Top Ten Mario Kart Item Ideas for Mario Kart 9

This is my third part of Mario Kart 9 prediction and I am going to talk about possible new items! I thought this would be easy but there were only a few items that actually are realistic, and 10 items got on this list! If you have any ideas for new Mario Kart items, feel free to add!

The Top Ten Mario Kart Item Ideas for Mario Kart 9

1 Ice Flower

Of course this item is number one for me! Almost everybody is talking about this item! I only wonder how it would work, maybe you will freeze, or your steering is slippery, who knows, but it really needs to be in Mario Kart 9, and I can almost say it will!

We have the fire flower now we need ice flower to freeze players

This is in mario kart tour it be cool if it came in mario kart 9 - trains45

Here's how I see it:
It acts as a fire flower, but with less range, and will freeze opponents - Martinglez

2 Dry Bones Shell

There are probably a few possibilities for this, but what I think may work well. The drybones shell unlike most shells will sit on thw track like a banana peel, however when another player or cpu comes within 5 meters it powers up and chases them, after making an impact it breaks then reforms within 20 seconds, and the process repeats. This process will happen 3 times.

This would be a cool item to add in mario kart 9 - trains45


3 Shine Sprite

This would be like the opposite of the Thunder Cloud. When you get it, it appears on top of your head, but if you get hit (or maybe get bumped into), then they the person who hit you takes it. Whoever has it after 10-20 seconds would receive quintuple (5) mushrooms.

This item sounds like a lot of fun!


4 1Up Mushroom

Also a very known item in the Mario World which has yet to appear in Mario Kart. If you get this item, it will work like a shield for you: it will block every item hit: Bananas, Shells, and even Stars and Lightning Bolts! EVERY item! Probably it will appear in the first places.

This would be cool item if it was made for mario kart 9 - trains45

I was thinking this same idea. It would be perfect.

5 Spiny Shell

You know Lakitu? You probably do. He is the person that starts every race. So adding him in Mario Kart 8 as a character might not be a perfect idea. But he is also known for throwing his Spiny Shells at you. Do you know that? Spiny Shells are Shells that walk like a Goomba when they stop rolling. And that is exactly how it will work!

Doesn't sound to op and I would love to see that in the next mario kart game!

The proper name for blue shells are spiny shells. A new name is needed.

6 Poison Mushroom

Like maybe not using items for 8 seconds or so they can't use powerups

Unlike in previous Mario kart games this one doesn't shrink you. I think that should be left to a mini mushroom. Instead a racer can place it on the ground, when a player hits it will put purple residue on your screen and make it so you can use no the items for a temporary time.

They should change it this item was annoying on super mario kart - trains45

It's easy to forget that this was an item in Super Mario Kart that only CPUs could use (Peach and Toad). They would attempt to throw it at you as you drove in first place, and driving into it would cause you to shrink for a short temporary amount of time. As a new obtainable item, this item should work exactly in the same way (but also able to be dropped behind you like a banana).

As a decoy item, it should look just like the ordinary mushroom with slight differences, being either slightly off-colored like the Poison mushroom from Smash, or have it's purple design from Super Mario 3D Land.

7 Micro Goomba

Like in super mario brothers cool. They should use multiple goombas in the powerup.

A miniature goomba that when thrown walks around on the track until flattened by an item, or until it gets on a kart, when on a kart the micro goomba will slow it down and lower its stats by a small amount, similar to how a coin increases stats, the more micro goombas n the kart the more its stats decrease. Luckily they can be thrown off the cart with rapid movements such as turning, speeding up, or launching into the air.

8 Ztar

Cool idea, but maybe drop it on the track instead of being harmed by your own item.

An anti-item worse than the thunder cloud? No thanks.

You may not know this item, but it is a bad star! In several Mario Party games, you would lose a Star when getting this. But in Mario Kart it would work totally different: if you get the Ztar, you can't decide to use it or not: you will slow down, and every single tiny hit makes you spin! A bad item, but I am a fan of this one!

9 Volt Shroom

I will give a very short explanation [or I will try]: The Volt Shroom turns you electric, and everybody who hits you, gets a shock and slows down until he acquires a speed of 0mph. Short enough?

10 Hammer

This item just got in mario kart tour he cool if it came in mario kart 9 as well - trains45

When this item is received a player can throw 10 to 15 hammers which bounce up and down twice then break.

Hammer Bro was going to be in Mario Kart Wii in its beta, but if Hammer Bro makes it onto Mario Kart 9, then having a hammer item that functions for a few seconds while constantly pounding like crazy when crushing items/opponents, much like in the original Donkey Kong (1981) and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, would sound like a great item.

Or perhaps have a bunch (like 7-10ish) amount of hammers to throw at opponents functioning much like how Bowser throws hammers in Super Mario Bros. and how Hammer Bro does so in Super Mario Bros. 3, which would cause players to spin out when hit or when they drive into a hammer on the ground, would definitely sound like a great item indeed. - jjrapper100

The Contenders

11 Item Bag

This he cool if you got random item from it if you used it or got to carry items with you - trains45

Also this item reminds me of Mario Party DS. In Mario Party DS, it was called the Snag Bag, and you would steal an item from somebody else. But, since the Boo item in several Mario Kart games also stole an item for you, the Item Bag works different. The Item Bag will offer you a very powerful item, like Star, Mushroom, or Lightning. If you want to buy it, you will have to pay 1-3 coins, and the item is available! This item will mostly appear on the front half of the race, because you will lose speed, but in comparement you get a powerful item. And did I say Lightning Bolt was a possible item? Yes I did! You can get the Lightning Bolt in first place! How amazing is that?

12 Double Cherry

A copy of yourself

You want to know why I don't think this will be a good item? Because you control two karts that is harder because if your left kart hits a banana while the other one does not then they are distanced from each other. Also the idea of one kart hitting a banana it disappears and you go on with the other is really not helpful since the chance of hitting something is bigger because you race with two. This item would be sooo not helpful!

This should seriously be at least #3

Come on, this could work just like it did in Super Mario 3D World. Make a copy of your self

13 Coin Hex

I think this item only appeared in Mario Party DS. There, you would drop the Coin Hex on a spot, and somebody landing on that spot loses the number of coins shown on the Hex, and you would get those Coins. So, in Mario Kart, you would drop this item on the race track, and if somebody drives over it, he loses a number of coins [maybe five? ] and you gain those coins. And even if you already have 10 coins, it will still be some sort of helpful, since someone else will lose speed.

14 Mini Mushroom

Here's the deal, if Mario kart 9 also had 12 racers, than this item can be obtained from 4th-9th (unless it's like Mario kart 8 where you can literary get a golden mushroom in 5th). Anyways, it's sort of like the thundercloud from Mario kart WII (but not as bad as that item). You use it and you become mini for about 10-15 seconds. Before I get argued, let me explain some things, 1. you can use it at any time, 2. you can't "spread" the item, 3. it's WAY better than the thundercloud! So while you're small, you obtain more speed every second (like thundercloud) until the item wears off, or someone bumps into you and you get squished (you're still mini when you get squished but if any of you are real Mario Kart fans, you should know that being squashed reduces speed). Here's where it gets better, while you're still vulnerable to any other item as normal (in addition to the risk of getting squashed by other racers), the lighting bolt will benefit you. Sure you'll still spin around and lose ...more

Maybe there would be shortcuts that are mini pipes like in New Super Mario Bro’s DS and you could use it for that. Also off road does not affect you and you can get shortcuts by driving on top of the water.

You can throw it on the ground in which a a racer collides with it they will shrink.

Throw it to shrink other players

15 Black Shell

One person said that the black shell is going to be like the spiny she’ll but will hit the one in front of you but will explode

Oh I already added this to the list and I realize this works exactly like the Bowling Bomb. But this one works like a Red Shell: it moves to the one in front of you and explodes there. I also got other Shell ideas:
Yellow Shell: The person it hits becomes a Star
Spiny Shell, which is also on this list
Rainbow Shell: It first acts like a Red Shell [it hits the one in front of you], then it acts like a Blue Shell [it goes to number one], then it acts like a Green Shell [it takes five hits before it is out] and if it hits somebody, it works like this Black Shell [it explodes] and it ends like a Yellow Shell, dropping a Star. Too unrealistic...

16 P-Switch

This works like it does in any other Mario title, once you activate it, all the coins on the course turns into blocks. If you have an item like a shell or the boomerang, you can destroy it.

17 Cappy

Or hit obstacle enemies to collect them and throw on other parts of the track

Allows a player to immediately catch up with the player in front of them after which the player in front them spins out.

This be a cool item if you could control cpu or something - trains45

18 Red Spiny Shell

So an explosive red shell

Like the Blue Spin Shell, but targets the player in front of you.

19 Star Coin

The Star Coin is a less known well known item [an item that should be well known but it isn't]. In Super Mario Bros. games, three of these coins would be in every level. Those are called Star Coins, and are hard to reach. But in Mario Kart, you would get up to 10 coins by getting this item, and if you already have 10 coins, you become a Star. I know everybody hates the 'normal' Coin as an item, but this item might be a bit more useful, since your speed will be increased with any amount of coins [except 8 or 9 coins...]

20 Cloud Nine

Why not call it the Sublime Nine?

Interesting idea, but make the items based on what place your in

This would be the Lucky Seven of Mario Kart 9. Nine items surround your kart, except all the items are completely random. They might be 3 green shells, 2 red shells, a boo, 2 mushrooms, and a bomb one time, but next time you might get something completely different.

21 Sleepy Sheep

The sleepy sheep is an item in paper mario that puts enemies to sleep instead of a herd coming maybe a logo of it would fly above the oppenents heads putting them asleep for 10-20 seconds. You'll know their asleep then since the sheep logo is gone now has a Z in the sheep's former place being asleep means you'll just stop and can't do anything. Used for last place far behind like the bullet bill.

22 Cat Suit

You get to climb obstacles for a short time?

23 Green Spiny Shell

Essentially an explosive green shell

Like the Blue Spiny Shell except instead of targeting the person in first, it bounces around around five times, or until making impact with a racer, once it has done so it explodes like a blue shell.

24 Bowling Bomb

Sounds Cool

I love Sonic All Stars Racing [it is a Sonic version of Mario Kart]. Most of those items are also items in Mario Kart - but with other names - and before Mario Kart 8 came out, I wanted an original Sonic item to appear in Mario Kart 8. Those items were this item and the Super Horn. Yes, the Super Horn. Maybe I should skip this story... Do you know what? I will add a nr 11 being called the Mega Horn, as how it was called in Sonic Racing, and tell my story there. The Bowling Bomb actually is a rolling Bob-Omb, and it explodes when hitting something. This would work better than the regular Bob-Omb, since that one was hard to target but this one is being targeted like a Green Shell. And there were other candidates for new Bob-Omb items, which were Triple Bob-Omb [just three Bob-Ombs] and King Bob-Omb [which walks to number one, crushing everybody on its path, and at number one is a GIANT! explosion]. Unfortunately, King Bob-Omb was a bit too unrealistic and that is why I chose this one as ...more

25 Orange Shells

Could be any color really, it's a shell you'd get in the top 3 or 5 and this shell would act as a red shell only it would target the racer behind you.

26 Automatic 9

The automatic 9 should be in Mario Kart 9 because there was Lucky 7 & Crazy 8. But with the automatic 9, it has green shell, red shell, blooper, star, mushroom, coin, bob-omb, banana and black shell. I'm sure you'll give it a try! So go ahead!

27 Penguin Suit

When you do get the penguin suit makes you drive better on ice and gives the kart and yourself a penguin suit on

It gives you better driving on ice it gives you and the kart a penguin suit to drive faster underwater.

28 The Instant Die Item

Probably should be a Waluigi hat.

I don't like it. Please think of something more inventive, as well as something more realistic.

You will die and get last - Noudritman123

Very cool. very creative and needs to be added. thank you for this suggestion.

29 Oil Container

You can throw this item on the ground and then oil leaks out of the container. If a player touches the oil they spin out for a couple of seconds.

You can throw this item and oil will leak out on the ground. If a racer touches the oil they spin out for a couple of seconds.

30 Fire Flower

Dude,that’s already in the game.

31 Kart Confusion

Here's what it does, It clones you into 2 different karts and then you get shuffled around (This happens right when you open the item) so then a player has to risk his/her good item which can miss, Leaving you in first, this item will appear in 2-11 place, so you can get it at any point if your in 2nd to 11th - THEEPICDUDE990

I'm voting for myself - THEEPICDUDE990

32 Poltergust 3000 (Luigi's Mansion)

This item can suck up an item from a player nearby, so you can use it for yourself. The Poltergust 3000 can only be used once. If you suck up someone else's Poltergust by some chance, that just means that you get two uses with the Poltergust, rather nice if you ask me.

33 Anti-Gravity Disturber

I actually got this from TheKoopaCaptain on YouTube. When you use this item, anti-gravity will be turned off for 0.5 seconds, causing all players using anti-gravity sections to fall to the ground.

34 Overpowered Item


You get 100,000,000cc for 0.5 seconts

35 Time-Bomb

When a player gets this item, a count down immediately begins, when the count down finishes the bomb will explode on the player. However by hitting the attack button this item will be randomly passed to another racer. This will continue till the bomb explodes.

36 King Bob-Omb King Bob-omb became a recurring boss in later games, specifically spin off games such as Mario Party 9 and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

[while adding this for number 11] [thinking] Hey, why are half of my explanations not shown? I hate you TheTopTens!
So probably this comment will also not be shown...
But this item will go to number one, crushing everyone on his path, and when it reaches number one, a GIANT explosion follows! Very powerful item!

37 Banzai Bill
38 Super Duper Star

It'll be the best star ever

39 Radical Nine

But sadly, it will still be lame, like the Lucky 7 and Crazy 8 already are.

This will work like lucky seven and crazy eight. - darthvadern

40 Going Back
41 The Surprise Shell

Simple, When used this item attacks anybody on the course! You will not get attacked if you used, and the only defense is if your in 12th, The shell never attacks the person in 12 - THEEPICDUDE990

42 Magnet Mushroom

It grabs coins for you.

43 Bumper

Works like in MARIO maker. puts a bumper on the back of your kart. Any shells, fireballs, bombs or boomerangs will fly back

44 Cloud Flower

It's acts like a blue ramp, you get launched in the air. But only one use

45 Coin Magnet

A new item that allows you to collects from a short distance away for a temporary amount of time (10 seconds). This item would be extremely helpful, as it would allow you to make sharper drifts on turns without drifting wider to collect coins seemingly placed closer to the outside of the track.

An additional effect of this item could be that you collect 1 coin from other players by bumping into them, or by them bumping into you while you have this item in use.

46 Mega Magnet

This is really simple, this item collects dropped coins, mushroom and stars.

47 A Forcefield
48 Kamek Wand
49 Metal Cap
50 The Power Flower

Turns your cart into a balloon that flies really fast you get it in 9-12th place.

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