Top Ten Mario Kart Item Ideas for Mario Kart 9

This is my third part of Mario Kart 9 prediction and I am going to talk about possible new items! I thought this would be easy but there were only a few items that actually are realistic, and 10 items got on this list! If you have any ideas for new Mario Kart items, feel free to add!

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21 Banzai Bill
22 Super Duper Star

It'll be the best star ever

23 Mini Mushroom

Here's the deal, if Mario kart 9 also had 12 racers, than this item can be obtained from 4th-9th (unless it's like Mario kart 8 where you can literary get a golden mushroom in 5th). Anyways, it's sort of like the thundercloud from Mario kart WII (but not as bad as that item). You use it and you become mini for about 10-15 seconds. Before I get argued, let me explain some things, 1. you can use it at any time, 2. you can't "spread" the item, 3. it's WAY better than the thundercloud! So while you're small, you obtain more speed every second (like thundercloud) until the item wears off, or someone bumps into you and you get squished (you're still mini when you get squished but if any of you are real Mario Kart fans, you should know that being squashed reduces speed). Here's where it gets better, while you're still vulnerable to any other item as normal (in addition to the risk of getting squashed by other racers), the lighting bolt will benefit you. Sure you'll still spin around and lose ...more

24 Radical Nine

This will work like lucky seven and crazy eight. - darthvadern

25 Going Back
26 The Surprise Shell

Simple, When used this item attacks anybody on the course! You will not get attacked if you used, and the only defense is if your in 12th, The shell never attacks the person in 12 - THEEPICDUDE990

27 Magnet Mushroom

It grabs coins for you.

28 Cloud Nine

This would be the Lucky Seven of Mario Kart 9. Nine items surround your kart, except all the items are completely random. They might be 3 green shells, 2 red shells, a boo, 2 mushrooms, and a bomb one time, but next time you might get something completely different.

29 Bumper

Works like in MARIO maker. puts a bumper on the back of your kart. Any shells, fireballs, bombs or boomerangs will fly back

30 Cloud Flower

It's acts like a blue ramp, you get launched in the air. But only one use

31 Hammer

Hammer Bro was going to be in Mario Kart Wii in its beta, but if Hammer Bro makes it onto Mario Kart 9, then having a hammer item that functions for a few seconds while constantly pounding like crazy when crushing items/opponents, much like in the original Donkey Kong (1981) and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, would sound like a great item.

Or perhaps have a bunch (like 7-10ish) amount of hammers to throw at opponents functioning much like how Bowser throws hammers in Super Mario Bros. and how Hammer Bro does so in Super Mario Bros. 3, which would cause players to spin out when hit or when they drive into a hammer on the ground, would definitely sound like a great item indeed. - jjrapper100

32 Coin Magnet

A new item that allows you to collects from a short distance away for a temporary amount of time (10 seconds). This item would be extremely helpful, as it would allow you to make sharper drifts on turns without drifting wider to collect coins seemingly placed closer to the outside of the track.

An additional effect of this item could be that you collect 1 coin from other players by bumping into them, or by them bumping into you while you have this item in use.

33 Mega Magnet

This is really simple, this item collects dropped coins, mushroom and stars.

34 A Forcefield
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