

The Top Ten

1 N64 Block Fort

Ah, the nostalgia of this one. - PackFan2005

Out of al battle stages in the game, this is easly the most fun, the idea of switching levels from the lowest to the highest is amazing, and I love bridges, so I most often spend the time on those bridges high up, I consider this remake to be better than the one on the original N64 because the Choco Mountain's soundtrack didn't really fit in this stage, and it looked pretty clunky, but this remake fixed everything about that, the best battle stage of all time - darthvadern

haha - iliekpiez

Probably the best aspect about this stage is the fact that there’s 3 different levels players can battle on. And each level is easily accessible - Randomator

2 GCN Pipe Plaza

Funny how the best Mario Kart DS Battle stages are retro stages, this used to be my favourite battle stage of all time until I played N64 Block Fort, but seriously though, this battle stage is so creative, there while the design might just be a square, there are pipes that will launch you to another place on the arena, that is pretty unique, while I prefer the original, this was still super fun - darthvadern

This is honestly a close second to being my personal favorite - Randomator

3 Nintendo DS

Out of all the nitro tracks in the game, this is defintly the most fun to play on, taking idea from the gamecube stage from Daouble Dash, this stage allos you to play on a Nintendo DS! Unlike the gamecube stage from Double Dash, this isn't just a square, it's two squares (obviously), and it's super fun! - darthvadern

This stage works better than you’d think. And honestly it’s way better than the GameCube stage was in double dash - Randomator

4 Twilight House

Pretty fun Stage overall - Randomator

While this stage isn't amazing, it's unique, it's a house high up in the sky with many different rooms, it's pretty fun as you can troll other players standing in a corner of the room and when someone comes you could just shoot a green shell or red shell at them - darthvadern

5 Palm Shore

This stage teaches kids the difference about high and low tide, some people may complain the water slows you down, but I've never really cared about that, it look pretty gorgeous too. I prefer the Mario Kart 7 remake though because there's more palms there and the underwater mechanic makes for some fun underwater exploration - darthvadern

6 Tart Top

Honestly the only bad battle Stage in the game - Randomator

This stage is so boring, it's just a circle with boost pads in the middle that will send you flying to the other half of the cake, there's a similar stage in Mari oKart Wii known as Chain Chomp Roullete / Wheel, and that shows what this stage should have been, aka, that stage was amazing - darthvadern

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